This is not a tale I want to tell. It's a dark story. A nightmare I had once. Yes its entirely fictional and no one really died. But I feel like they actually did. I've created these characters and I've grown to care about them all. So please do believe me when I say…this is not a tale I want to tell.

But I feel it needs to be told. I'm a fan of the horror genre. Have been for as long as I can remember. And these days I don't see a real continuous horror series. Something that is chilling in every aspect. Today we recognize horror as either zombies or the supernatural. Both have their scare factors. But…what happened to the movie monsters like Frankenstein's monster and Dracula? They are ridiculed and slapped into some family friendly comedy.

This is not the way these monsters were to be used. They should be as horrifying as the ghosts and zombies.

That's what I hope to establish with this novel. Real Horror.

I will probably never say exactly what The Patient and all the other creatures truly are mainly because fear relies on the unknown. For the second you know exactly what it does and what it is, that concept of fear goes away. So, these creatures…will never be fully explained.

Furthermore, this is a realistic tale. We're not going to have any heroes rushing into a dark room while the audience is screaming, "Don't go in there…" Because this is a Hollywood ploy. A lazy script writing ploy to get more scares out of the audience.

And lastly, I do have great plans for this novel. I will officially announce that this will become a video project of mine within the next year or so. Though, it will not be the same.

Film Horror and written horror are two separate elements.

They both need time and care and both can come from the same story…but they must be told separately for them both to be effective.

When will the project begin? I wish I knew. When will you see it? Whenever it's finished. I am going to work on this novel first. Then I will work on the project.

So, this story is a dark tale. It's going to toy with your emotions. It's going to scare you. It's going to do what I have wanted from many horror films which is simply to frighten you. I want you to be afraid to turn off the lights at night. I want you to fear going into the woods. I want you to picture the bony hands of my creature crawling towards you on the floor as it prepares to kill you in your sleep.

That's all I want.

-D.C. Black