The Big D

Pia Losario sat in the conference room of The Dawson Companies corporate headquarters tapping her fingers on the table surface while wiggling her leg back and forth under the table as she nervously waited for the CEO and the rest of the executive team to join her.

It was her first day on the job as the new Head of IT having taken over for the retired Wes Marmalade and she was intimidated about joining the senior management team. Now that she was in charge of the entire department, Pia was required to attend the executive staff meetings.

The glass door opened and in marched CEO Bob "The Big D" Dawson, along with the CFO Bill Crawford, VP for Operations Joel Dawson, Human Resources Director Meredith Dawson-Archer, Director of Supply and Logistics Mark Clarkson, and Director of Administration, Susan Roosevelt-Dawson.

"Well, well, well, Pia!" The Big D grinned as she stood. "First one here! Very Good Very Good!"

"Yes sir," she said nervously as she shook his hand.

"It's great having you joining the A Team," The Big D laughed before heading for his cush seat at the head of the long table.

The rest of the staff found their chairs around the table.

Pia smiled brightly, not wanting to look overmatched, confused, or out of her league as she sat in her seat and tried to look dignified and confident. She kept her attention focused on whoever was speaking, taking notes accordingly if the topic of discussion involved her department. Remaining professional was her only goal and she second guessed herself for wearing her hair straight down her back instead of up in a bun. Was her skirt too short? Was her top cut to low?

When it came time for Pia to make her report about the IT Department, she felt her voice shake as she went through the items she had scribbled on her notepad, talking about her vision for the department and where she hoped to take it under her leadership.

"Your enthusiasm is exciting, Pia," The Big D told her with a smile.

He was a well dressed man in his early fifties with just a few streaks of gray at his temples. He was at his perfect weight and body fat for his age and it looked like he might have had himself spray tanned to add to his handsome appearance.

"Thank you, Sir," Pia replied, her heart almost leaping out of her chest as she glanced around at her colleagues hoping she was fitting in without difficulty or resentment. She knew Wes had been revered, respected and well liked by the team and that she was the new kid taking over.

Pia was at least fifteen years younger than most of the people in the room but Wes had recommended her as his replacement and she was sure she could do the job even if she hadn't been in the field as long as the others. Pia worked hard to get to this stage in her career and she wasn't going to blow it now.

She had begun working for The Dawson Companies as a teenager, starting out as a cashier at one of the company's two dozen 'D Store' convenience marts/gas stations spread across Blue County. The Dawson Companies also owned and operated an Oil company, a paving business, a beer brewery, an ice company, two restaurants, a plumbing outfit, and a motel.

"You're going to work for the Dawson Mafia Family?" Her high school sweetheart Phil Adams remarked at the time of her first job.

"They aren't even Italian," Pia was quick to point out.

"Doesn't matter, they're still a cult syndicate," Phil replied. "My uncle used to work for them. Here's the first rule: never cross a Dawson."

"Why would I do that?" Pia asked.

"Did you know that the old man actually fired his own brother?" Phil asked, shaking his head with disgust.

Despite Phil's warning, Pia worked for the Dawson Company through high school and while attending Green College where she obtained her degree in Computer Science, finishing in five years given that she had two kids during that time, both with Phil. The couple lived with Pia's parents who helped with the children. Phil attended community college and worked odd jobs. Pia applied for and was hired by the company's IT Department as an internal promotion once she got her degree.

"Oh, so you're now an official member of the cult," Phil remarked when she accepted the new position.

"I don't see you landing the big job," Pia replied with a frown.

She spent the next ten years proving herself professionally at The Dawson Company and although she hated to admit it there was some truth to the concerns Phil had voiced over the years. There was a certain culture to the place that emphasized loyalty and devotion to the company and to the Dawson family. If there was any sense of betrayal, employees were immediately fired, including bad publicity in a worker's personal life (DWI, domestic abuse issues, etc.). If word got out that an employee had so much as sent a resume out to another company they were toast. And the story about the brother being fired by The Big D's father was actually true, as was some other family dirt that caused division within the company.

But Pia tried to avoid those types of soap operas and she simply did her job although her personal life hadn't really panned out. Phil was great with the kids but he was immature and directionless, still the same flightless guy he had been in high school and Pia couldn't understand his laid back unmotivated attitude when she was busting her ass to get ahead.

Pia rented an apartment in a house a few miles from her parents home and while Phil continued to be a great Dad, often watching the kids while Pia worked, he never pursued a career of his own and he mostly worked odd jobs, plowing snow in the winter, working nighttime security details, but not really interested in settling down as a daily wage earner.

Sometimes Phil stayed at the apartment with Pia but usually he was out and about at night, crashing at friend's place or returning to his old bedroom at his mother's house. Pia didn't mind the sex once in a while but she couldn't see herself staying with Phil long term, especially now that she had doubled her salary in her new position and was looking to buy a house.

"That's what you do when you're a member of the Dawson cult," Phil noted. "Money, image, status, power, control and influence."

Pia hoped she'd never become as cynical as Phil.

"So," The Big D said, bringing the daydreaming Pia back to the meeting at hand. "Welcome to the Team, Pia. We're looking forward to good work from you as the Head of IT."

"Thanks, Sir," Pia replied politely.

"Please, call me Bob," The Big D requested with a happy grin.

Pia was familiar with The Big D. He was a hand's on CEO who often dropped in unannounced at the various businesses and at the corporate headquarters he was known to stick his head in people's offices to shoot the breeze. Pia first met him when she worked at her D Store (she waited on him without realizing he was The Big D (actually, he was the Little D back then since his Dad was still running the business) and she had interactions with him several more times over the years, playing on the company softball team which The Big D led and attending the company Christmas parties where The Big D always mingled with his employees.

