Assassins of Forever


Wu got up, hungry. his stomach grumbled so loudly, Melee lost on the current level he was on in his video game because of it. His stomach grumbled so loudly that Magic's house of cards fell down when he passed by. (Magic then broke the table out of anger) His stomach grumbled so loudly that Hazel...was still sleeping perfectly in her bed...

Wu looked in the fridge for milk. He grabbed the carton and then he got out his favorite cereal. First he poured the cereal into the bowl. And then he poured the milk. It was then he noticed that there was no milk coming out.

The carton was empty.

"Who put the empty carton back in the fridge?!" Wu shouted, pissed off.

"Um, Wu, you did." Magic said as he gently put the crazy glue on the two broken pieces of the table, in an attempt to fix it.

"Oh, yeah." Wu remembered. "I guess I have to go to the store." He was so hungry, the first person that he would see, he would put in charge.

The first person Wu saw was Wave Domino.

"Wave, you're in charge." Wu said and quickly left through the door.

It was everyone's worst nightmare. Imagine having a demanding, selfish, egoistic jerk being the boss of you.

"You here that guys? I'm in charge! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Wave said diabolically. It seemed as if storm clouds appeared over his head, and his teeth became temporarily sharp.

"Oh, no. It's the end of the world! I wasn't ready for this, guys!" Melee said. although the statement was relevant, he wasn't talking about Wave, But his video game...

"Now, Vixen! Go steal a sandwich for me!" Wave said, pointing to her.

"I am not getting a sandwich for you! Who do think I am, a servant?!" Vixen said. Vixen was the kind of girl who stood up for herself. Wave would've told someone else to steal a sandwich for him knowing about Vixen's attitude, But Wave was radiating with the fact that...

"Wu put me in charge." Wave stated. "You have to do what I say."

"Aw, man. I really hate you right now." Vixen said as she left the door to steal a footlong from the Subway across the street.

"Melee. Go beat up someone innocent." Wave said with a sinister smile.

"Wave! that's evil!" Melee said in a somewhat monotone voice.

"Yes, but it's also my orders. Now go!"

"Ok, if you insist." Melee said, but didn't leave his spot.

Wave waited some seconds for Melee to get up from the video game he was playing, but he never did.

"Well?! When are you going to beat someone up?"

"I did! I just beat up player-36776433333!"

"Hmm. Close enough."

Magic then came out of the room, where he finished fixing the table he broke.

"Magic! Break the table you just fixed."


"Magic, 'butt' is a bathroom word."

"I... you...its... fine." Magic let out a sigh as he went back into the room to break the table.

Hazel woke up, looking perfectly beautiful.

"Hazel! Set the sink on fire!"

"Ok." Hazel said without hesitating, and grabbed a lighter from Wu's room (How did that get there?).

"Wow, Hazel. you're the first person who didn't hesitate!"

"Hesitation lowers the senses. Its a well known fact."

Hazel then engulfed the sink in flames with Wu's unusually strong lighter. All of a sudden, Wu came bursting through the door.

"What's going on?! Why's the sink on fire?!" Wu screamed at Wave.

"I ordered Hazel to set the sink... duh, I mean... it was an accident...?" Wave said with a nervous smirk.

"How was it an ACCIDENT?!"

Just then, Vixen came back with the footlong. "Man, stealing a footlong (with extra pickles and salami) from subway is harder than I thought! Here, Wave. Hide this. I got to go, I'm a fugitive now..." Vixen said and gave Wave the sandwich. She then jumped out the window when she heard police car sirens.

"Wave, I'm never putting you in charge again."

"Oh yeah? Who put you in charge?"

"Uh... ummm..."

"That's what I thought. Now go get me some cookies."


And that's how the Assassins of Forever accidentally set the sink on fire. Not that you're wondering...