needy, desperate
brittle, they cling to skin in
a mockery of exultation
a biting grasp that digs in its heels
ruthless and persistant

her head thrown back
a moan of
(pain) or (pleasure)
tearing from her throat
as greedy limbs
derive from her fresh
the elixir of life

teeth grasp at a lip
as thorns bite down into skin
a man might claim her ankles
but the thorns scrape away
whatever they cannot keep
cruel in their enduring (everlasting)

impaling her with brutality
she is bitten by adrenaline
and fueled by rabid shock
(she cannot tell the difference)
her skin always stretches taunt
before it breaks
conjuring its wheedling
ruddy red crocodile tears

there is no play or keep-away
driving home the perseverance
the lover has etched into her skin
punctures leave a trail of tears
and they'd rather see her caged
than free of their possession

they're so desperate for her love
despairing as she rips herself away
bramblebushes and thorny traps
reaching out to possess and own
forgetting that in their
needlepoint love (obsession)
they've only shown aggression