Chapter 1

Her reunion with John was as she had expected. When they saw each other, it wasn't long before they found the easy complicity they had shared as kids. Their conversations started exactly where they had left it in their letters a few weeks earlier and flowed easily, but while seeing John was as she had expected, her reunion with Peter was a complete different story.

While she had imagined finding the same young and serious prince full of self-esteem, she was surprised to find a handsome and confident gentleman in front of her. The little boy he had been had transformed into a tall men with a muscular body. His shoulders were large and his arms muscled in a shirt that perfectly fitted his Adonis' shape. Dark hair surrounded his pretty face in a perfect haircut. His eyes were sparkling but mysterious and his smile was shining. His face had nothing serious anymore. He looked sure of him, but in a different, more attractive way. His arrogance had become confidence and was contagious, as if only by being near him, she felt nothing could happen to her. His eyes were the most intriguing since behind that glimmer was hidden something that she was longing to discover, like his eyes were inviting anyone around to enter his mind, but blocking the access.

At first sight, Elizabeth realized that for the first time in her whole life, she would have to make a new opinion of someone.

He came in front of her, and as he had done on their last encounter, he looked deep inside her eyes, bowed and kissed her hand.

-I am glad to see you, Lady Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was the youngest daughter of the most powerful lord of Canada. Lord Hastings was a great gentleman, who in his youth had gained the king's friendship and his confidence into going to Canada and assuring its prosperity. He had been there for almost 20 years and had kept a good relationship with the King of England during all this time. They had seen once in this amount of time, when the royal family had come to Canada. At that time, Elizabeth had been 6 while her sister, Magaly, was 8. They were to keep the princes company while they stayed in their mansion.

It hadn't been long before Elizabeth had made a friend in Dimitry, the king's oldest son. Even if 4 years separated them in age, the found interest in the same things and could spend hours together. They were inseparable the whole month that the royal family stayed in Canada, and once they were gone, they started writing to each other and never stopped. Their complicity was stronger than anything and they understood each other in a way nobody else did.

However, to Elizabeth, there seemed to be something about Peter that she could get. There was something about him, some kind of arrogance, even at the young age of 8 that she couldn't get over and that made her hate him. He was so full of himself that Elizabeth tried to avoid his presence as much as possible.

When their visit ended, Elizabeth saluted politely the king, embraced Dimitry, and when bowing in front of Peter, she only told him:

-I hope you can learn to look beyond yourself and start enjoying the beauty of life.

Elizabeth and her family were introduced to the royal family before being enjoined to prepare for the reception that would be held in their honour that night. It wasn't until a few minutes later that she had the occasion to talk to John for the first time.

Like his brother, Dimitry had become a handsome gentleman, but Elizabeth didn't find in him the same spark his brother held. Maybe was it due to the fact she knew him so well even if they hadn't seen in years. He was tall and in a good shape, his features were strong and he had a manly charm.

-You are incredibly beautiful, Lady Elizabeth. I am amazed by how much you have changed since our last meeting. Look at you!

-Did you expect to meet a little girl? I am not one anymore. And it is so good to see you...

They talked for a few minutes before they had to get on their separate ways to get ready for the reception.

Elizabeth went to meet her sister in the room that would be theirs. Magaly was already almost ready, her red dress made her look elegant and distinguished, and for a minute, Elizabeth just looked at her wishing she could be the same.

Magaly was the oldest daughter of Lord Hastings. She was one of a kind, as most people liked to say. Her beauty was stunning, but underneath it laid a great mind and a kind and generous personality. She was loved by everyone and loved everyone.

Even at the youngest age, her green eyes charmed every boy and men who met her gaze, and her smile could break the most hard of the hearts. While growing up, she lost nothing of her charms, and her delicate and tender figure became the seductive and beautiful features of a gorgeous young woman. Her hazelnut hair contrasted perfectly with her pale skin, her long eyelashes enhanced the intensity of her eyes. She was slim and had all the curves a girl could dream of.

Her heart was as beautiful as her body was, if not more. She was compassionate, generous and intelligent. She was good to listen to people, and even better at finding a good side where people saw all badly. She could appease one's strongest fear. Her will was strong and she was determined to make the world a better place in any way she was able, either by being gentle and nice when she needed to be, or by being strong and determined when it was necessary. Magaly knew her place in life and played her role perfectly. She was the centre of attention everywhere she went. She was a model for every girl to follow and a girl every man wished to marry.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, was one of a very different kind. She was a pure beauty, such as her sister, but in every way her sister was not. Her pale and waving blond hair surrounded her face like a halo of light. Her pale blue eyes were has deep has the sky and one could lose himself staring at them too intently, for they seemed to hold the secret of life. Her features were soft and her smile was the most shinning anyone had ever seen. She was petite, but her presence never passed unnoticed. She looked like an angel sent on heart.

However, where her features made her look like an angel, she wasn't as obedient and responsible as her sister, and was passionate in everything she did. She was funny and full of life, and didn't hold her tongue like she was told a good girl should be doing. She was at ease with everyone and didn't mind speaking her mind, but never did she put anyone uneasy, she seemed to know just the limit of the acceptable. When something held her affection, she would fight for it until she had it. She didn't like being the centre of attention and preferred staying on the sidelines and pulling the necessary strings. She had a strong mind, and wasn't the kind to change her opinion. Once she had made an opinion about someone, or something, she never changer it, and soon realized that it was for the best for things turned out to be always just how she perceived them. Everybody loved her for her enthusiasm, her humour and the life she brought everywhere she went.