There are chains that bind me tight,

I push I struggle with all my might,

The more I move, the harder I try,

The binds increase and time ticks by.

This heavy weight, this stifling grasp,

Holds me tight and holds me fast,

My heart pounds, my muscles ache,

I try and try but there's no escape.

These chains, this burden, that holds me here,

These bonds that grasp, that stick, adhere,

Hold me bound inside the dark,

Keep me alone and make their mark.

The light I see in front of me,

Taunts and mocks and speaks of "free",

As if it's something within my power,

I sink down lower, and simply glower.

If I have power, if it's my choice,

Why has this happened, answer me voice!

Why did you let this happen to me?

Get this off me, set me free!

I didn't ask for this to occur,

Tell me whose wrath did I incur?

This isn't my fault, I'm not to blame,

Yet here I am, in the darkness, lame.

Please help me, please don't leave,

I don't want to be alone and grieve,

My body sags, my heart aches,

Break these binds, please for my sake.

I can't move on, I am not strong,

I can't hold on, it's been too long,

I feel like I am slipping away,

Please, I beg, please with me stay.

Light that graces all I see,

Do not leave my sight I plea,

Don't give up and leave me behind,

Don't keep me here in this darkness blind.

All around me a voice resounds,

Who made the binds that kept you bound?

Who is the one that holds the key?
Who can truly set you free?