Assassins of Forever

Bad Luck

Wu woke up, and to his surprise, he found the rarest thing ever in the history of mankind: Everyone was playing video games with Melee.

"Ok, ok, what's the special occasion?" Wu asked, not buying the fact that they were just hanging out.

"It's Friday the 13th, man. The extreme day of bad luck. The only way to preserve our luck is to stay inside and play Mario all day." Melee explained.

"But you guys have missions! People to assassinate! And besides, there's no such thing as bad luck." Wu never had bad luck, and the Assassins of Forever thought that was because bad luck didn't exist when he was born. Yes, they thought that he was that old.

"Nah, man. We'll do it tomorrow." Magic said.

Wu let out a great groan. "Fine… anyway, I'm going to send something in the mail. I'll be back."

"That's not a good idea, Wu. It's Friday the 13th. It's like Hell out there." Wave advised.

"Oh, yeah, you totally know what Hell is like."

"I actually don't…. oh wait, was that sarcasm?"

"Man I don't care what you guys say, I'm going anyway."

"Ok, whatever you say, Wu. But whatever you do, never open an umbrella inside. Or walk under a ladder. Or break a mirror. And also, stay away from cats, the black ones. And never step on a crack; it'll break your mother's back." Vixen suggested.

"My mom died a long time ago…"

"Well, it'll break someone else's mom's back!"

"Right." Wu said, rolling his eyes as he left the through the door.

Hazel then got up and headed for her room.

"Hazel, where are you going?" Melee asked.

"I'm preparing for Wu's funeral."

Wu stepped out into the shed of building. It seemed like a bright sunny day. But when Wu left the shed, it started to pour rain.

"That couldn't be bad luck. The weather changes instantly all the time, right?" Wu thought to himself. He ran to the nearest post office which was about a block away. Along the way, he tripped over a black cat, Hit his head while walking under a ladder, and broke a mirror by accidentally stepping on it (it was strangely left on the floor).

Wu reached the mailbox, and then it was set up in flames before he mailed it. (It strangely didn't go out, even though it was raining)

He had to run another additional two blocks down to the Post Office. When he got there, he gave the mailer the letter. He then looked to his left and saw a bunch of free umbrellas. He took one and opened it, inside the post office.

"Um, I don't think you'll need that. It's the sunniest day of the year!" the mailer said, pointing out the window.

Wu was silenced by his anger.

He ran outside and, to his frustration, it started to rain again. He ran back down the three blocks, stepping on every crack.

When he finally got home, a teenager about Melee's age was helping her mom stand. They were blocking the entrance.

"Help me, sir! My mom has broken her back!" She cried.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Wu screamed and gently pushed them aside and ran into the building.

When he got inside, everyone was wearing black.

"What's going on?"

"Wow, Wu! You're really lucky!" Vixen said, applauding him.

"What are you talking about?! I had nothing but bad luck when I went to the post office!" Wu said, and he started to sweat slightly.

"Yeah, but you're still alive, aren't you?"


And from then on, Wu believed in bad luck. He found a solution to avoid bad luck. Keep Hazel near you AT ALL TIMES.