It was the start of the morning

and there she lay.

Her beauty intensified

under the sun's ray.

I hope she hasn't noticed

that I was nervous and quiet

I didn't eat breakfast

I told her i'm on a diet

Today was the day

I couldn't wait longer

The feeling in my heart

I wish I was stronger

Our friends came over

a party was held

she was laughing in the kitchen

In the bathroom I dwelled

I soaked my face

and stared into the mirror

It was just about time

and that couldn't be clearer

I walked out from my cockpit

and plowed into the crowd

Everything got silent

as I took a bow

It was hard for me to admit

she is the world to me

Before I was blind

she made me see

To be with her

I'll give up everything

I reached into my pocket

and pulled out a ring

With complete confidence

I proposed

My Heart went thump, thump thump,

and then it froze

I could tell by my shaky hand

that I was a mess

But it was all worth it

when she said YES