Once she moved to the IT Department, Pia was in The Big D's impressive office many times to upgrade and work on his computer and she had many conversations with the big guy. She found him to be personable, friendly, humorous and down to earth and she had to admit sexy too. The beer drinking Phil was drab and boring in comparison and Pia enjoyed being around professional men like Bob Dawson who were more like her in their career attitudes and goals.

Pia settled into her new routine (and her new office, moving into Wes' old digs). She found a dozen red roses waiting for her on Wes' old desk but there was no card and Pia had no idea who her apparent secret admirer was.

Pia kept reminding herself that she was now a big deal member of the executive team but she tried to adapt Bob Dawson's attitude which she always appreciated – remaining down to earth and personable with the people who worked for her. She hired a replacement for herself who was a lot like her when she first started out – a young guy named Ralph Pratt right out of college.

As always, there was a struggle trying to balance her home life with her work life with the added stress of looking at houses. Luckily, Phil remained engaged with the kids and that took some of the pressure off of her but sometimes Pia wondered if her love life would always be limited to the occasional hook up with her sort of still boyfriend Phil who came and went like the wind.

Now, as a member of the Executive Team, Pia had more interaction with The Big D and she liked the new intimacy. She was more of an equal as far as the pecking order went and she enjoyed bantering with The Big D at various meetings and in the halls of the fancy corporate offices. Her new office, in fact, was just down the hall from the CEO's and almost every day The Big D would stick his head in her door to tell her some silly joke or to ask how her day was going. Pia enjoyed the new relationship and she loved her new job, position, and responsibilities.

She bought herself a new car (instead of the ten year old model she had been driving) and when she hired an upscale real estate agent to help her find just the right house, Phil shook his head with sadness.

"Well, that didn't take long," he sighed.

"What didn't take long?" Pia asked defensively.

"For you to join the collective," Phil replied. "New Car. New house. You've become part of the Dawson mentality. "Make money, have status."

"That's not true," Pia insisted but deep in her gut she had to wonder if there was some truth to what Phil was saying.

Every day when she came into her office, there was a single red rose waiting for her and that made Pia feel welcomed and wanted, even if she wasn't sure who was leaving the rose (She knew it wasn't Phil!).

Pia wished her personal life was as fulfilling as her work life. She loved her kids and she loved being a mom, as hard as that was with a career too. Thank god for her parents, and Phil, and Phil's family too because she never would have made it this far without so much help at home. Pia hoped her kids were well balanced, well adjusted, happy and healthy children even if their family life was slightly unorthodox having a Dad who really didn't live with them or sleep in the same bed with their mom every night.

Lately, Pia thought more about her personal life and her lack of romance (not including the mystery roses!). Sleeping with Phil when one of them was in the mood was becoming less fulfilling and the routine left Pia feeling empty every time it happened. Wouldn't it be nice to go out on a date for a change or to meet someone new? Getting to know The Big D on a new level made her realize that she had become infatuated with the idea of a new romance and she wouldn't mind if the new romance was with her Boss, The Big D either, a charming older man who made her feel important and worthy.

Pia was sitting on the couch in her sweats one evening after the kids had gone to bed reviewing some work reports when the doorbell rang. Phil never rang – he just barged in as if his name was on the lease too – and it was an accepted part of their arrangement. Pia glanced at the clock on the mantle and she was surprised to see it was after ten. Rubbing her eyes, she answered the door, doing a double take when she saw who was standing on the porch of the apartment. But what really took her breath away was that he was holding a single red rose in his hand!

"Bob!" Pia said with surprise. "What on earth are you doing here?"

The Big D grinned. "Just wanted to check in with you away from the work environment," he said, handing her the rose. "How are things going?"

Pia smiled and nodded her appreciation. "Well, gee Bob, thanks for thinking of me. Would you like to come in for a minute?"

"Sure," he said warmly as she stepped back and allowed him to enter the apartment, smelling the rose as he did so.

"Nice place," he said politely.

"No it's not," she groaned. "But it was all I could afford before. Now I'm looking at houses to buy."

"Good, good," Bob replied, nodding his head with approval.

Pia closed the door and she walked Bob into the living room. "Would you like a drink?" She offered.

"No, that's okay," The Big D replied. "I just wanted to tell you that you've settled in nicely and that the rest of the team gives you rave reviews."

"Really?" She asked with excitement.

"I don't want you to feel any pressure, Pia," Bob told her. "I know you think you're young for the position and that you don't have the same background and education as some of the others on the ET but experience, character, dedication and performance go a long way in my book."

"Thanks, Bob," she said with relief. "That means a lot. And it means a lot that you would come over on your own time to say it." She held up the rose. "And thanks for these every day all this time. It really made me feel good."

She looked into his eyes, not quite believing The Big D was standing in her dumpy apartment living room telling her how great she was. The Big D himself! With a rose!

"I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable on the job, Pia," The Big D said.

"I do, I do," she assured him, taking a seat on the couch and pushing her report papers away. "I'm so grateful for the opportunity."

"Good," The Big D said, taking a seat next to her.

"I uh..." Suddenly, Pia realized that she didn't know what to say next. She was sitting on the couch with her boss holding a rose he had given her fighting the urge to lean over and kiss him smack on the mouth.

"Something wrong?" The Big D asked, raising his eyebrows.

The situation felt intimate and that frightened Pia. She swallowed and glanced away.

"What?" He asked.

