Nighttime's Embrace

As the sun dips down below the earth,

The day, the dusk, to night gives birth,

The colder air, the darkened skies,

A new beauty now can reach our eyes.

When all is dark, and light seems gone,

Some give up hope, and sleep till dawn,

Fearing that which they can't see,

Not ready to face the uncertainty.

But darkness comes, as sure as day,

None can escape, they all must stay,

And face the trials that night brings,

As the darkness around them sings.

Some can hear this melody,

Embrace the night, and do not flee.

But others fear what they can't know,

Succumb to all their pain and woe.

The curtain of night will always fall,

But in the night that surrounds us all,

In the darkness, in this blight,

There in that time, comes shining light.

Through the darkness, through the veil,

Through the people's fearful wail,

A light shines on, a light shines through,

The light shines bright, and it shines true.

For you see, in the night,

Now can truly shine real light.

The mask of day and dusk obscure,

If the light is truly pure.

But in the night, when all is dark,

The light can make a stronger mark,

In the eyes of all who see,

Nighttime's embrace, light's purity.