This is deff my first story that I'm putting on this site. Please excuse the grammar because I'm using my phone write this out. I live in jacksonville so that where is set to start off with. I will say that this might not suitable for children being sexually explicit and language. Thanks for reading. -Leah

Raylyn- mid day college dorm

It's been raining all day so we've decided not to move. Krista fell asleep while watching bootleg Movies so I've been comfortable laying on her stomach listening to the soft sounds of her chest. Its was her turn to get drunk so I was the designated two drinks only driver. I'm pretty sure my baby is still hung over.

"Ray I'm thirsty." Krista mumbled if is there wasn't a commercial on because they don't know how to edit; I probably wouldn't have heard her. I peered up at her for her to give me pouty lip like usual I caved. "Ok" I rolled off the bed than ambled over to the fridge. There wasn't even a half full Mt. Dew. I forgot to stop at a store. "Nothing left, I gotta go downstairs." I mentioned as I searched for my pants among our clothes that were thrown all over the floor. That's jus wat happens on the weekends. We're both horrible about picking out outfits, everything just gets left out. Once found I digged in my pocket for a few ones. "Hurry up I'm cold," She wined as I opened the door. I nodded and left.

The dorm was silent which was typical for a Saturday morning. Like Krista everyone was too hung over to move. Gotta love college. I made my way to the vending machines just outside the Co-Ed lounge. Our dorm was split males on one side females on the other. But we always seemed to find our way across the imaginary line for after parties in various dorm rooms or hallways. The security guard stop doing rounds after midnight, I would too if I had OnDemand in my break room. Plus pizza from the students.

Standing at the vending machine I noticed the was a crowd watching the rain outside. Rain always fun but it isn't that interesting. Putting my money in the machine I pressed the button for a coke then a water. The drinks fell, I grabbed them then stood upright to feel someone hug my shouldered. I reared my head to see Jen with an unusual look about her. "You have to check this shit out." She demanded pulling me backward towards the window. I clutched on to the drinks.

"What?" I questioned before I got a really good look at what she was talking about. The rain was a dark almost black droplets hitting the ground. Strange, "is it pollution?" Someone questioned. "I doubt it." I answered. As I looked out the window. "I wouldn't worry about but don't go playing in the rain today Jen." I suggested as I slapped Jens ass before walking away. She always drug me out into the rain, 'good time to run she would say.'

We've been best friends since Middle school and we still get into a lot of trouble together. Jen my twin a lot more girly out the two of us but tougher in a lot of ways. She calls me sensitive constantly, I jus figured I actually have feelings. She's tall half Caucasian half American Indian, but she doesn't really know her roots. If you ask her what tribe she'll claim Cherokee but be done with that convo changing the subject.

On the way back upstairs I noticed a guy walking soaking wet. His white shirt was almost dyed black. Black water dripped from his face and neck. He didn't say anything as he walked by me quickly, sniffling with his head down. It's the middle of spring, unless he was that cold, it's not cold enough for sniffles from rain anymore. It looks a little sticky gross. I made it back to my room, Krista sat up playing with her phone. I closed and locked the door behind me, than came to sit on the bed in front her. Krista smiled upon seeing me.

"Coke or water?" I held them both out. She took the coke opened it an chugged it then continued playing with her phone. I think Facebook, "Did you see the rain?" She questioned. "Yea its black. Strange huh?" I noted, "it's everywhere all over the US. A few other countries are reporting it too." She informed me, I glanced up at her. Facebook. "Call your mom isn't she a scientist." Krista determined. "Yes but she retired years ago. What's that?" I stated following with a question reaching for her phone. "My Fox News app." She replied. I started at her waiting for more. When she didn't say anything I got anxious, "Well?"

