Warning the following one-shot has course language, and gore, all in all if you are easily offended please do not read.

Any similarities of names, places, people, or story are purely coincidental since I haven't read every story in existence or know every person in this world.

This one-shot is actually born from a 'why the hell not?' so if you see any plot holes or find that any characters are paper thin then that probably why. This story was just purely for the fun of it, and if you like it then I am happy :) I was thinking of making a few other one shots like this with the same girl in every story but it depends. Anyway I hope you find this likeable in some way.


A loud crack resounds within the darkened cobblestone room. An arm reaches out of the slimy cocoon, ready to take a first breath.

With a grunt I fell over and hit the ground with a loud thud. Over me were the sounds of my assailants. Through the eye that wasn't swollen I peered up towards the three guys from my high school, the beefiest of the trio was John Riley a guy developed through years of rigorous training and desire to be a football player or some sort of military man. "The heck's your problem Walkins?" he sneered, "should have thought about your own hide before sticking up for some loser".

I stayed silent even when he pressed a foot down on my hand. My actions might well have been a mistake, but I cant stand by as someone is being bullied. That guy Greg was a nice kid, so what if he was a little different.

Wincing a little as he pressed down I smirked mockingly. "Messing with a kid like him? You give pigs a bad name".


Right in the chest.

As I gasped for air through the immense pain he spoke with intense hatred. "Creepy little fuck. At least my father isn't in jail, you might as well be dead with how your future is looking". With a disgusted expression crossing his features he walked away, his friends following in toe after giving me a few more kicks.

Getting up after such a fierce attack was unbearable but like my dad always told me as a kid, suck it up and walk it off.

Easier said then done but I did it regardless as I started to make my way home.

I defended someone so he could run. In return I was given a black eye, many bruises and scratches, most likely a dislocated jaw, as well as feeling as if they might have spit on me to judging by some moisture in my hair and shoes.

At least I hid my backpack which will be retrieved after the weekend is over, since it was hard enough lugging my own weight around.

As I walked off of school grounds discreetly I started to head home. It was quite a ways on foot but I know a good route that always got me home without many stares following my steps.

The town was always a rather peaceful place. Not too small nor big to make it a loud place like a city, surrounded by trees, with skies that always felt overcast giving an almost constant scent of rain. Often I could only feel angry at my life of living within this town.

I was born here and abandoned by my mother after my father was arrested.

How swiftly my life fell apart. Everything was perfection but when secrets were cracked open for all the world to see I was thrown into the care of my aunt.

The least she could have done was take me to a different location before sacrificing me to the den of wolves.

Listening to the crunch of dirt beneath my shoes as I came to my short cut was a comforting sound, allowing me to stop contemplating my miserable existence for a while. Looking to the sky my body craved for some light rain to comfort my aching bodily wounds, however a dip in the ice cold creek would probably be more then enough to do the trick. Passing by one of the tallest trees my eyes landed upon the small creek that was filled with fresh waters from the heavy rain two days ago. Staring for a minute I breathed in a couple of time to strengthen my nerve.

Sitting down at the edge I cupped my hands and allowed the water to touch my face.

Chilling my throbbing black eye.

Now that my skin was ready I took my shoes off to put them off to the side, then I took off my tattered black jacket off so I was just simply wearing my denim pants and navy blue shirt. With both items set neatly to the side I jumped in to let the waters consume me.

The creek itself wasn't deep. If your feet touch the bottom your forehead will still be showing, so it was pretty safe for little kids, plus it was always fun catching things that made their home in the waters.

My flesh tingled and jumped alive as the water removed the dirt and grime from my clothes, with a loud gasp I surfaced. That feels good. I thought with a relaxed sigh.

As a child there were days when I would come here to swim, my father would buy me toys like a toy fishing pole to pretend I was actually catching something from the mighty deep. I dreamed of catching monster fish in the vast oceans of the pacific with him, or traveling somewhere strange.

Shaking my head then slicking back my short black hair my eyes looked around again. The trees in this particular area weren't all that thick so getting lost was next to impossible, it also allowed a generous amount of sun to touch the earth, the soil had patches of grass with flowers decorating them, a florist could tell you what all their names were but I for one am no expert in the flower world. My opinion is simple, their beautiful.

Taking my eyes away from the earth elements my eyes passed by a person.

A person?

My body jumped, as I vacated the water to sit on a rock.

There she was. Clear as day. A girl around eighteen, my age. She looked at me with curious eyes, like a cat observing some intriguing.

I couldn't help but stare, as if watching her long enough would make her go away to avoid my personal embarrassment. Here I was looking beat up and playing in the water like a kid.

Her stare back lasted, the creepiest part was that she wasn't blinking.

Unable to keep up with her endurance I finally decided to speak, "um…hi" was really all I could manage at this moment.

At first she nodded a greeting then spoke in a light voice that was pleasant to the ears. "Hello".

I grabbed my socks and shoes to put them back on, then grabbed my jacket. "So…how long have you been there?"

"Since you jumped in, I apologize for unnerving you with my presence. I am new here so I'm basically wandering around to gain some sense of this area, I can move along so you can continue" she told me politely.

