Chapter 1:

"Harmony! Come here please!" called my mother's voice. I sighed as I looked at my book. Of course she'd need something right at the climax. Mournfully I put the book down and opened the door to my room.

"What?" I asked, coming around the corner, nearly colliding with my sister, Taborri. She's only ten, but she has the attitude of a teenager. She scowled at me.

"Watch out!" she snapped. I rolled my eyes.

"Quit running through the house. Mom's only told you that a hundred times." I retorted. Sometimes I think she's irritated at the world because of her name. Mom is obsessed with our Native American heritage, hence my name is Harmony. I got off easy, but Taborri and our little brother, Nantan, didn't. Taborri's name at least fits her; it means voice that carries. Nantan's means spokesperson. Only he's a quiet child. At eight, he doesn't really talk to anybody who's not family. He managed to make a couple of friends over the past couple of years, but over the summer, if he doesn't see them, he gets nervous when we go back to school. I ignored my sister and continued on my way to my mother. She was at the computer, watching something or other.

"Honey, don't forget tomorrow is trash day, and would you please throw in a load of laundry? My back is acting up again." she asked sweetly. Jacy Bell was an over weight woman, so it was no surprise her back was hurting. I sighed.

"Yeah, I'll do it in a little bit. Can I go back to my book now?" I pleaded.

"Aren't you supposed to go to Nikkita's tonight?" mom asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah, her parents asked if I would be able to get a ride over there, or something. They've both been working a lot recently, and they always come get me." I said. Jacy frowned.

"I don't have a lot of gas right now." she began.

"That's okay, I can walk. Or ride the bike." I said quickly. Mom looked at the time. It was 6:32.

"Okay, but you better get the trash out, and a load started before you go. It'll get dark soon." she warned. I grinned. Mom knew I could move fast when I wanted to.

Twenty minutes later I was packing my bag, having finished with everything else. I slung the bag over my shoulder, and checked around my room for any last minute items I might want to take. I noticed my pocket knife sitting, looking sad. I was about to leave, when I felt a sudden urge to take it with me. Better safe than sorry. I pocketed the knife and yelled to mom that I was leaving.

"Bye, sweetie. Have fun. I'll text you when I want you home, okay?" she asked as I opened the door.

"Yeah. See you tomorrow!" I raced out the door and down the steps. I debated for a minute; bike or walking? I decided to walk, it wasn't really that far, about a quarter of a mile, maybe.

It was getting dark as I made my way to Nikkita's. I wasn't worried about anything, the most action this place ever saw was a rabid dog every once in a while. I whistled as I walked. Cars passed me, most of them people I knew. A couple stopped and asked if I wanted a ride, but I declined. I was almost to Nikkita's when another car passed me, then stopped and backed up. I wasn't worried, it was probably Alexis or someone I knew. When I caught up, inside the car was not someone I knew, instead it was a stranger. He smiled at me, and I immediately got the chills. I was suddenly glad I had my knife with me.

"Will you come with me?" he asked. I raised one eyebrow.

"Umm, no? Sorry but I don't know you and I don't talk to strangers. Have a nice night." I said, than began walking quickly. I was close to Nikkita's, no more the twenty feet away. The car kept up with me. The man leaned across the seat, his smile suddenly becoming really creepy. I got a really bad feeling. I suddenly remembered about a girl about my age who had been kidnapped, raped and returned to her family. And this guy was super suspicious.

"Are you sure?" he asked, still smiling creepily. I nodded.

"Please leave me alone now. I'm not going anywhere with you, cause I don't know you." I was six feet from her house now; I could see her waiting at the door. She waved, and I waved back. I heard a door open and turned to look behind me. Another man had opened the back door and was pointing a gun at my head.

'Oh shit.' I thought.

"Get in the car." said the guy in the back. The driver smiled smugly. I took a breath. He didn't say I couldn't scream. So I did.

"NIKKITA! CALL THE COPS! FIRE, FIRE!" I screamed as loud I could. Lights turned on and people pulled back their curtains or stepped on their porches to see what was happening. The driver cursed and made a signal. I turned and ran for Nikkita's house only to hear bullets flying, then everything went black.