Pia looked at him for a long moment. "Did you really come over here just to talk about work?" She boldly asked, holding up the rose for him to see.

The Big D smirked. "Am I that transparent?"

She laughed. "Yes, and I guess I'm flattered."

"Maybe I should go," The Big D said. "Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all."

"No, really, I'm glad you stopped by," Pia assured him, putting her hand on his thigh and that was all he needed to wrap his arm around her waist, pulling Pia against him and locking his lips on hers.

Pia returned the kiss happily. It felt good to feel someone new on her lips. This was new and exciting! Their lips parted and The Big D rested his forehead against hers as they both tried to catch their breaths.

"What the hell just happened?" The Big D asked with a smirk on his face.

"We kissed," Pia answered happily, their faces only inches apart.

She had been thinking about him in that way for a while now and she smiled at the reality of the kiss they just shared.


She put her finger on his lip. "Shhh," she said. "It's okay."

"I generally don't get involved with employees," The Big D told her. "And I want you to know that I had nothing to do with your promotion. That was all Wes and Meredith. But I must tell you that I've noticed you for a while now. You've brought a smile to my face and I like the way that makes me feel."

Pia smiled. "I'm glad you've noticed," she said warmly. "I haven't felt noticed in a long time."

"So, Wes says there's a guy in your life?" The Big D sighed.

"The father of my two kids," Pia acknowledged honestly. "I'm not sure how much he's in my life, but he's there for the kids."

The Big D nodded with understanding. "I don't want to intrude in your personal life if you have other commitments."

"It's more of an arrangement than a commitment," Pia replied.

"Oh," The Big D said hopefully. "But I'm your boss and I am much older than you, aren't I?"

"We don't work directly with each other and age is just a number," Pia said. "Besides, I don't think there's really a conflict of interest or anything inappropriate with us just talking like this."

"What about kissing like this?" The Big D asked, leaning over and giving her another lip lock.

Pia smiled against the kiss and she sucked in a deep breath, squeezing his arm that was still wrapped around her waist, glad for the embrace.

"Kissing like this is okay too, as long as it's not in the work place," she said.

He nodded. "You're a very ethical person."

"I just don't want anybody to get the wrong idea when it comes to my job," Pia said truthfully. "I worked very hard to get where I am but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I've been attracted to you for a while too."

"Good, good!" The Big D said happily.

Pia pressed her lips on his one more time, wondering if she should give in to her secret fantasies, desires and wishes, but the Big D broke from the kiss and stood from the couch.

"I definitely better go," he said, heading for the door.

Pia jumped up from the couch. "Do you have too!?" She cried, sounding like a pathetic high school girl.

The Big D looked back at her and nodded. "Yes, I do," he assured her knowingly.

Pia reached him and gave him a meaningful kiss goodnight, this time sticking her tongue into his mouth and moaning with hungry desire.

"See you at work," The Big D mumbled through her tongue as he took her hand in his and gave it a heartfelt squeeze.

Pia nodded as she watched him go, hopping down the steps to his classic mid-1960's red Mustang convertible parked at the curb. She felt flushed yet excited, happy for something new in her life – finally.

Pia put the rose to her face and smelled the flower.

### ### ###

Nothing felt different at work during the next few days. The roses still came and The Big D acted as he always did around her and Pia couldn't help but feel weak kneed at times when she was in his presence. But she really was focused on and dedicated to her job and she wasn't going to let anything – even some sexual fantasies about The Big D – ruin it for her, even if she couldn't get the taste of his lips out of her mind.

The Big D invited Pia to lunch one day and she accepted. Surely an innocent lunch at the (company owned) Greenville Grille was nothing scandalous. The Big D took members of the Executive Team out all the time. They talked about a few of her projects– trying to get every division at every location hitched up to one interchangeable network to assure total linkage and communication between the various businesses under the company umbrella – before the conversation turned more personal as they both knew it would, especially over a class of wine.

"How are things at home?" The Big D asked.

"Fine," Pia smiled. "Everything's going great."

"It must be a challenge being a semi-single mom."

Pia shrugged. "I get a lot of help."

"Still, it has to be hard trying to do it all, career and family," he said. "Trust me – as a divorced man, I know."

"It's all good," Pia replied. "I'm sorry things didn't work out for you."

"That's life," The Big D remarked. "I can see you're a very determined and independent woman."

She smiled. "I am."

"Maybe that's one reason why I'm attracted to you," The Big D theorized.

"You're a very determined and independent woman too?" She teased.

He laughed. "You know, it wasn't easy being groomed for this job from the time I was sixteen," he said, sounding more serious now. "Being born into the family business was great but I still had to prove myself - to the old man, to my family, to the employees, to myself."

"I can imagine," Pia replied. "But you've proven yourself well."

"Just like you," The Big D replied. "Through hard word and determination."

"But if we got together there would be some who would say I slept my way into my job," Pia sighed. "I've worked to hard to get that sort of reputation."

"You know, there are people who think that we shouldn't be in the restaurant business and that we should dump the ice operation but I can't worry about every single thing people think." He leaned across the table. "And either should you."

"I try not too," she said.

"I bet you wonder about me," The Big D stated.

"What do you mean?"

"Why I stopped by your place the other day, why I asked you out to lunch today, why I leave you roses," he said.

"Maybe a little," Pia admitted sheepishly.

The Big D raised his eyebrows once again and Pia couldn't help but blush. He smirked and she cleared her throat while she tried to finish eating her lunch.

"This isn't a bad place, is it?" The Big D asked, glancing round the Grille.

"It's one of Greenville's in places," Pia replied.

