"Cana! Come on its already started!" I shouted over the pounding music coming from inside the tent. I pulled my sisters are and looked around for some empty seats. Luckily there was a few unoccupied near the front. The lights started dimming and I was almost jumping out of my seat.

"Calm down, Aria. This is the second time you have been here this week. Isn't the excitement worn out already?"

"No, this is the last day in town and ii wouldn't want to miss the show. Now shush." I put a hand on her shoulder to tell her I was done talking and gave my full attention to the show.

I love the circus. I always have. The first time I went was when I turned 7 and the care worker to me as a birthday present with Cana. The sight of the skilled acrobats, the gracefulness of the dancers and the heart stopping stunts were all just … brilliant, in my eyes. Actually it was more than brilliant words couldn't describe how I felt about the circus.

Cana liked them as well, but not as much as me. The more and more we come to the show I notice more and more how much she stares at the guys. It wouldn't be surprising I guess; we are 17 now.

I wish I was in a circus. Just to join them and be a part of it. That's my dream. Ever since that first show when I was 7, my dream was to join the circus. Only, that's the problem. I don't know how. Sure I could wait until the end of the show and ask if I could join. But I don't want to leave Cana behind. I sighed and drew out of my thoughts. Just in time. My favourite part was staring.

The girl wore a white high low dress made of flowing fabric. A slight artificial breeze made it flow like water behind her. As she neared the centre she raised her arm up slowly reaching up to the metal loop that had descended slowly as she walked. She sat on the metal and held on both sides. Just like her arm she was pulled up into the arm.

The music by this point has turned into a soft type of lullaby which you could easily fall asleep to. She did a few simple tricks at first. Swinging upside down then swinging her body back up so she was sitting down once more. Then the music picked up pace. Another metal loop had entered and stayed at the same high as the woman's.

She jerked her body to the beat of the music making hoop spin and twist with her. The male held her hoop and it stopped her instantly. Then all the bigger tricks came in. They both started swinging in sync with each other than leaned back, catching their legs on the edge so they didn't fall off. The girl held her arms out and the male took them and swung her under him before swinger her so she has sitting on his hoop.

An idea came to me. I looked to Cana, grinning like an idiot. Cana turned her head slowly towards me.

"What is it?" she whispered.

"We can run." I whispered back.

"Run? Run where?"

"Run away, with the circus. It's the only way I can think to join the circus." Cana seemed to think it over for a minute. She looked at the act on stage before turning back to me.

"Alright, we can. I was recently figuring out how to join one as well. Might as well do it now." I hugged her from the side and turned my attention back to the show.

After the show we went to the souvenir stand and brought a t-shirt with the circus's name on it. 'Midnight Dance Circus' I gently folded it and put it in my bag. It had enough space. The only thing I had in it was my phone (a cheap Nokia one), my purse and a leather bound journal.

I took hold of Cana's hand and left with the rest of the crowd. Making sure no one saw us we went silently around the tent where the show was hosted. Caravans and smaller tents where lines in different places like a temporary town. Cana turned to me.

"Aria, I don't know about this. What if they don't accept run-aways and turn us into the authorities? Or worse?"

"Cana, please. You are putting doubts in my head and being in a circus is my dream."

A shadow formed on the ground in front of us. Noticing it first I looked up and Cana followed my gaze. When I looked up I saw a very tall man in a tailcoat suit. A top hat rested on top of his head. He touched the brim and tilted it has he did a small bow.

"Ladies," he said in a low voice. "I couldn't help but over hear your conversation. You wish to join the Circus?" We both nodded. Uncertain of what he would do to us. "And what about family? Won't you be missed?"

"We live in an orphanage sir. We were forgotten about a long time ago." He straightened up slightly and scratched his chin.

"I can let you two join, as long as it is what you really want to do."

"It is." We both said in unison.

"Well then, I will meet you here in one hour. That should give you enough time to pack some clothes and make it back it."

"Thank you!" I shouted back as I was pulled by Cana down towards the road.


Back in our small room I had packed all my favourite t-shirts (which was all the ones I had brought from a variety of circuses) two pairs of shorts, two pairs of jeans, three sweat pants and a set of night clothes. The rest of the space in my trunk was taken up by underwear, a spare pair of shoes, the necessary toiletries, a towel and a book. I buckled my trunk and sat down on my bed and faced Cana.

"I'd go with the light colours. They suit you better." She turned around and smiled at me before packing in her lightest jeans. Another 5 minutes went passed before she finally closed her own trunk.

"Ready?" I asked as she pulled on her coat.

"Ready" she repeated. I pulled on my own coat, picked up my trunk and headed down stairs. The care taker was in her office near the front of the house. I looked down the hall to make sure she wasn't going to come out soon and headed for the back door.

The garden was enclosed by a large fence but a gate off to the side made for a way out. Cana closed the gate silently behind her and we started are way back towards where the circus is being held.

We made it early by a few minutes and waited silently or the man to come back. Exactly as the hour had passed he appeared behind us.

"Welcome girls. To the Midnight Dance Circus."