"There isn't much of anything, just reports of strange rain." Krista explained, I sat back on to the pillow, laid down and rolled over onto my stomach. "See the news is only ment to freak people out. Its unessesary roughness if you ask me. It's Whatever, I'm over it." I claimed and plopped back onto the bed. "Why do you do that?" She questioned, "my parents would always make me wat h the news. During my dad would tell me it's a distraction. That there is a lot more going on then what they're showing us. When I would ask he would change the subject. A lot like Jen does." I examined she sighed a little "oh." i honestly laughed little thinking about him. He was always good at it too.

Few hours later

Some time during the second movie I fell asleep. When I woke up Krista was gone. Normally on a Saturday evening about this time she would be taking a shower and gettin ready to go out again. Being in our last year were up on the top floor, our dorm room has its own bathroom; haha so no mass sharing anymore. I like the privacy.

Disturbed by my missing girlfriend I got up outta bed and walked to the door opening it. Across the hall the door was wide open. I walked across and peeked inside to find the room empty. Alexa and I are somewhat friends but this wasn't a norm for even her.

A few of the other doors were open as well as i walked the hall. They were all empty. I went back to my room and put on a pair of shorts and shoes. Grabbed my car keys and phone than dialed Krista. After a few rings she picked up. "Hey babe, where are you? The dorm is empty." I asked, "downstairs in the big lounge. Come down here hurry up." She pressed, "what's going on?". As I continued walking down the hall I noticed most of the empty rooms. Weird. Krista hung up without explaining.

Downstairs the lounge was overflowing with students plus a few security guards all watching the big screen tv but it wasn't everybody. Unusual seeing as how this guy would only really come out of the break room for smoke breaks. Unlike security we one get The one big screen with basic cable. The news was on it which it is normally on the channel with endless ESPN or a comedy sitcom. The bottom of the screen flashed city 'evacuation' for the entire city. "If sick report to your nearest hospital for treatment. Transportation out of the city will be provided at the following evacuation centers." The news caster continued to talk. I ignored him, wanting to find Krista.

Krista was standing against the wall on the far side of the room. It was way too crowded to make over to her with out stepping on anyone for once everyone was quite listening intently. I wanted to get her and get to the car so we could go to my parents. So I texted her. 'Come to the back to me.' As soon as she got the txt she glanced up found where i was than made her way to over me. As she went to step over a boy sitting down in front of me she almost fell. I caught her arm and lifted her into me. "Thanks"

"What's going on?" I questioned, "there's something in the rain it's making people sick. Alot of people have already died from it." She explained, Than my phone rang, It was Regina my older sister. I walked towards the main stairwell.

Answering it I could immediately hear her breathing unusually hard . "Ray, you there Ray." Regina asked before I could say hello. "Yea, what's going on? You okay?" I questioned, "I'm fine but Daniel he's sick. Can you give me a ride." She requested. I could hear the panic in her voice. It must a been really bad. I turned to Krista who only have me a questioning glare. "It's Regina she wants a ride, Daniel is sick." I explained she shook her head. Regina an krista have yet to have a calm convo, "She's family." I retorted to her snarl, "yea where are you?" I said into the phone shying away from wrath. "Did that bitch say no, I don't care. Come get me, Im at my apartment." She answered. "Be nice, ill be there in a minute." I stated as I hung up. Ever since Regina started dating Daniel her and Krista haven't gotten along. Something happened at a party and neither of the two will really tell me what happened. Im pretty sure everyone was too drunk to remember the whole story. It'll come out eventually.

I took hold of Krista's hand and started off down the hall. "Hey wait for me." I turned to see Jen, "hurry up." By that time we were all in a sprint trying to make it out to the parking lot. Outside you could still see the dark spots from the puddles on the ground i guess from the rain. Avoiding every puddle the three of us made it to my jeep safely. "Wait don't touch it." i directed, I took off my shirt an opened the drivers. Getting in i opened the passenger door. Most other students were leaving as well but I'm pretty sure we beat the rush.

