A Deepening Slumber

I let sleep seep through my bones, filling my body with disillusioned thinking. I allow it to happen.

My eyelids drearily flutter until they completely shut, still letting light set in. After awhile, a complete darkness settles over my vision. I have no concern of where I am, for I don't really know - if I did, that knowledge has been forgotten.

I feel like this moment is all that I have existed through, like I am frozen in time. Neither did I live before this, nor will I continue on. Yet, at the same time I can tell I existed long before this, right here, in this position, my whole life.

Drifting into a deep slumber has caused myself to let my consciousness dull and no emotion veil my face with long, meaningless moments. Who am I?

Not knowing who you are or what your purpose was in this placement is a very contemplating matter. You try to fit the pieces together, but one vital part gone missing can create a catastrophic effect that will take away all of your sanity. To simply put it, there is no evidence of even your shallow breaths anymore; you let yourself slip and now have no one to guide you. Not knowing yourself.. how could you be anyone? Think about it, don't loose your train of thought; because that will put you in the same position as I am in.

The state which I am in basically lay myself in what seems like the most peaceful arrangement possible. But when some time has passed, your limbs become numb, actually feeling as if they weren't even there or you couldn't move them - but you could. Right then, you are aware of everything; but only through your mind. You breathe, think, observe, do everything, through your mind. Nothing can break the eerie stillness but your own movement.

Once you make your decision - the wrong one - and don't decide to awaken, it's practically too late. And that's when I slip deeper and deeper until I become trapped in this eternal slumber.