"I-Its not as if its unnerving its…just shocking to see someone suddenly there when you didn't notice them at first, and its embarrassing for someone to see me acting like a kid at the pool" I had to admit this since my face was now flushed.

She merely shrugged at my words, "you don't have to be…you must have fond memories here".

The girl was right about that, this creek did have fond memories. Lowering my gaze I got up the courage to go around and approach so I could have a more proper conversation with her, as well as see her features better. They were rather unique.

Her hair was long and wavy, a very stunning sort of red color that looked like she was wearing a veil of roses. The eyes looked hazel but when the light hit them just right my own eyes could spot flecks of gold within them, they were also shaped in a way that made me think that she might have some Asian decent within her blood. Her skin was a fair porcelain type flesh that if she was in a lovely dress you could mistaken her for a life size doll. She was also tall, with a strong build, definitely not a frail looking person. Beautiful but looked like she could stand her ground in a fight, even her clothes looked the part. Black skirt with black leggings and boots, with a steel gray tank top and black coat, however she didn't give off a malevolent aura.

"Speaking of which". Her sudden words broke me from my thoughts.

She put down the navy blue duffle bag on the ground, so she could open it up and reach inside, she then pulled out a small first aid kit of all things, "you look very beat up…are you bullied?"

I was a stranger yet she was concerned about me? The situation caused me to be at a loss for words.

Before being able to utter any sort of answer she started to apply disinfectant spray on a few cuts before putting on some Band-Aids over them, "I do have an ice pack but sadly a bag such as this isn't very good at keeping something frozen, frozen".

My face flushed, "th-that's alright…you didn't have to do this".

"I know but my heart goes out to those in front of me, so even if I don't know you the fact that you are injured causes concern for me, if you weren't then I would have moved on to keep exploring". She closed the kit as soon as she finished doctoring me up.

I couldn't help but chuckle. "You would have ignored me?"

She nodded matter-of-factly, "yes".

An intriguing human being, that she was. As she handed me the melted ice pack, she advised me to put it in the freezer then use it on my face.

With a curious glance I asked, "are you visiting someone here?"

"Sort of a visit. But its more business, when I'm finished here I'll leave" she replied, not making much expression as if the business in itself was something sorrowful. "So were you bullied?"

"Not really. The one who punched and kicked the most has never liked me, but I caught him bullying someone else along with his friends, so I stepped in to stop it. Of course I'm a scrawny outcast and he's a jock at the top when it comes to football so it was no guess who was going to win that round" my voice lowered to a bitter mutter. "No kind deed goes unpunished".

Again she stared at me with some intrigue like a science experiment before speaking her opinion.

"Logically speaking, within yourself you knew what would happen but you stepped in despite it. Your brave" the suggestion that I am brave in anyway shape or form surprised me especially coming from someone I hardly know. My eyes looked away towards the ground again, I'm not brave, just asking for it. That's all.

"I'm sure you'll see your virtues one day, anyway see you another time, sorry I couldn't talk longer".

I turned to look to her, "I'm…huh?"

Gone. There was no evidence that she had been there to begin with, squeezing a hand I felt the only evidence within my grasp.

An ice pack.

Where the hell did she go?


Four days later the swelling had gone down in my eye all was left was a slight darkness around it, in no time that will be gone too. Sighing to myself I closed the fringe after retrieving a soda, my aunt thought I was nut when I told her the story, thank god she understood me, if I had told this story to anyone else they would have questioned my mental stability.

While sipping on the drink and thinking about the girl, my aunt called me. "Liam! I'm going to make stew tonight, could you go and buy some vegetables from the store?"

"Sure!" I shouted back.

I crushed the can in my hand then threw it away in the trashcan before getting out of my sweats and putting on some jeans with a simple t-shirt and sneakers, I peered into a mirror to fix my hair and stare a moment at my dark eyes. My fathers eyes.

Stepping away I snagged some of my money then began to walk to the store.

Overcast again… I thought boredly.

Might be a couple of days before it was clear skies again, which was fine with me since I wasn't really in a sunny mood at the present moment. The fact that I didn't hear her leaving bothered me, hell the fact I didn't know she had been there to begin with was kind of freaky. Maybe she is actually some kind of killer or government agent.

Killer seems more likely.

Well she did fix me up so I guess I shouldn't question her possible hobbies too much.

I entered into the store and started to buy what my aunt told me to buy. Even though people talked amongst themselves I still felt paranoid and closed in as I walked the aisles, attention wasn't my friend hiding in the shadows was more of my thing. Yet at school I want to be defender of the weak like some dork who probably wont get any thanks in return for his efforts.

Screwed up because of the adults in my life.

My aunt was a good person though. Kind hearted and always patient with me and the people around us even though they didn't deserve it.

Turning a corner I quickly stopped with shock crossing my face, right there in the snack food aisle was John Riley. Shoplifting of all things. With a cocky grin he snagged a few small items like an expert before going to another aisle where they had magazine, snagging one he casually wandered to another area that had things like fireworks. He grabbed one small thing of them and stuffed them in his jacket just before making his way out of the store. He hasn't done this before as far as I know but he was doing a pretty good job plus the person at the register was doing a fine job at being stupid. With jacket having an obvious bulk in it he snuck out without an issue.