It didn't take us long to get to Regina's apartment, it just seemed like saturday afternoon rush. I went upstairs while the girls stayed in the jeep. Pounding on the door, Regina answered quickly. "Have you seen the news?" I asked as I walked in. "No, help me he can barely stand." She begged. "Well it was something about the rain." I continued, seeing Daniel laying on the couch. "He got caught in it on his run, came home took a shower and laid down. He's been like this ever since." She explained. We all glanced at Daniel who seemed as if he was asleep.

I moved to his side and lifted him, "aw babe dont my head hurts." Daniel moaned, Reggie placed his feet on the ground. "I'm not Regina we need to go Dan." I clarified, he glanced at me than slightly smiled. "we gotta get you to a hospital." I declared, he nodded as Regina came to his other side and we both helped him stand. We managed to make it to the door without much of a problem. Outside I almost dropped him as Reggie went to lock the door. "Oh my god he's heavy." I fussed, "it's muscle weight." Reggie stated. I gawked at the stairs wishing it was only one flight.

Foot over foot, taking one stair at a time we made our way down the stairs slowly. Daniel was almost no help we carried most of his weight. Getting him to the car was alot harder than I wished it would be. Once at the jeep I laid him down in very back where he would be most comfy and easiest to unload.

It sure was busy at the hospital, there were armed guards and military tents set up in most of the parking lot. A maze of endless lines that were now stuck in. Making it to the front somewhat of the last bit of line. you get to stop at check points. A guard walked up to my drivers side window. "Is anyone in here sick?" The soldier questioned. I nodded my head pointed over my shoulder. "Go this way." The soldier stepped back and picked up a cone. I turned the jeep following his directions. I didn't get much further down this path before we were stopped by a team of doctors and nurses in white plastic hazmat suits. They opened the back door where Daniel was laying and ushered the girls out of the jeep. One came for me but I opened the door before he could.

"Did anyone of you have direct contact with him?" A nurse questioned and I stepped forward uneasily, Regina followed. The nurse took me by the hand as another walked behind Regina. "Wait they aren't sick." Krista shouted, moving towards me but was stopped by another as he placed his assault rieffel to her chest. "It's ok, I'll be fine just go with them." I assured Krista as we were being takin away. I got a sinking feeling. She only nodded but was then told to get back in the jeep which is a good thing. I glanced back to see Daniel put on a stretcher and strapped down. I grabbed onto Regina's hand as we were escorted inside the hospital building.

Inside the building I couldn't really tell who was sick and who was healthy. Besides the nurses, everybody looked to have some sort of problem. Regina and I were takin to what was the cafeteria. It was set up as a testing facility, different stations seemed to be set up at each table. They separated us, but I could still see her a few tables ahead of me. The nurse left me in a small line.

Reaching the table there sat a nurse with a face mask. "Name." The nurse asked as I stepped up to the table, "Raylyn Kale." I said . The nurse wrote my name on a list than on a wrist band and put it on me. "Ok Kale go wait at the next station." She ordered pointing to another nurse a table section down. She was taking blood from a little girl. I breathed deeply, I hated needles. As soon as the little girl was done I sat down. "What is this a quarantine?" I questioned, "yes, hold out your arm." She said. I hesitated then did so. She took some blood. The woman was not gentle at all. "Ouch." I winced, she just shook her head, she took the needle out. Set the vile down and came back to write a number on my wrist band. "next." She demanded as put my blood into box containing other blood filled vile. I feel like I'm cattle in a heard. I stood and walked down to the next station. The nurse put me in another chair.

"Open up." She ordered as I opened my mouth she did the regular, putting a oversized Popsicle stick on my tounge. Than she listened to my heart, "ok cough." So i did. "Again." I sat while she did other tests that's more annoying then the first. Checking my blood pressure then lifting my shirt to looking at my stomach. Can I at least get a drink first.

After she was done she asked for and took my cell phone; I starred across the room to find Regina but couldn't. A nurse ushered me to a group of people than escorted the lot of us
down the hall to a huge area where a bunch of other people sat waiting for answers. For a moment I stood takin in all the unfamiliar faces till I found Regina. She sat in a corner starring up out a window. I made my way to her, she stood up an hugged me, she had been crying. Worrying about Daniel probably.

