Secret Romance

There are many things I don't understand, but love is something that endlessly confuses me. Like how it can be so amazing and painful all at the same time. We loved each other so much but every turn there was a new obstacle in the way. Each one becoming harder and harder to overcome, but nothing was compared to the bombshell that dropped last night.

We lay on the couch each simply staring into each other's eyes. His eyes were something people could only imagine. They were strange, the color of pewter a kind of light gold and silver mixed together. The prettiest parts are the rings of a silvery blue that outlined the irises. They were certainly not normal but they were defiantly the prettiest eyes you would ever see. As I intently stared into his eyes he stared with even more intensity back at my own copper colored eyes.

His arms were tight around my waist and my hands were tangled in his hair. We often sat like this, hence why our cable bill was always so low. After spending all day apart we wanted nothing more than to lie like this for a while.

It had been a particularly stressful day for both of us. He leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss to my lips, slowly I pulled him closer. We didn't hear someone knock on the door, because if we had one of us wouldn't be sporting a black eye. What's worse is we didn't hear people walking into the room until I heard something drop to the floor and someone scream. Instantly we both jumped to our feet, we looked around and saw my parents standing there. No one told me they were coming; this wasn't good on so many levels.

My mother's face registered horror as my fathers registered shock and irritation, I tried to say something but I found my mouth had gone dry. Even if I had said something it wouldn't have mattered because my father chose that moment to start yelling.

My parents didn't know about our relationship, not for the last eight years at least. Our secret had been hard to keep, but it had worked, until now that is. My mother and father hated him at first because of his parents, they were divorced and that was something my mother didn't deem acceptable. Then both my parents had a fit when they found out how he was being raised, without church, and with step parents and freedom, something I always wished for. His parents always welcomed me into their home, unlike mine, they were always forcing me to do things I didn't want, like go to other girls houses to study. His parents never forced things on him, they didn't control every moment of his life as mine did. They always functioned in the way when they knew where he was they were okay. I was luck to leave the house. My parents never could understand how a good child could come from those things. They made me take every lesson humanly possible and go to an all-girls Christian academy. They were dead set on me being just like them when I was grown up, perfect house, staying home all day, the two kids overly involved, and the membership to the local country club. They didn't seem to understand that's not what I wanted. I wanted to be original, not just average.

The think they didn't know was when they sent me to that school was every night he snuck in my window and helped me with my school work. I could barely keep up with any of it with his help. But alas, their hate for him grew when I was caught ditching school and they found me at a park with him and my friends. Ditching was not something I did often but when I did I went all out. They thought he was a bad influence on me, when it was really all my idea. I was grounded for the rest of high school and my window nailed shut.

My parents had been thankful when he had gone off to college, him being a year older than me. They were so happy they invited the family and friends over for a party. But somehow we made it work, he would drive down on weekends he could and we would spend a few precious moments together. My last year of high school passed slowly, but when it ended I gladly gave up everything and ran off to college across the country. The same college he just so happened to attend.

Once I was in college we spent every moment we could together, after all we were both majoring in the same thing. Music. I never told my parents about going to the same college, about my major or living with him.

Now two years after college we both teach band among other random music courses at our respective schools. My parents still didn't know anything. Well that was true until five minutes ago anyways, now they knew everything. This wasn't the way I pictured telling them, I planned on telling them the day after we were married. One more detail I forgot to tell them, we were engaged.

My father was yelling at him and my mother yelling at me, out of nowhere I saw my father take a swing and I watched my love fall to the ground. Both my mother and I screamed as my father was still yelling at him to stay away from his precious pure little girl. I pushed my father out of the way and kneeled on the ground. I pulled his hands away from his face and looked at his already bruising eye; tears were falling freely from his eyes. At this moment I became scared that now he wouldn't love me and I began crying too. Love can only take so much pain. I felt my father's tight grip on my arm as he was saying something about bringing me home. I yanked my arm away but he caught my shoulder he was now yelling about how if I didn't go home I was nothing to them. I ignored them and looked back to him, his beautiful eyes wide with fear, he thought that after all we went through I would leave him just like that.

This is the part where love becomes both amazing and painful at the same time. I had already made up my mind to stay, but it was still painful hearing my father say those words. It was amazing knowing he still loved me even after everything we had been through, but it hurt to see him think I would leave. Then it was even more painful because even though I wanted to hate them my parents I still loved them. As much as I wanted my family around I didn't want them around if they couldn't accept the fact that I had fallen in love and had a free will. They seemed like they couldn't stand to see me happy, everything they did was to keep me a soulless drone they could control, and there was nothing my parents feared more than not having control. They couldn't stand to see me happy, and that made me want to hate them. This hurt because ether way my heart was being ripped out.

His sobs came more violently now, he really thought I was leaving. But he didn't know that I wasn't about to let anything more come between up, not after all we had been through to get here. Besides when have I ever done anything that my parents approved of?

With shaking legs I got up, turned to my parents, looked down at my right hand, held it out and said, "Mother, Father, I love him."