What hell is he thinking? Bullying is one thing but now he's shoplifting?

Once I paid for everything that I had bought, I ended up being given the wary glances. Little did they know that the real criminal just passed under the radar.

As compared to how it was when I was a kid things were a bit more calm but not as warm as it use to be, not as much of a community anymore. When you find out that your kind and gentle neighbor was actually a savage beast you tend to become cynical, suddenly you come to realize that anyone can be a one, all they have to do is think of a plan and have their weapon at the ready. All of it was a shame, the town had been a nice place full of people who wanted to help one another but now the ones who spread rumors become more pronounced. Whispering words of people being disloyal to their partners, drugs, alcoholism, family feuds, and a slew of other things were completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The rumor mill is a beloved thing though so it going away was next to impossible.

I looked around a little as I walked around. The places here are pleasant little business mostly mom and pop with barely any big business that you can see on television, my favorite places are usually the library and café to get some delicious donuts with my coffee or cocoa when its cold out.

Yawning widely, I nearly missed a surprising sight.

Passing by Anna's Café, through the large window I spotted her. Coming to a screeching halt I had to gawk for a moment, of all places to find this stranger I find her here. Sipping some coffee as she leisurely sat there as if she had no care in the world. Probably didn't have a care in the world come to think of it.

After shaking my head to escape from her spell I nearly tackled the door down to get inside, startling one elderly couple that I fervently apologized to before rushing over to the table she sat at. "Y-You!"

She blinked as she looked to me. "Yes?"

"You disappeared, how did you do that? And why?" Normally you only see mysterious strangers randomly disappear in some movie, no one ever questioned how they do it.

Calmly she set her cup down and offered a seat across from her.

For a moment I hesitated but I figured there was nothing to worry about so I slowly set the grocery bag on the floor underneath the small rounded white table then sat down on the matching white and red chair. Almost as soon as this was done she answered the question I had inquired to her. "Sorry for disappearing, the business I needed to tend to requires some time on my part, after I made sure you were going to be alright I determined that I could leave…as for 'how' I walked".

With my hand folded on the table I could only looked to her incredulously with a raised brow, "let me reiterate…how? First of all I only looked away from you for a second, I look back and your gone…and you want me to believe that you walked silently and so quickly?"

She chuckled much to my surprise, when a woman employee came around, the girl requested for more coffee and took the liberty to order coffee for me as well.

"I don't have money" I uttered, I'd pretty much spent what I had on me on the groceries.

A small smirk still marked her face as she said. "I'll pay".

When the woman came back she placed the coffee down before leaving. The minute she was out of earshot she spoke again, "you can call me an odd one if you like, it may seem like I'm mocking your intelligence but rather I am sparing you of wrapping your head around things that are needless to you, sorry I can't explain myself more".

Confusion only keeps growing inside my mind. On the other hand, why is it my business in the first place?

Running a hand through my hair I nonchalantly shrugged. "Whatever I guess…"

Things went silent. At least for the two of us anyway, leaving me to boredly look at my surroundings. The café itself wasn't a large place, just a pleasant thing that had a nice atmosphere. Colors of autumn blessed everything from the creamy orange paint on the walls to the beige carpeting, the sounds of Celtic music lightly filled the air, allowing peace of mind to be within you as you bought a snack to munch on or some delicious beverage to grace your taste buds. Looking down to my own cup of coffee I enjoyed the look of the steam raising from the deep almost black brown, I allowed the bitterness to roll around my tongue as I sipped. Personally I enjoyed both, sugared with cream and black with bitter.


Abruptly speaking caused me to be slightly surprised. "Huh?"

"My name is Maia" her eyes didn't move from staring at her cup as she told me this, "I cant tell you much but the least I can do is be courteous and tell you my name".

That through me for a loop. Never had it occurred to me to ask her what her name is, so coming back into being slightly shy I revealed my own name. "Liam Walkins".

"Pleasant" she remarked.

My eyes darkened as I stared at the dark liquid, "I guess" I whispered.

Silence came again. This one was a bit more awkward since I could practically feel the girls cat like gaze on me, relief washed over me when she finally spoke. "Do you dislike your name?"

I groped for words to speak, this was a subject that I didn't like to talk about, in fact anything involving my father was something I didn't like to touch on. All I wanted was for that part of my past to be erased even if the good memories went away too.

"I-I guess, not really a dislike…more of an unimpressive sort of thing, something more cool would have been better" my words fumbled on the lie but at least I came up with something.

She tilted her head. "Hmm…you cant really determine a character by their name, who they are can make a name impressive".

"Really? So…name aside when it comes to my character what would you say?" I looked to her with interest of what she would say.

"Your ability to talk to girls might be lacking. Your want to be cynical yet your still kind hearted plus your honest, so I can say you're a kind person". Before I could comment on any of that she made another observation, "you seem to lost…did something bad happen?"

