Chapter 1 – Leaving Earth

Little Georgiana Lerner reached her hands deep into the rich black soil. The setting sun cast shadows through her auburn hair as she crawled underneath the oak tree turning to look up at the sunlight shining through the dark green leaves.

Georgiana loved being in her garden. She had planted pumpkins last year, and this spring she had grown lettuce, radishes, and marigolds. They had eaten the lettuce and the radishes, but the marigold leaves tickled her feet as she rolled among them getting bits of leaves stuck in her hair which waved unkempt in the wind. It was warm now, but after sunset the night would turn chill so she had come now instead of sneaking out after dark as she had originally planned. She sat up and dug in the ground with her hands revealing a pink earthworm.

Georgiana loved the smell of the earth. She clenched her hands in the dirt lifting the soil and dropping it to fall in clumps back down to the ground. She wondered what would happen to the garden when she left. Would someone else take care of it, or would it grow wild sprouting up the odd radish or pumpkin every other year? No matter what happened, she would never come here again. They were moving.

They would be leaving in the morning. Daddy was already setting up house. She had said goodbye to Daisybell and Katz the goats, and the big old dog Brownie. She would miss Brownie the most even though he wasn't her dog. She knew that he would be sure to see her off when she left tomorrow morning.

She lay down and tried to hug the ground but all that she succeeded in doing was tickle her ear a blade of grass, staring at the earthworm who crunched himself forward trying to dig his way back into the dirt. She lay there for a long time, watching the leaves moving in the wind. She lay still as an ant crawled across the back of her hand. Then she turned over and stared at a magnificent landscape of clouds turning pink and orange in the baby blue sky. "Orange like my marigolds," she thought.

Then she noticed that the moon had risen. She smiled and said, "If I had a big enough telescope, could I see daddy?" She was considering climbing the tree when there was a beep and the crystal on her belt glowed. Her mother's voice called called, "Georgy, dinner is ready."

Georgiana tapped the crystal with her finger and responded, "Be right there Mama," she said as she stood up dusting the leaves and grass off of her clothes with her dirt-covered hands. It only succeeded in getting them dirtier.

She took one last look at the moon from her garden. "Maybe right now, Daddy is looking down at me in this very garden. Then he'd be watching me, just as I'm watching him? It's almost like we're together, and in just a little while," she said, "I'll be on the moon too."