God is watching you, in the ceiling and the sky
your lonely eulogy, spoken by the wind and dirt
has brought lovely tears to His eyes
the scars of yesteryear are burned into your pallid flesh
and God has stroked them as a lover
the Owner of sinners in eternal rest

God is dreaming of the border between Here and Not
the earth and water separated by thin strings
a spider web of purpose for which our lives are wrought
the silhouettes of memory, the ghosts of yesteryear
God places our existence in His infinite library
and keeps track of what His children all hold dear

God is speaking in your ear, a voice you cannot understand
you know His secrets intimately
but only recognize His chiding reprimands
He stands by you in silence and watches each mistake
He's the mirror to your consciousness, born to yesteryear
buried deep inside your heart; a secret life no man can take

God is kissing you, a breath of night and day
your lonely eulogy, branded to your skin in death
a statue of mortality to mark the grave in which you lay
the dreams you've dreamt are carved into eternity and stone
the Earth has memorized each thought you bore that yesteryear
and mourns for your passing, but leaves your corpse alone

God is waiting by your side, silent and confined
love has fed him into your flesh and blood
and in your passing, His existence will not be properly defined
we bear the blame of your arrogance and cannot keep to rules
yesteryear we declared you the death of human kind
And yet today, His eyes have branded us to be the fools.