I clenched my fist. "Its none of your business".

Opening up was something I never really wanted to do. Everything can be done on my own, bullies will be gone once I graduate and leave this hell hole, my feelings don't have to be dealt with or sorted.

"Talking helps" she said simply.

"No…it doesn't. Its bad enough my aunt has to deal with nasty remarks but I don't want to double her load by telling her my problems". My parents are terrible but I like the fact that some family actually cared enough about me, so I really don't want to mess with that balance.

After she took a small sip, she lightly set her cup down in an almost elegant manner. "Family is a very precious thing, I can confidently say that she'll hear your words without saying or thinking they are a burden. You know this, your using it as an excuse because your fear consequence when there is really none".

Now I am a bit annoyed.

What was more annoying was that I couldn't really find the words to use against her, I wanted so badly to argue but I couldn't.

The next option wasn't something I wanted to do but I just wanted out of the café, that meant walking out of here like a displeased child. "Thanks for the coffee" was all I said before I quickly grabbed the grocery bag and got out of my seat to leave out the door without a second glance behind me.

Life is hard and unfair as hell why should I make it harder for others? I'm perfectly capable of handling my own life, to me it was way to much baggage and damage and I hated it. Sometimes I want to shout at the people who gave me grief about my dad, none of it was my fault, I wanted to rant until the air ran out of my lungs, I wanted to completely waste my energy until all aggravation didn't bother me anymore. Most of all I wanted the freedom to admit one thing.

I still loved my dad. He had his bad side, but when he was good he was the type of person you could perfectly picture in some sort of superhero movie.

When I was old enough to walk I dreamed of being just like him, when he had his tools out I had my toy ones.

Am I despicable for still having a place in my heart for him?

My shoulders slumped.

I'm lost.

Completely fucking lost.

Despite the fact that I needed to get home I found myself wandering to a local park where I sat at a bench so my aunt wouldn't see my miserable expression, as always I'll wait until my mood lightens and I can bring up a good face.

Three minutes passed before I heard familiar voice, squinting I could see through some brush that it was John and posse messing around with fireworks along with drinking beer to their hearts content. In less then an hour they wouldn't remember their own names or make it home.

My eyes narrowed, feeling some distaste roll in my stomach.

"Commiserating I see". Maia had scared the shit of me, again.

I nearly fell right off the bench before I studied myself and whipped my head around to look at her, "why the hell are you here?" I growled.

"Only coincidence I assure you" she replied, most likely catching the hint that I think she might have followed me for whatever reason.

After glaring at her for a second I finally went back to avoiding her gaze, "commiserating?" I mumbled.

"To express sympathy or sorrow", she stated this as she crossed her arms. A serious look glinting in her eyes.

"Why would I do that?" I grumbled.

"How should I know? I can only propose that its because of your heart" her words felt more business like, and the almost predatory look in her eyes as she stared out almost sent a chill down my spine but I will not yield.

"How can I feel for sympathetic over the person like him? He's an ass" I tapped my fingers on the bench in an irritable manner as I said this. When my eyes looked to her again, I was at a loss for words when I saw disappointment cross her features but her expression immediately became calm again.

She closed her eyes for a moment as if she were calculating my words like a computer calculating data. As soon as she seemed done she nodded, "yes…I guess he is, from the look of him I can say his character is no less then despicable. A bully who hurts others for no other reason then to satisfy his sadistic needs, most likely it was my imagination when I said you were commiserating".

A twitch inside my brain occurred when she said that, it almost made me more annoyed. "He has his reasons" I admitted much to my own shock.

"Oh?" she looked to with only one eye open and her arms crossed over her chest, causing her to have a relaxed appearance.

For a moment I didn't comment but what the hell, if it got her off my back about this then I'll just get it over with. Spill the beans about my father, she wins.

"I…lied a little when I said that the one who kicked me around has never liked me…we kind of sort of use to be friends". The memories left a bittersweet taste on my tongue, the pit of my stomach was unexpectedly churning as if I was about to vomit. "We became friends at the age of five when I played with him, we were dumb kids and liked to pretend we were professional football players on television, we also liked to collect these dumb cards from our favorite kids show. But when we were ten things…changed, it came very suddenly".

I didn't have to look to Maia to see if she was listening, I knew she was.

"Five people were killed by one man. One of them happened to be his older brother that was on the football team at the local high school at the time, he was only a few steps away from getting a scholarship because of his talent". Again I had to pause as I spilled my guts, I only wanted to give little details but like a flash flood the words spilled from my mouth as if I was giving a confession. "He went missing…everyone went on a wide search to find him, I was at John's house almost all the time because I was concerned, he looked up to his brother as a role model so it devastated him for him to suddenly turn up missing. A week past before he was finally found".

The atmosphere almost had a tangible sense of sorrow mixed with anger.

"He had been brutally stabbed….five times…in the gut…slowly bleeding….writhing in pain in such a dark place…thrown inside an abandoned shed like…a piece of trash…" I sucked in a shaky breathe. I was almost reliving the horrors, millions of times I could only imagine what Brad Riley had gone through in his last moments. When I found out nightmares consumed me, him chanting all the blame towards me.