"It would have gone bankrupt if we hadn't bought it a few years ago," The Big D explained. "We're very involved in the community and I would hate to see this landmark go under."

"I agree," Pia said. "The Dawson Company has always been a big presence. It was a noble gesture."

"Thanks," The Big D smiled.

Pia couldn't imagine having lunch with The Big D before she got the promotion. She never imagined him coming to her house either, she didn't expect the roses to be from him, and she definitely didn't imagine him kissing her, but all of it had actually happened and here she was trying to get through lunch without sticking her foot up between his legs under the table.

"You okay?" The Big D asked after a few moments of her blankness.

She blushed again knowing she was thinking inappropriate thoughts and hoping he wasn't a mind reader. "Yes," she said. "I guess I just can't believe I'm having lunch with Bob Dawson. It's just so prestigious for someone who usually gets a salad to go from the supermarket."

"You're in the big leagues now, Pia," The Big D reminded her. "It's okay to play the role."

She nodded. "I guess I'm still not used to it yet," she admitted.

He laughed as he took the last sip of his wine. "You should really start!"

### ### ###

A couple of days later The Big D stopped by Pia's office and asked if she'd be able to swing by his house on the way home to fix his home computer that was freezing up.

"I can send Ralph over if you wish," Pia said, smelling the rose from that morning.

"No, I'd rather have you," The Big D replied with a grin and she couldn't help but smile at the invitation.

Bob Dawson lived in a plush house in the Green Hill section of town, one of Greenville's best neighborhoods. Most of the homes were large Victorians from a previous generation but The Big D had built a new smaller ranch with all the amenities in the woods off of Green Hill Road with a nice view of the town below. It was handsome and simply stated yet eloquent in its own way.

Pia parked in the driveway of the three car garage and rang the front door bell of the attractive house. The Big D answered, looking calm and relaxed in shorts and a "Dawson Company" tee shirt, a noticeable change from the suits and silk shirts and fancy ties he usually wore.

Pia was relieved to learn that his computer really did have a problem and it took her about forty five minutes to do a couple of virus scans and clean out the crap that was blocking some of his programs.

"Okay, you're good to go now," Pia announced when she was finished. "I installed a new virus program that should prevent further issues."

"Good, good," The Big D replied from where he sat on the leather couch in the corner of his study. "You're a life saver."

"It's what I do," she smiled as she stood from the desk swivel chair.

The Big D had crossed the room and now he was standing in front of her, pressing his lips to hers. "You do it so well," he remarked.

Pia closed her eyes knowing his kiss felt so good. "Here," she said when she recovered from the kiss and sat him in his desk chair. "Let me show you a few tricks to avoid future problems."

The Big D sat in his chair and Pia sat in his lap and went through a few menus on the computer to show him how to check for viruses and update his anti-virus software. She felt comfortable and at ease sitting in his lap and when she was done with the lesson she turned and pressed her lips to his. She noticed that her semi-short skirt had hiked up her leg to reveal most of her thigh and The Big D noticed too because he put his hand on her bare skin as they continued to kiss.

"Bob..." Pia groaned.

"Yes," he grinned happily.

Pia bit her lip. "I have to go," she sighed.

"Do you?" He asked.

"Phil's with the kids waiting for me to get home," she explained.

You know, this is nice."

"It is," she agreed.

"Can we just stay here like this for a minute?" he requested. "I want to enjoy this moment."

"Me too," she whispered, putting her arms around him as she turned in the chair so that she was straddling him as she faced him. "This is wonderful."

"Would you like a drink before you go?" The Big D offered.

"I really can't," she sighed, glancing at the clock on the computer screen. "It's getting late."

"Okay," The Big D said with understanding, lifting her off of his lap and helping her to her feet as he stood too, feeling disappointment knowing she had to leave.

"I wish I didn't have to go," she told him, feeling guilty.

"I know," The Big D replied. "But it's okay. I know you have a life with your kids and other…commitments."

"It's more like an arrangement," Pia told him again.

"I can wait."

He took her hand in his and walked her out of the study and toward the front door. The house was clean, neat, and attractively furnished and decorated. Pia felt embarrassed for her own apartment with its faded rugs and old furniture and she knew she needed to find a house soon.

When they reached the door, The Big D pulled Pia into his arms and brought his lips onto hers one more time. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him as close as their kiss intensified. He pushed her against the wall as she moaned as he lifted Pia up along the wall and she wrapped her legs around his waist, both of them inhaling deeply as he left her lips and began to kiss her neck.

"Oh, Bob," Pia sighed out breathlessly.

"It's good, it's good," he muttered into her neck.

"I need to go," she nearly sobbed.

"Pia," he whispered. "You're amazing."

"I am?"

"Don't be afraid of us," he said as he finally broke away from her and let her stand on her own two feet. "I want to be with you."

Pia closed her eyes and she felt his lips press against hers one more time.

"I want to be with you too, Bob," she whispered.

He reached for a rose that he had pre-set on the table before she arrived and he handed it to her. She smiled and opened the door, leaving his house remembering how his lips felt on her mouth as she smelled the rose.

### ### ###

Pia fell in love with a nice house in a nice neighborhood of Greenville and she made an offer that was accepted. Now all she had to do was wait for the financing to go through and she would be a first time home owner although she wasn't sure what that meant as far as Phil was concerned. If things continued to progress with The Big D, Pia couldn't have Phil coming and going on his usual whims and she certainly shouldn't sleep with him if Bob was circling overhead in a holding pattern waiting for her to turn on her runway lights.

The Big D took Pia out to lunch a few more times and the rose was on her desk every morning. The Big D was personable and friendly around the office but Pia wondered what he thought about her 'arrangement'.