"Hey, we're ok... Right?" I questioned, Regina nodded but it was unsure. I don't remember the last time I had to comfort my older sister. Normally that was her job. We both sat down, "So this is what quarantine is like." She stated. "I guess so." I shrugged. The doors opened up and more people were brought into the large area.

There were guards posted at every entrance. All the windows were to high too small for anyone to really fit through. This was a perfect section of the hospital for them to hold people in. I'm guessing it was normally used as a waiting area. There were small couches and one person chairs with small tables beside them. As another group of people were brought in, I noticed how filled the area got. We were running out of space to be comfortable.

A few hours went by, the blocked off area was so filled up most people were having to stand. One of Regina's friends was brought to this room right before it got to full and nurses stopped bringing people back here. I think her name is Sam, she's a lipstick lez but she deffinatly like girly girls. She would be perfect for Jen. The chick is a flirt I would still try if I wasnt a spoken for stud.

"Are they even going to tell us what's going on?" Regina asked, she's been pacing for the last ten minutes. I bet she's worried about Daniel. "Maybe but I wouldn't bet on it. Lets get outta here." I answered, Sam pointed at the armed guards. I took in the space around me and picked out a vent nearby practically on the floor. I whipped out my pocket knife and walked over to it. "C'mon... Someone keep a look out." I requested as I ambled over to it trying to seem normal. Where were it was in the back and there was enough people standing so it blocked their view of me.

A few screws later the vent was open. A few others noticed what I was doing as they walked over I glanced back to see they were just as young as me. "Wish I woulda thought of this." A boy said. "Just be quite for too many notice." I mentioned before I pulled vent out of the wall. "I'm closterphobic." Sam hesitated. "Hold onto my foot, you will be fine." Regina encouraged her.

I let everyone else go first and went in last to pulled it back in place. In the vent it was cramped but we were able to crawl. As we continued to crawl the the metal airways that went on forever. Minutes into making our way through vent when fire alarms went off throughout the whole building. Then there was some kind of explosion and people started shooting and screaming. A frantic second went by before I could hear bullets hitting the walls. We all stopped, "Shit are you kidding me get us the hell outta here." Sam screamed a the vent shook a little. People screaming and crying which made the few with me panic even more. "Jus move." I called out. Pushing the boy ahead of me. "I see an out." The boy leading said.

Outside it was night, people ran around scrambling to get into a car and off the hospital grounds. Military shot other military, cops were shooting people as they ran towards them. No one noticed us on the side of the building till we started moving. A mob of about six people started running right for us, they looked rabid. There's something very wrong. "Run!" I screamed as I took off in the other direction. As i glanced back a woman fell. All I could think was we can't stop, Regina turned to see if she could help her but i didn't give her the chance. I pulled on her arm we kept running. glancing over my shoulder i could see the rabid people ripping her apart. they took killing her and stopped chasing us. This is great.

There were parked HUMV's scattered in the grass infront of the hospital; military uniforms ran between them. Getting in, pulling guns out, talking on radios, some even just getting in and running. I ran to the back unnoticed by anyone and got into a HUMV. One of the males ran to the other side jumping in the drivers side. He searched for the keys, luckily they dropped out of the visor. "COME ON LET'S GO." We left.

The city was in riots, people were out of control. We drove past small groups people eating other people. We didn't stop for anything, I had the two boys drop off Regina, Sam and I at my parents house. It was close to the outskirts of the city. They also had two cars, knowing them they wouldn't have taken the truck if they evacuated. In an emergency we always promised to meet at uncle Thomas's garage. The garage was about two hours out of the city, everyone knows to go there. Before getting out of the HUMV I grabbed a nine mil and a shotgun. I walked to the drivers side. "I'm going to go find my cousin. He doesn't live far from here, do u want us to come back." He asked, "no jus get out of the city, we'll be fine." I reassured him. He nodded and reversed to take off.

