Lips Of An Angel - Hinder

"My girl's in the next room,

Sometimes I wish she was you,"

It was late when She rang, almost midnight. I was hunched over my desk working, or at least, pretending to. Anything to put off going to bed, where my girlfriend no doubt lay in wait.

"Honey, why you calling me so late?" I asked softly, "It's kinda hard to talk right now,"

There were sobs, muffled but still there, and I felt my heart ache with the pain of knowing that She was hurting, and I couldn't do anything about it.

"Honey, why you crying? Is everything okay?" I asked desperately, hating myself because I had to whisper. I couldn't be too loud.

"What are you thinking right now?" She questioned just as quietly, her voice like honey despite the roughness of her tone.

"Well, my girl's in the next room," I admitted, running a hand through my hair tiredly, "Sometimes I wish she was you,"

She laughed. It was a weak noise, but still a positive one.

"Yeah," She said softly, and I could hear the sentimental smile in her words, "I miss you, James. I guess we never really moved on,"

It was so good to hear Her say my name so sweetly. 'Coming from the lips of an angel' I mused to myself as I listened to Her velvet voice. It made me feel weak at the knees, and even though I was sitting down I felt as if I were about to collapse.

"I don't want to break up with Kate," I said of the blonde sleeping next door, "But girl, you make it hard to be faithful,"

"I know,"

"It's funny that you're calling me tonight. I dreamt of you," I wondered vaguely if Her boyfriend knew about our late-night conversations, and if it would fuel yet another one of their many arguments.

"Do you think-" She began, but I cut her off, already knowing what She was about to ask.

"No, I don't think Kate has a clue," I told Her, hating myself for what I was about to say but knowing that it had to be done, "We can't keep doing this,"

She sighed and I longed to snatch the words back, drive to Her house and take Her in my arms. But I already had a girlfriend.

"I know. Kate's next door," Her voice was dejected but unsurprised, as if She had been expecting this but was still taken aback by how much it hurt.

"I guess we never really moved on," I echoed Her earlier words, smiling slightly before remembering that I was ending our relationship, "Oh, Angelica, Angelica, Angelica,"

That was the first time I had so much as thought Her name in months, and I resisted the urge to groan at how easily the word slipped off my tongue. Like I was created solely to murmur her name, like a prayer.

"It's really good to hear your voice, saying my name," She whispered, Her voice thick, "It sounds so sweet, James,"

"Coming from the lips of an angel," I breathed, so quietly that She didn't hear me. I felt lightheaded and dizzy, drunk on the sound of her voice and the buzz of talking to her. We sat in silence for what felt like hours, listening to the sound of one another's breathing.

"I love Kate," I said finally, "But you make it so hard to be faithful,"

"I know," She mumbled for the third time tonight, "And I love Adrian. I do,"

"We have to stop doing this,"

"I know,"

"We can't see each other ever again,"

"I know,"

"I have to go,"

"I know,"

"I don't want to do this,"

"I know,"

"I love you,"

"I know,"