The financing came through and Pia bought the house, signing all the paperwork as the sole property owner and acquiring her first mortgage. A dozen roses were delivered to the bank conference room at the time of the closing and Pia almost burst out in tears.

She told Phil that it was her house and while he was welcomed there any time in his role as father, there was no longer a place for him in her bed.

"There's a pull out sleeper sofa in the cellar family room," Pia said. "You can sleep there if you want, but make sure you call ahead."

"What's going on, Pia?" A hurt Phil wanted to know, his bushy beard hiding some of his surprise and pain, as did the curly hair that hung in his eyes.

"Nothing's going on, Phil," Pia replied. "I'm just starting a new chapter in my life. New job. New House. New outlook."

"But what about us?" He pouted.

"Us?" She laughed. "There is no us. Has there ever really been an us, Phil?"

"I thought there was," he mumbled with hurt. "I never thought you'd become one of them, Pia," he sighed.

"I'm not one of anybody," she said defensively.

"You belong to the collective now," he sighed. "I've lost you to the cult."

### ### ###

Pia had a house warming party and she invited the Executive Team to stop by for drinks and appetizers one Friday afternoon. She was relieved and thrilled when The Big D was among those who showed up, this time with a house warming gift of some really nice china.

"Isn't this exciting?" The Big D asked as Pia gave him the grand tour of the three bedroom seven room house with a walk in cellar family room.

"It is," Pia answered truthfully, although her voice was shaky.

"Are you nervous?" The Big D grinned.

"It's a whole new start for me," Pia admitted. "A big change."

"You're going to be fine," The Big D assured her, giving her hand a squeeze. "You deserve this."

"I forgot to show you the lovely tub in the bathroom," Pia said, taking him by the hand and leading him into the upstairs bathroom, closing and locking the door behind them.

"It's a lovely tub," The Big D smirked, giving the huge oval tub a look.

Pia turned and studied herself in the large mirror over the vanity. She felt The Big D's hands on her shoulders as he appeared behind her in the mirror.

"What's wrong?" He asked, kissing the back of her head.

She put her hand over his hand on her shoulder as she sucked in a deep breath. "I'm nervous," she admitted.

"About what?" The Big D teased as he wrapped his arm around her waist and hugged her, pulling her into him, her buns resting against his groin. Then he spun her around and pressed his lips against hers.

"Oh God," Pia moaned as she kissed him back, almost desperately. "Bob, I..."

"Shhh," he said. "Everything's fine."

"Oh, Bob..." she sobbed, falling into him.

The Big D slid his hands up under her skirt and he found his way under her panties, causing her to jump. After rubbing his hand across her mound and teasing her now wet slit, he slid both of his hands to her backside, pulled her skirt and panties down and he gave her bare buns a squeeze.

"Please….." she begged, reaching to undo his pants and sliding her hand inside, finding his penis which was hard in her palm.

"Pia..." he groaned. "The Executive Team is out there."

"Fuck them," she groaned.

"I'd rather fuck you," he whispered.

"Go ahead," she pleaded, pulling his pants down as her skirt and panties slipped down to her ankles.

Holding his penis in her hand, Pia directed him into her as she leaned back against the vanity. He slid inside her and watched her ass in the mirror as she began to hump him.

"I can't believe this," a purring Pia whimpered as he thumped her against the vanity. "This is what I've been waiting for."

She matched his thrusts with her own and it wasn't long before they were both stifling their orgasms so they wouldn't be heard by the others. Pia fell against The Big D and pressed her lips to his, kissing him deeply through her sobs of wonderment.

"Thank you, Bob," she whispered. "That was perfect."

He squeezed her ass and rubbed her mound one more time before she pulled up her panties and skirt. She kissed him again before she slipped out of the bathroom and returned to the house warming party downstairs. The Big D cleaned himself up before returning to the party too. For the rest of the night, Pia exchanged knowing smiles and grins at the CEO from across the room.

He was the only man other than Phil she had sex with. Phil was her first love and for the longest time her only love even though their relationship was untraditional and unsteady over the years. But she was a mature and successful woman now and she needed structure and stability in her love life. Phil had never been able to commit and The Big D offered her something exciting, new, promising and adventuresome.

Fucking The Big D in her new bathroom with the neat tub was not what she expected to be doing during her house warming party but it happened and she had no regrets. She liked the feeling of wanting – and being wanted – by another man and it was time to finally let go of Phil and the past.

Ironically, Phil came into house later that night, using the key that she – in hindsight now – probably gave to him in error. Phil was a star football linebacker, heavyweight wrestler, and baseball catcher in high school, a big burly kid who had swept Pia off her feet sophomore year and what endured from then on was a sort of obsessively sick relationship between the two. Sometimes they loved each other, sometimes they hated each other, but they needed each other and no matter how many times they fought or broke up, they somehow ended up back together again.

Pia was serious about college and a future career but she was pregnant with Paula by the time her first semester was over freshman year. She had barely started her sophomore year when she became pregnant with Paul and she and Phil became 'The Four P's' with the birth of their son.

But Phil refused to get his life on track as far as goals and a future career were concerned. He drank too much and he had no motivation, letting Pia get the college degree and the job to earn the money in the family. He was content on looking after the kids during the day and hanging out with the guys at night and when Pia got tired of that routine and tossed him out he went home to his mother without much of a protest. That was the routine for several years but now that Pia had landed her dream job with the fat salary and had bought her own house without Phil included in the plans, her long time boyfriend and the father of her two children was beginning to realize that maybe it was time to get serious with his life, although Pia had her serious doubts that he ever would. Besides, it was too late. She had fallen for The Big D.

