"You fear me, not because of the way I act, but in behalf of me, of my being. You fear me for who I am. This is the damn apocalypse and you shouldn't fear anyone, but yet, you have the courage to flinch from me, and only me. Why not Jen, or Luck, why me? They're no different than me." The last words I heard from him, they weren't in vain. Were they said to scare me? No, I already feared him, nothing else would be the need for that. His wings, white blurs of hope. And to others- destruction. But to me, they were a mix of the two, sometimes even a weakness. I could never say no, but never, quite, say yes. It was always a maybe with him, in which I took a risk. I wanted to stop him, he wouldn't leave me, not now, not ever. But he still continued to stray from where I stood. My mind screamed at me, 'Stop him, don't let him walk out like that. Admit it, without him, you would be nothing but another lifeless body.' "Will you ever be able to look into my eyes? Without hesitating? I don't want to hurt you." Somehow, he never did. It was always me to put the hurt into his voice, it trembled with emotion. "Look at me!" I wanted too, so badly, but I was afraid. "Don't be afraid." And that would never change.

He was another one of those...monsters. Another creation I couldn't bear. He was a burden, and to him, I was the same. Except, he would always stay by my side, no matter how many times I would lash out at him, scream, and shout. He was a lost puppy, aside from the fact, that I was the one without a place to call a home. My face felt numb from the snow, "Don't go." He couldn't hear me, he was too far off. So this was the end, for him and for me. My father used to say 'Angels will always stand by you, no matter what life hits you with. Though, at times, they'll make you suffer, but to suffer is to learn, many times, the suffering will be gone as soon as it appeared, other times the suffering will never leave' One thing was for sure, the suffering for me just wouldn't go away, no matter how many times I try to push it away.