Assassins of Forever characters and plot

Characters: Assassins of Forever

Melee Rodriguez: The youngest assassin in the group. He has a strange addiction to video games, and he claims that playing video games strengthen his hands so he could fight better. And this is completely wrong.

Vixen Rodriguez: Melee's older sister. They have that kind of relationship that all siblings have. Their constant bickering make the other members want to kill themselves. Yes, it's that annoying.

Magic Lopez: Vixen's boyfriend. Um… he's… let's say, overdramatic… maybe over sensitive? Whenever something doesn't go his way, he breaks something.

Wave Domino, Son of Emperor Maxwell the 3rd (Wave, for short): Wave is the spoiled one. He thinks that everything should go his way and his way only, just because he's the son of the emperor. Yeah um, everyone hates him.

Hazel Romero: The smart, strategic girl who Vixen thinks Melee might have a crush on… yeah this is also completely wrong. Nobody's perfect, she always says. But, she IS perfect. So perfect it's scary…

Wu: Wu is cursed. He has to deal with the dysfunctional Assassins of Forever every day until they find out who the master assassin is. Poor Wu. Poor, poor Wu…

Other characters:

Emperor Maxwell the 3rd: The wise ruler of a lost dynasty in China. He always tries to help, but ends up messing up the Assassin's plans in the process.

Master Assassin: A mystery assassin that nobody knows about. But it has been confirmed that the Master Assassin is a female.


It is the year 2199, and the Master Assassin has killed America's current president. The Master Assassin has also killed Melee and Vixen's parents, Magic's grandfather, Wave's mother, and Hazel's parents. Society chooses Wu to hunt the Master Assassin down. Wu trains the orphans whose parents were slayed by the Master Assassin to kill (this is also when Magic and Vixen start dating). Wu swears to society that he and the Assassins of Forever (named by Hazel) will hunt the Master Assassin down and kill her.