Pia was lying in bed thinking about making love to The Big D – okay, it was really a fast and furious fuck but it had been spontaneous and wanting and needed and she was okay with that – when she heard Phil coming up the stairs instead of going down to the cellar.

"Phil, what are you doing here?" An annoyed Pia asked when she saw him lurking in the darkened doorway. "You sleep in the cellar."

"What am I, the dog?" He grumbled and Pia knew he had been drinking, as usual.

"You're drunk," she sighed. "Go to bed."

"Here?" He asked hopefully.

"No, I told you, that's over."

"After twenty years, you're tossing me aside?" Phil protested as he fell on the bed.

He was still as hefty and burly as his high school athlete days, now even fatter from all the beer drinking.

"Get off of me," Pia groaned, wiggling out from underneath him. She was tall for a woman and at 125 pounds she was plenty stocky enough, but she was still dwarfed compared to the bountiful Phil.

"Why don't you want me anymore?" He complained, lying next to her on his side peering at her in the dark, his beer breath almost gagging her.

Pia closed her eyes and tried to fight off his arms as he attempted to hug her like a football. "Phil, I want to be alone," she told him with annoyance.

""I don't..." he muttered, equally as perturbed. "Where did we go wrong, Pia?" "You can't possibly think I'm still in love with a man who could never be bothered with me, do you?" She asked with disbelief.

"You had my babies!" He protested.

"I didn't expect to get pregnant," she reminded him. "We weren't ready yet. It wasn't something either of us planned."

"You said you were on the pill."

"And you were using condoms."

"I guess they weren't that good," Phil remarked. "But so what? I always wanted children."

"When it's convenient for you," Pia grumbled. "Phil Adams, the nine to five Dad."

"Maybe I'm ready to expand my hours," Phil told her.

"Maybe I'm not," Pia retorted.

"What, you're some big deal department head now for Dick-son Mafia Company and you're done with me?"

"We were done a long time ago, Phil."

"Can't we try again?" He asked, almost begging.

"You'll never change," she sighed.

Phil wrapped his arm around her waist and she tried to knock it away but he kept it wedged around her and Pia fought against him. He placed both of his hands on her shoulder and pinned her against the mattress. Pia closed her eyes and pressed her head against the pillow.

"Is it because I have the house now, Phil?" She asked bitterly. "Because I'm finally making some money?"

"You know I'm not like that," he sighed, hurt by the remark.

She opened her eyes and looked at him with sadness. "It's over, Phil."

He frowned brushing his lips across hers. "Don't say that," he pleaded. "We have too much history together."

"I'm saying it loud and clear," she told him, struggling once again to break free of his hold.

"I don't believe you," he barked, his fingers brushing through her long dark hair.

She made a face. "Stop that!" She ordered.

"Why, you used to love it," he complained.

"It's over, Phil," she said strongly.

"No it's not," he said angrily. "Believe me, you don't want to do this."

"I just did."

"But what about the kids?" He asked with legitimate concern.

"I'm not saying you can't be their father, Phil," she sighed.

Pia," he said, shaking his head. "You've met somebody else," he finally realized.

"Maybe," she admitted sheepishly.

"I don't believe this," he grumbled. "After all this time?"

"What'd you think was going to happen?" Pia almost laughed. "You can't date someone for twenty years and think they're going to wait around for you forever!"

"Give me another chance," he pleaded again.

"I've been giving you another chance for twenty years," she grumbled. "As if you've been faithful to me," she added bitterly, knowing about his various affairs and trysts over the years when they weren't getting along.

"I'm ready to change," Phil told her.

She rolled her eyes. "It's too late, Phil."

"I feel horrible."

"It's your own fault."

"Who is this guy?" Phil wanted to know.

"That's none of your concern," Pia replied.

"I'm not... the perfect guy, I admit it," Phil sighed.

"You just pretend to be," Pia said sarcastically.

"You know how stupid I am, Pia," Phil groaned. "You know I'm an immature man-kid but I love the kids and I love you."

"I knew a long time ago you were all wrong for me."

"You were perfect for me," Phil smiled.

"I should have dumped you long ago."

"Are you in love with this guy?" Phil demanded.

"I don't know," Pia admitted. "But this has nothing to do with that."

"What does it have to do with?"

"I just can't do this anymore, Phil," she said, trying one more time to break from his grip.

"Because you belong to the cult," He frowned before pulling her into his arms and trying to kiss her.

"Don't," Pia requested, turning her head from him.

He held her for a moment, his head resting on her breasts. "I'm sorry, Pia," he sighed. "I should have known I would lose you sooner or later."

"Yes, you should have," she told him, closing her eyes so the tears wouldn't come. "Then maybe you would have taken me more seriously."

"I'm sorry you weren't happy with me."

"It just got old, Phil."

"I love you, Pia," he said and then he was asleep.

Pia let him stay in the bed and she fell asleep too, thinking about The Big D and her possible future with him instead of dwelling on her rocky past with Phil.

### ### ###

Phil was gone from the bed when Pia awoke in the morning. He took the kids out on their usual Saturday morning excursion so Pia didn't have to worry about having some scene with him. The front doorbell rang and Pia answered it to find the Florist delivery guy holding two dozen red roses for her.

"Oh, Wow," she said, relieved to know that The Big D had no regrets about their bathroom rendezvous either.

She decided to give The Big D a call to thank him. They really hadn't conversed much after they fucked in the bathroom and he left before some of the others. She needed to know things were still okay between them


"Thanks for the roses, Bob. They're absolutely lovely."

