Heheh~! This will be my Second Ghost Story I have wrote. These are my collections of horror from my family and friends. Hope you like it! (^^)

The Chan Family

This is my Grandfather's story.

This happened before I was born, when my Mother and Grandfather were much younger. Like every other day, my Grandfather would fetch my Mother to school. Since the school was very close to their house, it took only twenty minutes to walk there and back.

One particular Tuesday morning, my Grandfather did his daily routine and fetched my Mother to school. After making sure my Mother had walked in the school gates safely, my Grandfather turned around to walk back home.

He decided to take a shorter route back home. The shorter route included walking pass some houses and crossing a small bridge.

However, taking that route meant he would have to pass by the Chans' Family House. The Chan family's pride are the few great big chickens they own. The chickens were kept at the front of the house. Every Chan member would come to the front garden to feed the chickens daily.

Until a few weeks ago, the whole Chan family was robbed and murdered by a crazy escaped convict in the very house. Their corpses were found next to the chickens, dead, decaying and butchered into neat little pieces. The chickens were kept in a cage in the front garden after the police had thoroughly investigated the case. They were proud to announce that the murderer was found and re-aressted.

When my Grandfather walked passed their house, he found nothing unusual, since their bodies were sewn back nicely and buried at a cemetery. The house was still the same as before and he could hear the chickens squawking loudly even before he had step foot on the neighbouring house.

Out of curiosity, he peeped through the gates of the Chans' House. The cage keeping the chickens were opened. That was not all. He saw every single Chan member at the front garden, rounding up the chickens and throwing them chicken feed at them.

Uh-oh! Grandfather saw something he shouldn't have! He told me this as a bed time story. Now I'm to scared to even peep through the gates of houses when I walk pass them. Brrr... ( O~O)

Credits goes to Grandfather! \(^o^)/

~MiSs YaNdErE~