Feeling Good - Michael BubleĀ“

"It's a new dawn,

It's a new day,

It's a new life for me,

And I'm feeling good,"

Carly tilted her head back and smiled, closing her eyes and enjoying the warmth of the early morning sun as it rose over New York City. She watched the birds begin to wake, their song filling the air as they flew by, the wind aiding them and causing her auburn curls to billow out behind her.

Today marked the beginning of a new dawn, a new day, a new year and a new life. And Carly would be damned if it wasn't the best one yet.

As she strolled through the park, watching the families begin to arrive in droves to enjoy the first day of a new year, Carly watched the silvery fish swim in the lake and laughed. Yep, she was feeling pretty good if fish could make her laugh.

The lake narrowed further up, and rushed over the rocks towards a large river. Surrounding the river were rows and rows of trees, filled with flowers of all shapes and colors in full bloom. It was beautiful.

Carly wandered aimlessly through the gardens, smelling as many flowers as she could before she started to get a headache. Carly didn't mind, though. She was too entranced by the dragonfly she had found, perched precariously on a rose petal.

Carefully, Carly extended her finger and watched with wide eyes as the dragonfly darted towards it, pausing for a few heartbeats before flittering upwards and out of sight.

After that wondrous encounter, Carly examined everything more closely and found a cluster of butterflies, all either a vivid blue or a bright golden colour. She discovered a young couple, sleeping peacefully in one another's arms, and a group of siblings lost in a fantastical world of monsters and magic.

'Maybe the world isn't as far gone as I once thought,' Carly mused as she watched a mother spin her child around, laughing delightedly, 'Maybe there's hope for me yet,'

When the sun finally began to sink from view and the moon rose overhead, Carly headed to the apartment she shared with her best friend, Aisha, who was at work for another three hours.

Picking up her phone, Carly dialed her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Damon.

"Wassup, babe?" He slurred, "You wanna come over?"

"Are you drunk again, Damon?" Carly asked in distaste, ignoring both of his previous questions.



"What do you want anyway, woman?" Damon snapped irritably, his voice still hazy and unfocused.

"I'm breaking up with you," Carly told him matter-of-factly. She felt a rush of pride at her ability to follow through with her earlier decision, "Permanently,"

"What? Why?"

"I've decided to take my life in a different direction, a new one and a better one. I've started a new life, as of this morning, and I'm feeling pretty damn good," There. She'd said it, out loud. No going back now.

"Whatever. Just don't come crying to me when your new life falls apart just like your old one did," Carly rolled her eyes at Damon's dramatics.

"Goodbye, Damon,"

Carly received no reply, so she shrugged and hung up the phone, mentally patting herself on the back before calling Aisha.

"Hallah, girl. What's up?" Aisha asked, picking up on the third ring.

"I broke up with Damon. Permanently," Carly told her best friend, smiling when Aisha let out a small scream.

"Really? Oh my gosh, girl, I'm so proud of you,"

"Yeah, I've decided to change my life. Do things that make me happy, stop being so negative, you know?"

"Yeah, I know! That is so kick-ass, Carly. It's really, really great. And? How're you feeling lately?"

Carly considered her answer for a moment, considering giving Aisha the same answer she'd given Damon. But that would be a lie, because within those two short minutes her mood had improved even further.

"I'm feeling great,"