Starring at the house the garage door was half open, there was bloody hand print close to the bottom. I handed Regina the shot gun; my dad took us hunting when we were younger. But i can honestly say I hate guns now. I moved under the garage door to see the truck moved past it and to the main door leading into the kitchen. My parents had a two story house. I opened the kitchen door as soon as I did i heard a safety click in my ear. I put my hand out behind me stopping the two directly behind me. I held the nine mil up with a finger. Seeing the boots an army fatigue pants I knew this was a stranger. Other voices came from various parts of the house. "Is it them." It sounded like Jen. Krista was the first to appear as I sighed in relief. "It's ok she's ok. This is her house." Krista explained. The guy dropped the gun and walked away.

"Can't be sure enough. I think we brought one with us." He claimed as he leaned against the wall. I slid the gun I held in the back of my pants. "My dad was army i get it." Regina said as she passed. "What do you mean brought one with you." I asked, "he's in that room, i don't know he hasn't made any noise in a while. She said he was infected." He explained. "Daniel?" Regina inquired. "Yea, i saw him coming out the building when the shooting started so I grabbed him." Krista claimed, Jen came to stand on the stairwell. "I told them it was bad idea." The guy noted, "and who are you?" I questioned irritated. "Hank." He replied shortly. Krista always seemed to find the weirdest ones.

Hank stood a little taller then me, muscular with a fully shaved head. "Your the only military here." I questioned, he nodded then walked into the living room. "No costa drove, but we crashed a few blocks down avoiding some woman in the middle of the street." Hank told me. I glared at him then Turned to krista. "You ok?" I asked her, "stop askin me that I'm fine." Krista batted away my hand which usually ment to give her a few minutes before I showed any kind of affection.

Following Hank into the living room to see who this Costa was I walked in font of everyone else. Costa laid on the longer couch coughing. His face was pale and his lips were bluer then I would have liked. "He's getting worse." Hank determined, "what happened?" I asked eyebrows raised wondering if this was a dangerously contagious situation. "I pulled the HUMV around and was about to run when I saw him standing there helping your friends with Daniel. As we were putting Daniel in the HUMV some woman bit him. He punched her, she fell and staggered to get up but by that time we were all already in the HUMV so I took off. He switched with me because he knows the city. Right before we got here like I said he crashed. Krista an Reggie both said you would come here first." Hank exclaimed. "He's sick from a bite... Hey this is some science fiction movie bullshit." Regina shouted, then something hit a door.

"What was that?" Regie questioned backing out of the living room. Hank glanced at us as if he put two an two together. "Daniel. i watched A little while i was in the hospital some people get till near death and right before it looks like they're gonna die they change. Become this rabid thing that kills anyone they see. I'm scared that Costa got infected because of the bite." The soldier speeches. Regina walked past us and went to the guest room that Daniel was in. As he banged in the door. As she turned the door knob the door flung open knocking her out of the way. Daniel came running towards us. He ran right past Costa on the couch to Hank. I pushed krista behind me.

Before Hank could pull up his gun Daniel had a grip on him. Biting into his neck blood shot up and out everywhere. "Shoot him." Krista ordered. I aimed for a arm, "Noooo." Regina screamed as I pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Daniel in the shoulder. He flinched but let go of hank turning on Krista and I. His mouth dripping with blood an I flashed back to running from the people at the gas station. I pulled the trigger again making sure to put him down. Then I dropped the gun. Never shot a person. Regina came running but Jen grabbed her before she could get to his body. She cried and screamed a little as she was pulled out of the kitchen.

I went to help hank but he held up his hand as the other held his neck. Blood poured between his if fingers. "Go," he gurgled out. I stepped back as he took a labored breath. "Costa will kill you eventually." I didn't want to leave him. Sam and Krista walked out of the kitchen. "I'm not lettin that happen." Hank pulled out his gun an staggered to stand. He walked over to costa. "Come on let's go." I demanded as I went for the truck keys in the side of the fridge. We all walked out into the garage as the door closed we heard one shot then another.