"A month later, evidence led to my father. One victim beaten to death by a hammer, stomach sliced open by a box cutter on another one, stabbing by the same tool, two others had worse since they went through possibly both killings tools. At the trial my mother was stricken with so much disbelief, so was I and John…when he was found guilty, and…and fricken laughed! Laughed…like a psycho…. John started to look at me with sadness then it became disgust…as if I knew that entire time while I was trying to cheer him up, cheering up suddenly became me mocking him". My body started to visibly tremble, "I still don't want to believe my dad did such monstrous things, I want to believe my mom doesn't hate me because we looked alike and have the same name… so the despicable one…is me…he's like this because of me…".

I covered my face with my hands as if trying to hide from what I had unexpectedly and foolishly had revealed to a complete stranger. On my head, without warning I felt a hand.

Looking up I saw that it was Maia with a still calm expression on her face. "Your not despicable, to all children…parents are like gods to them. Its almost an instinct to love them no matter what. In the end you are not to blame for other peoples choices, your father chose to do bad things and is now paying the price, John is now doing bad things and will perhaps face his own kind of punishment. Both didn't have to do these things but they are, now its in the hands of the universe to decide their ultimate fate" she explained with a slight tilt of her head. "The only thing you can blame yourself for is your own choices".

Oddly it all made some sort of sense, in the end I'm kind of glad I let this off my chest. My whole being wanted this story to be told, but I still feared to tell someone I have looked to for care.

What if she didn't react so well?

Maia was either good at reading expressions or could read minds as she answered a question I had not yet spoken. "You'll know when your ready, when the day comes you'll feel better, I swear to that kid".

Sitting up straight I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at her ending remark. "Kid? Your around the same age as me aren't you?"

She merely smiled that knowing smile that caused me slight confusion, following that was a short giggle before she patted me on the head one more time and started to visibly leave instead of scaring the crap out of me by disappearing.

"See ya Mr. Walkins" looking back to me she gave me another Cheshire cat grin, "I knew if I followed you would give in eventually".

I looked at her disappearing figure with annoyance after she had said this. I knew she followed me…

A smile spread across my face. My mood had lightened up a bit, and my body did feel a bit lighter like a feather floating on air.

As I watched John and his posse nearly light some grass on fire I decided I should leave and head home to my aunt. By this time she was probably worried about me.

Soon I found out that upon arrival I was right about the worried part.

"Liam, where have you been? For a second I thought you ran off". It tore her heart up to witness her sister leaving, even more horrified to see that she was abandoning a child in the process. Sarah had had a hard life, but her blond hair put back in a ponytail and simple dresses gave her a very motherly feel to her appearance.

"Sorry, I was talking to someone new around here" I wasn't going to exactly explain about the person I had met, however I was going to do one thing. "I hope you didn't worry much, sorry if I have ever been trouble".

Aunt Sarah rolled her eyes, "I worry as an adult, but I don't worry over your judgment, if you ever needed anything it wouldn't be trouble".

The reassurance allowed me to feel almost cheerful as she smiled at me lovingly.

"Now lets prepare dinner" she started to make her way to the kitchen after I handed her the groceries.

Sheepishly I called to her, "auntie?"

She stopped abruptly, "yes?"

"There's…something I would like to talk about, but it might be a while before I'm ready…is that alright?"

Confusedly she tried to make head or tails of what I was talking about but then she nodded, "alright, when your ready we'll sit down and talk over tea".

A nod was all I could manage at that moment.

A nice chat sounded pretty nice.


Cicadas blared in my ears as I walked back home from school using the short cut again, the sky was still blue however soon it would become a hue of yellows and orange with few darkened clouds sprinkled across the skies. The air itself felt as if it had a whole new quality to it as I walked slowly to enjoy the sights around me, two days ago was the last I had seen of that girl but I heard rumors from the mouths of many people. Children, elderly, teens. A girl with hair as red as blood wandering around, no one knows why she's here or even if she exists.

She went from government agent to ghost girl in this town, ghost might suit her better with the way she seems to act. Then again it was kind of weird for people to question the existence of something that you had talked to more then a few times plus she was in the café, most likely she had been in a quite a few stores so there was no real reason for people to wonder if she was just a figment of their imagination. Although I myself wonder why she's here, nothing really out of sorts has happened around town except three people among John's posse had apparently come down with something that could only be described as an extreme loss in energy.

The school seemed a bit irritated that John and two friends of his didn't come to school today, not even his mother knows where he's at.

A sharp pang hit my heart. The poor woman must be hysterical.

With concern filling my mind I almost didn't hear the strange noises coming from the thicket of trees and brush, stopping for a minute I strained to hear so I could better identify it. They were like human groans of pain coupled with inhuman growls that made my brain raise the alert sign for me to run for it, on the other hand I was curious as to what the hell was going on.

Smart move or dumb move?

I'm only human so I went for the dumb move unfortunately and found myself going straight toward the noise.

Rustling sounds filled the air as I walked.