"So aren't you!"

She smiled, loving the compliment. "Have you had breakfast yet?"

"Yeah, but I can eat again if it's with you," he said.

"How 'bout Johnny C's?" She suggested.

"No, why don't you come over here?" He said.

"Okay," she agreed happily.

She took a quick shower, threw on one of her favorite sun dresses, and zipped over to Green Hill. He was standing at the door waiting for her when she came up the front walk.

"Are you happy?" The Big D asked as he greeted her with a kiss.

"Deliriously," she smiled, kissing him back.

"Are you okay about what happened yesterday?" He worried as he led her into the house.

"I'm glad it happened, Bob."

"Me too," he smiled.

"We don't have to talk about it," she decided. "It happened and now here we are."

"Here we are," he agreed, leading her into the dining room where orange juice and muffins awaited her.

"You left last night before I could say anything," Pia remarked as she took a seat.

"I knew if I stayed I'd never leave," The Big D told her.

Her eyes widened. "Really?"

"Yes," he assured her.

She closed her eyes, wishing he hadn't left. But then of course that would have made for an awkward situation when Phil stumbled into the room. She really needed to get his key back.

""Pia, are we okay?"

"We're fine, Bob," she smiled, taking a bite from one of the muffins.

"Good, good," he said happily. "Listen, I want you to come to the lake house with me."

"You have a lake house?" She asked with surprise.

"On Lake Ashlant," he revealed. "Very nice."

"I can't," she sighed. "The kids."

"Bring them too," The Big D said. "They'll love it there."

"They're with their father right now."

"Well, next weekend then," he said.

"I'll think about it," Pia said. "This might be a little weird for them."

"Seeing you with me, you mean?"

She nodded. "They're used to their father and me and our little arrangement, no matter how bizarre it might be."

"I'm sure they'll be okay."

"I hope so," Pia sighed.

"Do you want to be with me, Pia?" The Big D questioned.

"Yes, of course!" She exclaimed. 'It's just…..complicated."

"It's only complicated if you make it complicated," The Big D replied.

"I guess," she sighed. "I just wish it was that easy."

"It is," The Big D said. "You just have to make it easy instead of hard."

"I'll try," she said.

He laughed. "Good! Good!"

She smiled. "You're terrific, you know that, right?"

"I've heard it once or twice," he joked and she was glad that he was okay with her….complications.

The Big D walked around the table and gave her a kiss. "What would you like to do now?" He asked.

She kissed him back and stood, taking him by the hand. "We're not fucking in the bathroom," she said and he followed her to the bedroom.

The bedroom was just as handsome as the rest of the house with a huge bed that caught her eye. Pi was standing in the middle of the room admiring her surroundings when The Big D stepped up from behind and gave her neck a kiss. Pia exhaled with want and eagerness as she felt him nudge his hips into her backside. She closed her eyes as his mouth trailed along the back of her neck and his hands reached around her waist to rub her stomach.

She lifted the dress off over her head with his help and she giggled as he tickled her stomach with his hands. He unfastened the back of her bra with his teeth while massaging her ass as he gently tugged her panties down her legs and the bra fell to the floor on its own. She moaned when he pressed his erection into her now exposed ass as his fingers worked their way around to her mound. Pia gladly spread her legs after stepping out of her panties and she whimpered when his fingers rubbed along her slit. He lifted his hands up to her bare breasts and pert nipples, giving them a feel for the first time as she never took off her blouse or bra in the bathroom yesterday. She liked being totally naked for him for the first time and she could see herself in the mirror across the room.

The Big D walked her to the bed and she lay on her side, looking at him and watching as he undressed and she marveled at his lean athletic body, something she wasn't used to after so many years with the burly Phil.

She stared at The Big D's erection which definitely fit his moniker as he lay on the bed next to her, also on his side and he ran his finger between her damp lips between her legs, sending a shiver down her naked spine.

"You're absolutely beautiful," The Big D told her, giving her a kiss as she fell back on the bed and opened her legs for him.

But The Big D moved down the mattress and leaned his face in between her legs, pressing his tongue flat against her womanhood and that caused her to jump with surprise. Pia moaned as her new lover traced his tongue along her entrance and then he pushed it inside her slit as she began to wiggle and moan. He found her clit with his finger and nudged it back and forth as his tongue wriggled inside her chamber.

Pia couldn't remember the last time Phil performed oral sex on her. Their sex was usually drunken in nature, a wham-bam-thank you m'am sort of deal before Phil passed out from the booze he consumed earlier in the night.

The Big D was exploring her, treasuring her, admiring her, pleasing her like she hadn't been pleased in a long time, causing her to whine and moan as The Big D continued pushing his tongue in and out of her. Pia grabbed at his hair and screamed out groans as he licked and sucked and she felt herself becoming wetter than she ever imagined as she cried out with pleasure.
Pia watched her naked chest rise and fall as The Big D continued to perform his magic down there and as if on cue he reached his free hand up to her breast and squeezed it in his warm palm.

"Oh, Bob," Pia breathed out shakily, still grasping his hair while arching her back off the mattress and bucking into The Big D's face.
She whimpered and her head fell back on the pillow as suddenly her walls clenched tightly and she orgasmed and he lapped her juices, pressing his nose against her clit and inhaling deeply while Pia's body shivered and then relaxed as she lay on the bed, exposed and exhausted.
The Big D kissed her inner thighs as she tried to compose herself, the warmth of her orgasm trickling down her thigh. Pia smiled and patted the top of his head.

"Thank you." She couldn't help the blush that spread over her face.

"My pleasure," The Big D replied with a grin, moving up the bed to lay next to her, both of them naked on their backs.

