It's a lovely morning in the Chigakuriku district, and a very special one at that. For children of all ages (above 5) this marks a new school year!

One young girl in particular is very excited this morning. She dashes the usual winding footpath towards the new local high school, her jet black hair extending behind her as bouncy and shiny as a silk woven cape. Her eyes suddenly reflected a male figure in them, the iris was so dark that you could put on your makeup (should you wear any) by using them as a mirror.

Startled by the oncoming footsteps, the boy turns to see this energetic young girl before him. He smiles a-


... The girl cries, shoving him violently out of the way.

This interesting specimen is Mystery, not literally a personification of the word, it's just a nickname. Her real name is rumored to be quite close to it anyway.

Contrary to what her path on this fine morning leads you to believe, she isn't actually old enough or qualified enough to attend high school. She is in fact in her last year of middleschool.

So what is she doing, you may ask?

A crowd has formed outside of the new school, frantically awaiting the emergence of a girl from a limousine.

Mystery shoves her way into the crowd, and just in time, too.

A girl's long and slender legs extend from the limousine's entrance and she is helped by a chauffeur out of her seat and the crowd reaction is instantaneous.

"So pretty!" one person cries, "say something!" another demands. "Holy fucking virgin mother of Christ her shoes are amazing!" and this may or may not have been Mystery saying these things.

The girl had long, bright, golden hair. Large, bright, emerald eyes. And pale, bright, luminous skin. She was flawless, she radiated elegance and mad sex appeal at the same time. She made eye contact with Mystery, and took a unexpected step towards her in a shocking turn of events.

She's staring right at me. She tought.

HERE SHE COMES OH GOD. She also thought.

But in one unfortunate moment, Mystery found herself being dragged away, and Hana (the girl in question) had linked arms with some handsome looking man to be escorted away. Thought in spite of this she still held eye contact with Mystery.

"YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE!" Mystery shouted.

On the receiving end was her, debatably, best friend Saharu. She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair, slanted blue eyes, was quite tall and had a tiny backwards "Z" mark on her left midface just above the mandible of her jaw line.

"Mystery, calm down. You're attending that highschool next year so you can swoon over her in her presence then."

Mystery stopped, "I guess you're right."

She got over that quickly. Saharu thought, before continuing. "God, you and your obsession with the trainees"

"Correction, me and EVERYONE EXCEPT YOU's obsession with the trainees"


"No, everyone except you's obsession with the trainees and I."

Make up your mind. Saharu continued, "oh, how was this one selected anyway? She's the third, right?"

Mystery shook her head in disapproval, "oh Saharu, you have a lot of learning to do on this subject don't you?"

And here we go-

"The trainee systems selects, from a lineup of recruits, a certain number of boys or girls. Depending on the cycle, this boy or girl group will be trained and eventually debuted and broadcasted to the rest of the world as the reps or our district and as superstars that 'came out on top' with our school program. It in turn allows us to keep a low profile in their shadow whilst living a comfortable existence in the stable infrastructure their revenue affords, understand?"

"Mm? Yeah, got it" Saharu muttered, texting at the same time. She didn't really care anymore.

"This cycle's lineup is the second group, and Saharu, I've never told this to anyone before but..."

"But what?" Saharu cocked.


"Mystery, I'm fairly sure that's not how the selection process works. Even so, you weren't born into an elite family-"


"No Mystery, it's not because you aren't pretty enough-"

"I'M SORRY, I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER HOW MUCH DAMAGE YOU'VE DONE TO MY SOUL- oh look, we're here" Mystery finished, as she and Saharu stepped onto their campus. They were greeted by their friend, Kiley, who had dyed her hair bright blue over the summer and it looked really good!

Oh no, it looks like we're out of motivation, folks! Hopefully you enjoyed this introduction to the vibrant Chigakuriku district, next time we will properly meet Kiley and finally introduce someone with a penis into this ensemble!

Goodbye for now!