Ears, but can not listen.
Eyes, but can not see.
Hands, though they do nothing.
Feet, tread not nor weave.

A mind, not used for purpose.
A heart, nor justice make.
The senses, perception naught.
The spirit, a fleeting fake.

No aid in danger or time of need.
No comfort when one weeps or pleads.
A light, it has not, to show the way.
A map whose trail leads one astray.

Gone there, done that, but where's the key.
Thought this, planned that, the outcome flawed.
A search, yet no cure from said remedy.
Turn here for answers not meant to resolve.

Life goes on, but what's it for?
Why's it here, why was it formed?
Endless inquiries plagued man as long as time.
Yet man not one bit close than when he surmised.

Running this earthly race to where?
What is past that finish line?
Why is this race so key to man…
When it's then said "there's no more time."

Those things held dear to you,
Those things you can't live without,
When day turns night, and life turns death,
Those things mean nothing now.

Held dear to your heart, yet it had no heart to give.
You respond with vigor, yet rigor mortis has set in.
Now that life's passed you by, but what to show for it.
Thing, or title, or deed, but no lasting implication.

What has ears to hear, or eyes to see.
What has a mind to think, mouth to speak.
It's not merely a what, like all the what's in our lives.
But Who; who is Eternal, who is Life, who is True.

When danger is present, He was there first.
When cries leave your mouth, His ears heeded first.
When a thought breaches your mind, He read your mind first.
When you run, trip, or fall, He lifted you up first.

How can this be? What has He done?
That what's present is trumped by His Past.
Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent is He.
The life, death, rising of Jesus is all that will last.

Compared to He, there's no other that'll ever hold true.
For sure not these lifeless things, hollow titles or deeds.
These comforts of life, these pleasures of flesh only allure.
But what's at th'end of them is void, to death does it lead.

What you've held on to can't keep you from the grave.
What you've held dear only keeps you a slave.
But Jesus, and through faith in what He has done.
Gives life, voices truth, a way He has paved.