My entire body became filled with anxiousness, hearing the sounds of my own footsteps made me realize that they were very clear. Because there was nothing else making a sound.

All life had seemed to vacate the area.

Something had scared them.

Regardless I continued to go in that direction, until I clearly saw a human figure doubled over as if in pain. Buzz cut possibly brown hair, big build, wearing jeans, sneakers and a jacket representing a famous football team.

It could only be him.

"John!?" I exclaimed as I started to walk over, my foot was caught causing me to fall over with a yelp.

Looking at my feet I saw one of the two friends that hadn't come to school today. He was deathly pale, eyes nearly vacant, mouth gasping, his grip was at first tight but became loose as I pulled away. "W-what happened?"

He mouthed something but soon he seemed to go limp.

Is he dead? Carefully a went over to his side to feel a pulse at his neck. Sighing in relief I felt a weak pulse, he was alive but very weak. If he wasn't taken to a hospital soon he would waste away.

Scanning the area I saw the second guy, looking just as lifeless as the other. A few spasms he was having was the only give away that he too was still alive.

The inhuman growls could be distinctly heard from John as if he had been possessed by something, he lurched forward so he was on all fours puking up a weird black ooze that smelled like a combination of blood and burnt wood. "Ah…ah….ah" he kept twitching as he puked more and more black ooze that almost caused me to vomit myself.

Regaining my composure I quickly ran over to him, "what the hell's happening?"

A millions things coursed through my brain. Alcohol, drugs. But they couldn't possibly cause you to puke black slime, a disease even wedged itself inside my brain as a possibility but I never heard of that either.

Finally was it was over he fell off to the side so he didn't end up in the foul liquid. His skin was as deathly pale as the other two.

Panic gripped me as I looked at him, from what I felt on the pulse area on his neck, he was still alive too but that wont be for long. Digging into my jean pocket I grabbed my cell phone to dial 911.

"Huh? N-no service? Are you shitting me!?" tapping on the numbers, holding it up high. No matter what trick I performed, I wasn't getting anything, the model wasn't expensive but very good for this area. Now it seemed like there was some sort of disturbance.

Thinking on my feet I found John's cell in his own pocket, but that to seemed have an odd energy disturbance.

My brain raged as I tried to figure something out, I couldn't just leave these three here to get help. Conversely though, if I didn't grab help soon they might just drop dead here.

A soft bubbling noise brought my attention to the black ooze.

Blinking back my shock my first instinct was to grab John and drag him away from this weird substance, as I performed this act the bubbling became worse and worse.

Putrid smelling smoke rose from the bubbling ooze, creating a horrific scene of it gaining a shape. The ooze drew in and swirled around until it was a big black ball, by this time John's lifeless form was far enough and I could only stare at this strange sight in front of me. The black ball twitched, becoming lined and creased until it was no longer a perfect sphere, slowly it unwrapped itself until it became a creature that you would only see in your nightmares. My blood chilled, not even a thought of disbelief could come to me.

A grotesque imagining of life.

Seven foot tall. First thought would be that it would be an example of what a bipedal alligator looked like. A mouth full of razor edged teeth, eyes a milky white with a black slit for a pupil, lanky arms and legs that were armed with sharp claws, a strong tail that could break bone on one strike, slick black scales for flesh that could double as armor. It made me think of a raptor from the age of the dinosaurs. Within its throat it almost made a purr sound as if satisfied, then its head cocked to one side, eyes looking around only stopping when it saw the two guys then finally its eyes landed on the unconscious jock and me.

A soft click sound came from it until finally it gave an ear shattering roar. With incredible reflex it jumped and landed five feet in front of me, a series of other strange sounds came from its throat as if it were jovial from finding a nice meal to feast upon.

My life flashed before my eyes.

Horrible how you somehow want certain things from yourself more then ever after your demise stands a few feet from you. A myriad of simple solutions appeared in front of me. John didn't have to be my enemy, if I had been brave enough to talk to him maybe by some miracle our friendship could have been mended. Or maybe if I hadn't lied to myself that things were alright, I could have not been the son of a killer but instead be simply Liam Walkins.

Closing my eyes tightly shut I prayed for a miracle. Anything would be nice.

The sound my ears picked up seemed to heighten as the monster slowly came closer, teasing me. Wanting to make my end as slow as possible.





The sound of a bullet caused my eyes to fly open, the monster growled angrily as it jumped back from an equal amount of shock. Then it was as if my body was flying as something grabbed me and carried me away along with John, once the ride was over I shook my head to try and register what had just occurred. Around me I saw the other two guys, still out like a light but neatly placed so their backs were against a tree. Looking to my right I saw the familiar head of red hair, John was now gently laid down so his back was against a tree as well almost as if he was just asleep and not near death.

"M-Maia!" I stuttered.

When Maia looked to me I automatically flinched back in fright. Her eyes were no longer a hazel with flecks of gold, they were now a shining pure gold color they looked like they had glitter within them, like the stuff girls painted on their nails. Not only that her pupils were slits like the monsters.

Hysterically I questioned her. "What is that thing? What are you!?"

