Hey all!

First, I want to thank every single one of you for all the love and support all these years. I know I update like ass so the fact y'all stuck through that amazes me. I'm teary guys. I am straight up teary.

Second, I am here to announce that I have risen from the dead and I am re-writing, old writing, and new writing content! A wonderful friend (hatetohope) and I have started a website (ryangin dot com). Unfortunately cannot post the actual site link, but it will be in my profile!

We will be posting rewritten/updated versions of our old shit and brand new never before seen shit, for your viewing pleasure. We hope to be better able to interact with y'all as an audience and use the feedback to make our writing even better! When we're done we hope to self-publish our books :)

Our current updating content includes:

Adam and Evan (ME!) - the rewrite

Breathe, Selene (SHE!)

The Natural Born (SHE!)

Would make my day to see y'all join us in our new little home! And even if you decide that here is where our journey together ends, that's cool too. No pressure whatsoever!



P.S. for now, stories that I am not actively posting on the other site will remain here, but they will all eventually be removed. which is good, because i am now older and...girl needs to rewrite some /shit/