What uuuuup yo?

So if any of you are readers of stuff, you might've noticed that I've deleted my other "diary" type story – The Facts Of Life Are Stark Indeed. That's mainly because re-reading it made me cringe at my hopelessly naïve 13 year old self. But now that I've deleted my Tumblr, I really need an outlet for my thoughts aand emotions, so here's another one! Welcome to An Infinite Deal Of Nothing, your insight into the life of NerotheNinja! Whooooo!

*crowd cheers*

Yeah, whatever. My life isn't all that interesting – as you can probably tell from the title. Ah well. I don't mind if this gets no reviews at all, I just need "my space". And seeing as you guys don't actually know me in real life (apart from my stalker friends who know about my profile on here :P) I don't mind if you read this shit.

So this is my life. Welcome to my world.

Quote of the chapter: Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

You know, teenagers are actually so annoying. They're just like these things that WON'T SHUT UP. Seriously, today Term Three started and I walk to my class and I'm greeted with this wall of noise. It wasn't all my class, there were these other fake bitches that were giggling and squealing and fucking SCREAMING outside the class next door. I was thisclose to slapping one(or all) of them in the face before they were saved by the bell.

Only school can piss me off after I've been inside for literally thirty seconds.

And you know what else pisses me off? RELATIONSHIPS.

(Oh, not YOUR relationship, shut up you git, let me ELABORATE, would you? Jeez.)

Not all relationships piss me off. I personally love seeing couples hat are genuinely in love, and you can tell when they are because they don't give a damn what anyone else thinks and they're just being themselves. Even though my heart does hurt a wee bit when I see couples like that, but what single girl doesn't feel the same?

No, the relationships that piss me off are:

1. Twelvie relationships. Like, for the love of God, you're fucking TWELVE. You're not in love with that guy you held hands with for five minutes that one time. And for fuck's sake, the ones who talk about losing their virginity?


2. Fake relationships. The ones where you just go out with someone as a dare, or to raise your social status, or simply just to rub it in people's face that you have a boyfriend. Go out with someone because you like them, goddammit. Because you enjoy their company, because they give you butterflies, because one of their smiles brightens up your day. Don't do it as a joke, or if you don't like them. What is the point in that?

Oh, and also, if any of you reading this has ever asked someone out as a joke, I hate you.

The amount of times I've had guys come up to me and say "Oh, so-and-so wants to go out with you," and then burst out laughing is immeasurable. And you know what? It fucking hurts, okay? Why do I have to be the punchline of your jokes? What's so bad about me? Sometimes I feel like my life is that Katy Perry song – "One of the Boys". I'm fine with being single, but don't make a joke out of me.

Sorry guys, I just really had to let that rant out.

Well, I've run out of things to say, so adios, amigos.