The Red Ropes

Grandmother's neighbouring house was for sale once again. House 113 would always be for sale every three weeks or even shorter, switching owners again and again. Grandmother did not know why and she did not ask.

For some reason, the house was sold at an unbielievably low price. A couple, Mr and Mrs Kim had recently bought House 113. Thinking that they had made a great deal, they moved into the house almost immediately.

Grandmother only knew House 113's happenings because Mrs Kim told her what had happened. Mrs Kim said that they had moved into a house with spirits.

When they had moved in, Mrs Kim gave birth to a baby boy shortly after that. Every night, the baby would cry and cry. Mrs Kim woke up and checked on him. At first, Mrs Kim thought that the baby was hungry and kept trying to feed him milk. However, he refused to take a sip.

At the third night, the baby screamed and cried again. This time, Mrs Kim found a red rope tied around his leg tightly. She quickly untied the rope. The baby stopped crying immediately. Feeling that he was threatened, Mrs Kim threw the rope away. She did not mentioned anything to Mr Kim.

The next night, the same thing happened. Mrs Kim bielieved that spirits were the one behind this. She told Mr Kim about her opinion. Mr Kim did not believe a word and did not take any notice. Everyday, his wife would come and complain to him about a red rope. She showed him all the red ropes that she had collected from her child's leg. 1...2...3... There were 7 ropes. That meant that they had stayed in the house for 10 days already.

"We need to move." Mrs Kim would beg. Mr Kim could not help but notice the urgency in her voice. He still did not bielieved her but he thought she and his baby did not deserved this madness. So when Mrs Kim and the baby went out for some shopping, Mr Kim said to the air,"I don't know what we've done but please don't harm my wife and child. If you want to do this, come at me instead."

That night, while he was lying on the bed next to Mrs Kim, he felt someone at his leg, tying something around his ankle. The person had tied it so tight Mr Kim had actually welled tears in his eyes. He immediately switched on the bedside lamp. No one was there and tied around his leg extremely tightly was a thick, red rope.

After that night, they moved into their relatives house while they tried to sell House 113 and find another house.

I've heard that they're living comfortably in a private apartment and Mrs Kim had gave birth to another child. My Grandmother had personally congratulated them for their new baby. House 113 had been demolised since no one wanted to buy it. It had been construted into a small restaurant. However, when my Grandmother sometimes went to have a bite there, she would always find red ropes lying around the floor or even on the seats.

The mystery of the red ropes is up! Hope you like it. I found this particularly creepy for some reason. O~O. Well, anyways, thanks for the reviews! Read and review.

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