Chapter 1:

"Good morning!" Min Young yelled to her neighboring businesses, with the joyful replies of the elderly men and women back in her direction. Min Young is a peppy 26-year-old girl, who recently moved back to Seoul, South Korea to pursue her dream of running a coffee shop, and becoming a well-known barista. After studying abroad in Cecily, Italy she dreamed to go back to her home and share the wonderful coffee knowledge that she had obtained. "Today is such a gorgeous day!"

"It is indeed," a soft and lovely sounding voice chimed in from being her. Min Young turned to be happy surprised by her elderly friend Ms. Lee, who owned the vegetable shop next door. The old woman was in her late sixties and stood tall at 5 feet. "You seem as overly optimistic as always my child," she smiled.

"Of course grandmother, if you don't carry a smile, your day is sure to be filled with gloom." Min Young smiled widely.

"I wish my own grandchildren were as happy as you are," Ms. Lee chuckled. "You only had your grand opening less than a month ago, and you have already gained quite a few regular customers."

"I know! Isn't it exciting! I have to close early today though, because I am finally moving into my first apartment." Min Young replied with and excited tone.

Ms. Lee just chuckled and made her way back into her shop. Min Young bowed and waved. Everything seemed like it was right on track for Min Young, and nothing would hold her back from achieving her dreams, and with that she continued back into her shop to set up for opening hours.

"Good Morning Mr. Shin, here are the reports that you requested." A young intern franticly handed to the well-dressed Shin Yu Han, who retrieved the papers while making his way to the elevators.

"Thank You Jae Song, is Mr. Park here for the meeting on the new building renovations?" Yu Han asked in a pleasant tone.

"Yes sir, he and his partners are waiting in the briefing room on the tenth floor." Jae Song replied quickly.

"Thank you very much." Yu Han said while entering the elevator. "And Jae Song…."

"Yes Sir?" He looked up quickly.

"Good job so far, you may be up for hire at the end of your internship." Yu Han gave a slight smile, as the elevator door shut.

Jae Song waited till the door shut before jumping up with excitement. "Mr. Shin! You're the best!"

Meanwhile in the elevator, Yu Han ran a hand through his hair, and spoke out loud to himself. "God! I am so cool!" He grinned at the blurry reflection in the elevator door. "I just can't stop amazing myself, can I Yu Han?" He asked his blurry reflection. Noticing that he was reaching the top floor, he straightened his tie and checked to see that his hair was in perfect structure with the reflection off of his phone.

As the doors of the elevator opened, he was greeted by a row of a young male and female staff. "Good Morning Chief," the majority of the small crowed chimed.

"Good Morning everyone, I want everyone to look very busy because today is a very important day. Mr. Park and his colleagues are here to talk about the advancement to our new home shopping network." Yu Han breathed slowly. "So lets make a very good impression that this is a hard working organization!"

"Yes Chief!" The whole group joined in this time.

"Thank you everyone, I'll let you know how the meeting goes later in this afternoons briefing." With what he considered his signature grin, Yu Han made his way past the small crowd and to the briefing room down the hallway, with his assistant in tow. When there was a good distance between him and his employees he whispered, "Ha Joon… was I cool?"

Ha Joon looked at him with a confused disposition. "I'm Sorry?"

"Did I sound cool, you know, just now?" Yu Han repeated.

With a big sigh Ha Joon narrowed his eyes. "As long as I have known you Han, you're way to obsessed with your appearance and acceptance by others. Even in high school, you had to be the best in the class at EV-ERY-TH-ING!" Ha Joon hissed.

"Don't call me HAN here!" Yu Han whispered in a harsh tone. "You may be my best friend, but here you are my assistant."

Ha Joon rolled his eyes and tapped Yu Han's shoulder, "We are at the briefing room, Sir." He added with a hint of sarcasm.

Yu Han glared, and straightened his tie and cleared his throat, "Assistant! Lets proceed!" Ha Joon shot him a dirty look in reply. With the swift opening of the door, Yu Han spoke proudly, "Gentleman! Welcome!"

"Why are you speaking so loud!?" Snapped the elderly Mr. Park. Yu Han jolted a little with fear.

"Please excuse my rudeness sir." Yu Han bowed deeply.

"Forget it, lets get on with this meeting executive Shin, my grandchildren are waiting for me down in the lobby."

"Uh, yes sir!" Yu Han bowed, and showed Mr. Park to his seat. "You see sir, we are very fast growing company and-"

"Yes, I am aware of this executive. What is it that you want to do to expand?" Mr. Park interrupted.

"Ah yes," Yu Han cleared his throat. "We are looking to expand our televised program, for our home shopping network."

"So you would like to use one of our buildings?" Mr. Park crossed his arms and leaned back in the chair.

"Y-Yes sir that is correct." He stuttered.

"Well," Mr. Park tapped his chin and continued, "We do have one building available."

"That's great-" Yu Han yelped, but was again cut off.

"Don't get to excited, because there is a catch." Mr. Park chuckled, almost sadistically.

"A catch sir?" he asked quietly.

"This building is occupied by many small businesses, many of them elderly shop owners, who like myself are not easily moved or persuaded." Mr. Park grinned, "And if you want this building, you are going to have either convince them to leave or move them by force."

"But sir, isn't it your building…shouldn't you be the one to-" Yu Han scratched his head.

"You see Mr. Shin, I am not one to get my hands dirty and these shop owners do very well for themselves. Yet I am a businessman, and I see much more money benefiting from your home shopping network." He stood up slowly from the chair, and walked towards the door. "And if you want the building so bad, than you are going to have to want it as bad as them." Mr. Park proceeded to open the door, "This was an interesting discussion Mr. Shin, and I know we will be hearing from you soon. Gentleman." With that, Mr. Park and his colleagues left the room.

"Well that was interesting to say the least." Ha Joon sighed. "Yu Han, are …you ok?"

Yu Han walked to the window, and starred out with a dazed look. "Ha Joon…" He said slowly.

"Yeah…" Ha Joon said with a worried tone.

"This…this is AWESOME!" Yu Han yelped with joy.

"What!" Ha Joon yelled, ringing with utter confusion.

"Didn't you hear him, we got the building!"

"Didn't YOU hear him, we have to get those old people to leave first!" Ha Joon gripped. "Have you gone crazy, or do you just have selected hearing?"

"Oh what a simple assistant you are Ha Joon, this is going to be so easy, no worry!" Yu Han turned towards his friend. "A piece of cake!" He winked.