Regular is not a word I would have used to describe my existence. There was simply nothing regular about me anymore. I used to be. Completely regular I mean. With brown hair of the average length and brown eyes, I was the epitome of regular. That is, up until two years ago. Because two years ago was when I had the pleasure of meeting Tony.

I had been praying for regular most of my new life. Well, as regular as regular as a vampire's life can be.

The beginning

A club. That's where all of this started really. I should have known that nothing good would come from the place where Alice and I had been going for two years. In the beginning, I had been completely against it. I was only sixteen at the time, and even though it was for under aged teens and didn't serve alcohol, it still felt wrong. I hadn't been the type of girl to go out partying at a club.

Alice, on the other hand, was somewhat more … ostentatious.

We'd been best friends since kindergarten. She had the looks of a classic party girl; tall, blonde, and what the adults in our life tended to call 'trouble'. But aside from that she was the closest friend I had ever had. Which I guess was why I hadn't said no to going to the club that she had heard about from one of her friends. I hadn't thought about it before, but I have a growing suspicion that the friend of hers may have been a junkie. But it was just a suspicion.

And, comparing what I am to a junkie, I have to say that the junkie probably got the better deal.

It must have been almost the hundredth time we had gone to Generations, the name of the club. There was no way of telling that it would be the match that lit the fuse that set off the bomb that blew everything I had ever know to pieces. There was no way of telling that it would be the beginning of something that ended my life.