Her expression was calm, in a quick easy motion she adjusted the ponytail her hair was in and unzipped the duffle bag.

"Don't have much time to answer both but I will give you the gist when it comes to the creature" she finally said. I gulped when she pulled a sword out of the duffle bag and revealed the gun strapped to her waist. "Long ago the Ancients descended to Earth from the heavens, making the humans of long ago call them gods, they were intelligent and kind towards the humans. But with them came an evil. Parasites that are minuscule but once they are inside the human body they cause much damage, manipulating the frontal lobe to make the human do bad things so the endorphins and adrenaline raise. Thus giving the parasite a nice size feast, once they are done incubating they make the human expel them, then when their new form is complete they devour the human and if they used a pheromone trick to attract other humans they devour them as well". She reloaded the gun and unsheathed the sword, when she gave me the scabbard I held on to it as if it would protect me.

Her eyes suddenly had a frightening predatory edge, the creature made a growling sound telling me that it had found the hiding spot.

"Stay here" in the blink of an eye she was gone from the spot she had been standing in.

Crawling over to the bushes I pushed branches and leaves aside to witness the battle.

She stared the creature down with narrowed eyes, her battle pose was firm and ready to strike like a cobra.

The monster growled just before it charged at her with outstretched claws, in one quick move she jumped and landed behind him then kicked it in the back so it fell forward. Giving a frustrated click noise it whipped its tail at her to try and trip her up however she jumped again and her boot struck the top of its head and was slammed to the ground with a sickening crack.

Jumping back she smirked lightly. "I know you have more then that" she cooed.

It bounced back and came at her again, steadily the battle was becoming faster paced, Maia boasted advanced skills with her blade as she skillfully blocked attacks and dodged sneak attacks from the creatures strong tail and legs meanwhile using its powerful teeth to try and snap at her. With her nimble form she pushed the monster back a little then unleashed a powerful kick to its jaw, effectively snapping it slightly out of place when that was done she slashed at the beast. As I sat there fascinated something finally came to my mind.

Descended from the Heavens? People from ancient times? Gods?

Could this girl, and this monster be…aliens?

I almost wanted to laugh as if it were the craziest thing imaginable but could not deny what I had witnessed. These two were not of Earth, I had to except this. Many times I have seen the science channel questioning if we are alone, or if our ancestors were visited. I'm not a scientist but right now I could definitely answer with a firm 'yes'.

The beasts tail seemed to grow longer as it shot out at Maia like a crazed serpent, standing her ground she watched the tail coming right at her like an arrow, in a split second before it could touch her she suddenly spun out of the way and used her sword to cut the tail right off. The beast screeched with anguish, blood gushed out of the stump as it retreated back, deeply it disturbed how similar in look its blood was to our own. For a moment it seemed to take in how injured it was, suddenly coming to the conclusion that Maia was way above him in skill.

With one of its claws it dug into the dirt and kicked wildly to draw up a smoke screen of sort for its escape. I gasped as it ran with incredible speed to get away from its attacker, but any hopes it might have had were cut short as a bullet hit its left leg, practically blowing it off its body. Even stumbling it tried to get away, Maia with inhuman speed shot out of the smoke screen. Her blade penetrating right through the beasts heart, the blood spraying onto her clothes and face as she killed it.

Pulling the blade out she gave it a swift swing to get the blood off the blade.

For a minute she stared at the body, still stubbornly twitching.

Her lips moved as she said some sort of chant or prayer, a language I couldn't quite grasp. Her voice was rhythmic like a song, the words gently coming off the tongue, the world around her seem to become still in order to listen to this. Like an ancient tale.

"Rest in peace". In one motion she aimed her gun, silver with odd etchings on it.

Pulling the trigger.

The beast was no longer able to move, within that moment it dissolved and became nothing as if it never existed at all.

My legs trembling I slowly approached her, when I was right by her side she spoke to me.

"Your cell phone should be working now" she stated.

"Hmm?" I reached back in my pocket to look at it. She was right, my cell phone was working now. "I'm going to call 911".

With a nod she took her swords scabbard from me, as I dialed in the number and talked to the woman on the other end she took out a cloth to wipe the remainder of blood off her weapon before sheathing it. My eyes stayed on her as I whipped up a halfway decent story.

How in the world do you take 'parasitic alien attack' and turn it into something more believable?

At least I got them to tell me that their coming immediately. Clicking 'end' I put the phone back in my pocket just as she grabbed her duffle bag, I hesitated on leaving. I wanted to stay with them to make sure nothing bad happened to them, but Maia put a reassuring hand on my shoulder as she passed me.

"Don't worry, the parasite doesn't devour energy to the point of death. They are currently just experiencing shock, some time in a hospital being pumped with vital fluids like magnesium along with good food and plenty of rest will help their bodies come back to a normal state" her words were assuring.

My troubled mind however was causing me to follow her.

"Okay so…that thing is an….alien?" The very word was making my brain do flip flops of confusion.

She stopped. "Yes".

"How did his friends become like that?"

