Breathing hard, he hid in a building that was not far from where they attacked. He couldn't think, except to worry about where she was. Where she had gone. If she was okay. If she made it out. He knew that she must be okay, because he knew who she was with. Still, he couldn't help but worry. Looking from the window, he could see a dark figure in the street, walking around. The area was still foggy, and he couldn't see who it was, just their silhouette. He couldn't take any chances, so he ran up the stairs as quietly as he could so he could hide.

Chapter 3: Strange Feelings

Manhattan was incredibly empty, at least compared to what it usually looked like. It didn't seem like a Monday, where everybody was rushing to get somewhere they needed to be. Every block had about a maximum of ten people on it, and the streets looked rather emptier, less cars driving everywhere. Jared assumed that many of the New Yorkers opted to stay home, just in case there was a possibility of some kind of hostile attack, by the aliens, or those upset at the aliens' arrival. Either that, or everyone took the day off to watch history being made. Still, Jared felt kind of left out. He wanted to be there, in front of the White House, watching the visitors arrive to have a meeting with the world leaders.

Something in him made him feel like he should have been there. The fact that aliens arrived to Earth somehow made him feel incredibly excited. Like it was fate, or something. He couldn't shake the feeling that for some reason, it meant more to him than it meant to anybody else.

"I can't believe you convinced me to take a class over the summer." Jared looked over at Serena as they walked, "We could be in Washington right now, watching what's going on with the Aliens."

"Hey, this class is good. And our families are paying good money for it too...the city's kind of empty today, isn't it?" Serena looked around the streets. For being the always-full Manhattan, it looked like there was at least half people as normal.

"That's because everyone is in D.C., watching what's going on with the Aliens. Or at home, watching it on their tv screens." Jared smiled, looking at Serena. She seemed more worried than anything else.

As they took the stairs down into Penn Station, the news of the aliens' arrival was everywhere. Either some store owner had a television screen or radio that was talking about the aliens, or the few people that were waiting for their trains were excitedly whispering to each other about it.

"Why aren't you so excited about it? I mean, everyone is so...happy, because they seem to be cool and peaceful...they look like us, too! Why do you look worried about it?" Jared looked at Serena.

"I don't know, Jay. I just have a weird feeling about it. I mean, if they're peaceful, then great. But isn't peaceful with it's own kind. And that means there will probably be trouble between us and them. We can't get past religion, and racism, and sexism and shit like that. Which means that, since they have, what will happen with both species?" Serena looked ahead of her, checking the times of the trains.

"I never thought of it that way." Jared looked away from her, now thinking to himself.

She was right. And there was something to be worried about. The world itself couldn't become peaceful. How much more chaos will there be when a new species comes to be with them? Jared tried to think of it any other way, but Serena's words hit him hard. Everyone may be excited, but there had to be some people that would hate the aliens just because they weren't from Earth.

Jared was more of the positive in there small group of friends. Serena, on the other hand, was more of a realist. He knew that she had her reasons. She saw the world for what it was, and saw people for what they were. Jared couldn't help but feel almost sorry for her. He wished she could be a happier girl, one that wasn't smart enough to see the faults in the world. He wished he could do that for her.

He loved her. Maybe a bit romantically, but it was reallly confused feelings of being her friend for so long. She was beautiful, he had to admit it. But he knew she wasn't for him. He wished she was though.

"Its the 17 track." Serena said, quietly. Jared jumped slightly, being pulled from his thoughts.

"What were you thinking about?" Serena asked him, studying him with her dark green eyes.

"Nothing. Just thought about what you were saying." Jared ran his hand through his shoulder length brown hair, and looked away from her. He was getting lost in his thoughts again. And he knew he had to stop doing that.

"Anyways, you never know what could happen with those people. I mean, they could be peaceful, but I'm sure that there are some riots going on somewhere about how they aren't from this planet and that they should go back. That's one of the reasons I didn't want to go to D.C. with you. I hope that all of our friends are okay." Serena started heading towards the track to get to Bayside. Her grandparents lived there, and they were going to have lunch with them before going back to where she lived to watch a movie.

Jared followed after her, getting his water bottle out from his backpack and taking a small sip.

Once on the train, they sat quietly.

Jared thought about his mother, about how excited she was that the aliens had arrived, and that she had wanted to take Jared and some of his friends, to go and see them arrive. Of course, she also knew that it was important for Jared and Serena to go to their classes in the city. So Jared's mother stayed at home, watching, and giving text updates to her son.

How could he have known exactly why she was so excited?