"They create a pheromone within the human to attract a few other humans, they too become manipulated to do bad things whether it be small or big, energy produced off of them is something it also feeds on. Through touch the host's sweat can be poisonous thus why they appeared to be in just as worse shape as him" she answered. "When they wake up they wont remember anything, they'll think everything was just a simple lapse in judgment".

That took care of my next question, from afar I could hear the reassuring noise of sirens.

Though I couldn't help but still feel a sense of sadness. "Are you sure that they will be okay?"

She walked to me and put her hand on my shoulder again in a comforting gesture, then she gave me a gentle almost motherly smile. "Yes, they will live and soon be healthy again, two months from now he'll be how he was before the parasite infected him".

I nodded. Looking around, there wouldn't be any evidence of what had happened just a few minutes ago, what would they say about their condition I wonder?

Lifting my head I peered over to her. Her eyes were back to looking normal, hazel with flecks of gold. "Maia….what are you?" I whispered.

She looked to the coming stars wistfully, "not even I know".

The both of us stood there until we started to wander further away from the scene of the happening, from a far street I could see the lights of the ambulance. I released a sigh of relief when they seemed to have found them and were now tending to urgent needs like putting them on oxygen and IV. Hours seemed to have passed before they finally closed the doors and they were driven to the hospital. I started to wonder what the diagnosis would be.

By the time we both came to another abrupt stop I found myself on what seemed like a very long stretch of road surrounded by tall trees, off the side was a sign that said in big bold letters.


The name of the town. Which means this girl was finally taking her leave.

As if she knew what I was thinking she began to talk to me again. "I don't detect anymore parasites in this area and the Ghoul has been killed, its time for me to move on somewhere else".

I clenched my fists, "how long have you been killing those things? How long do plan to keep it up?" my voice quivered.

"For many years now and for many years to come" she replied. Looking to the sky again, her eyes were still filled with some sort of sorrow that I would never be able to interpret. "Bugs, food, drink. They can hide themselves in anything to get themselves inside of a human being, I am only one person, as we speak someone is being eaten alive after being a host to one of them, their easy to kill when they are just born but the longer they are alive the more stronger they become. At some point, they can even disguise themselves to blend in among humans".

The words caused me to shiver.

"Do your best to live" the words caught me off guard causing me to give her a confused expression.

She sighed, "it makes me sad to see a human that has potential to obtain happiness, so even with this truth. Try to live happily, think of it as a favor to a being who isn't able to do what you do".

All I could do, was nod.

Her mouth turned into a smile "farewell Liam Walkins" , just then she turned her back on me and started to walk down the long stretch of road. I could venture a guess that it was a familiar sight to her, and possibly it would always be.

"Goodbye Maia…" I whispered, almost sadly.

The girl had become a rather sisterly figure to me, even though all the times we had talked were very brief.

Before night became too dark, I finally walked home.


Two months later, this sudden 'sickness' five students at the school had caught passed. John and his posse were back in full health as if nothing had happened, along side that they hadn't done anything delinquent. They seemed genuinely sorry that they had bullied a couple of students.

"I don't know why I did that, do you guys?" John looked to his friends to this question.

In response they could only shrug in slight confusion.

"Honestly my brain felt a bit fuzzy" one of them said.

"Maybe we can blame that on that strange illness we had?"

As I sat in class I had to hold back the urge to tell them the truth of what had happened to them, like a movie reel it went through my head over and over again. For many years to come it will remain there without budging an inch.

Sadly I questioned whether or not I would become completely paranoid from here on out.

That mosquito that bit me yesterday could have left a parasitic alien. One could have ended up in my body after I had eaten that salad. It could even be in a glass of water I drank from the tap.

My gaze went to a window.

During that flash back on my life when I was near getting eaten, I wished I had at least made an attempt to mend our friendship. The teacher had gotten a card for everyone to sign, but I decided to buy my own to send to him. At least then he had the option of throwing it away.

When the bell rang I grabbed my things and started to head out the door, much to my slight annoyance when someone bumped into me I ended up dropping my math book. Hated the subject anyway, but I needed it in spite of my disliking towards the subject.

Reaching down to grab it my hand flinched a little when another hand had grabbed it. Standing up straight I realized that the person who had grabbed it was none other then John, his mouth was in a frown but at least it wasn't as ferocious as it had been when he was being possessed by a parasite.

Time seem to pass by in slow motion as we stared at each other like we were in a western and this was a stand off, then he brought the book out so it was within my reach. "Here". The words he said were simple but they almost left me dumbfounded as I gratefully took the book.

We looked at each other for another minute before he turned his back and began to leave, he stopped to say four more words. "Thanks for the card", he didn't make eye contact on that but when he left, leaving me behind I almost felt a sort of warmth.

Only increasing as I smiled.

Staring at the book in my hand, the only words I could say to myself were simple and straight forward. "Good deeds don't go unrewarded I guess"

Stuffing the book back in my bag I left the classroom, more ready then ever to face tomorrow.

I find that the ending was kind of meh but by this point my brain fizzled out :p

Also this was my first attempt at first person, sorry if anything sounded awkward, but I had fun writing this and maybe depending on me I think I might make a few other one-shots. Thanks for reading everyone :3