The Big D was still stiff and Pia reached her hand out to give his penis an affectionate rub. He smiled and placed a hand on her stomach, watching as she rubbed her hand up and down his shaft. She giggled, rolling onto her side without letting go of his penis and she gave him a kiss.

"This is nice," she told him.

"Yes, it is," he agreed, kissing her back.

She dropped her head down and lowered her mouth onto his penis, closing her lips around the head and letting her tongue work its way down to caress the shaft. It didn't feel vulgar and that was a relief. She wanted to return the favor he had just given her and she wanted him to know that she was willing to do anything for him to show that she was interested and that she cared about him.
The Big D's hands were on Pia's erect nipples, moving from one to another giving her a warm feeling as she continued sucking and he watched her head bob up and down, his penis going in and out of her warm and wet mouth . She was happy to hear The Big D moaning blissfully until he writhed, throbbed, and then he started to ejaculate into her mouth, catching her by surprise but she hung tough and swallowed what he had to offer willingly and totally before she fell back on her back smiling, her eyes closed now and her hand rubbing her own love nest.

Then The Big D was kissing her again and she kissed him back with gleeful happiness and a new found sense of peace and tranquility she hadn't felt in a long time overtook her.

"Would you like to take a shower with me?" The Big D whispered.

"Yes," she practically sang as they both slid out of the bed and pranced into the master bathroom together.

Pia felt truly happy for the first time in all aspects of her life.

### ### ###

Phil was with the kids at the house when Pia came home later in the afternoon.

"I made spaghetti," Phil told her.

"You didn't have to do that," Pia said, not sure why she was feeling a tad bit guilty facing Phil after what she had just done with The Big D.

"I wanted to," he smiled.

"We always used to have spaghetti on Saturdays, Mom," Paula the thirteen year old said.

Paula looked like her mother while Paul the twelve year old more resembled his Dad, already burly for his age.

"We made the salad," Paul bragged from where he stood at the kitchen counter.

"That's wonderful, sweetie," Pia smiled. "Thank you so much."

"Where you've been, Mom?" Paula asked. "We were worried."

"I'm sorry, honey, I lost track of time," Pia answered.

"Why don't you kids go get washed up?" Phil suggested. "We'll eat soon."

Pia smiled as her two children left the kitchen. It was the one thing she and Phil had done right.

"I don't know what to do, Pia," Phil sighed once they were alone. I don't want to let you go."

"Jesus, Phil," Pia sighed. "Don't do this to me."

"You really want to be with him?"

"Right now, yes," she answered truthfully

"And what about me?" He sighed.

"What about you, Phil?" Pia wanted to know. "I've been asking you that question for a long time."

"Damn, I really fucked this up, didn't I?"

"Yes," Pia answered.

"I'm a mess, Pia!" He groaned. "I really am! I know it and I want to fix it."

"I don't think you can, Phil."

"I love you."

"You're just making it worse."

"Alright," he sighed, stirring the spaghetti sauce. "But can we at least do this now? For the kids?'

"Of course," she agreed.

She heard Phil sigh as she left the room to freshen up and change but she couldn't feel sorry for him. He's the one who never wanted to commit or participate in a normal relationship. He's the one who fucked it all up. It wasn't her fault he was having regrets now. The Big D had so much more to offer and she wasn't going to mess that up out of some warped sick loyalty to Phil.

Pia had to hand it to Phil. He really was taking the high road. The spaghetti dinner went well and Phil was on his best behavior every time she saw him after that evening. When he stayed over, it was on the sleeper sofa in the cellar and he continued his daily interactions with the kids.

One day Phil showed up with his hair cut short and styled and his bushy beard totally gone. Pia couldn't remember the last time she saw him clean shaven. He was also wearing a suit!

"Can your mom do the afternoon shift until you get home from work?" Phil asked as he stood on her porch.

"I think the kids are getting old enough now that they don't need constant supervision, Phil," Pia replied.

"I don't want them becoming latch-key kids," he grumbled.

"Why do you ask?" She wanted to know.

"I got a full time job, Pia," he said. "Second shift. Full time security guard at Blue County Community College. I start next week."

"You're kidding," Pia said with surprise.

"I told you I was going to change," He said purposefully. "Even if it's too late for us, I need to do this for myself."

"Well, good for you," Pia said with sincerity.

"But maybe you'll still take me back?" He asked hopefully.

"Come on, Phil," Pia sighed.

"Just think about it," Phil requested as he left the porch.

Really, there was nothing to think about. Things with The Big D were going great. A rose still greeted her every morning when she came into the office and they managed to get lunch in together a few times a week, although they kept things on the down-low around the office.

Pia stopped by The Big D's house when the kid's schedule allowed or when Phil or one of their grandmothers were available to watch over them. Pia brought the children to The Big D's house on Lake Ashlant, a lovely home right on the water's edge with a motor boat, sailboat and canoe.

The gracious Big D played it respectfully by making sure the kids knew that their mom was sleeping in her own room while they were at the lake.

"Is that guy your boyfriend, Mom?" Paul had the guts to ask as they drove home from the lake at the end of the weekend.

"Sort of," Pia admitted, squeezing the steering wheel tight waiting for an uproar reaction but the kids took it in stride and as the next few weeks unfolded they seemed to be okay with the idea.

Pia's cell rang late the next night.

"You're fucking your boss!?" It was Phil, sounding surprisingly sober for that time of night. Obviously the kids had mentioned The Big D to him. "You're fucking Mr. Moneybags?"

"Phil, can you please be polite and civil instead of rude and vulgar?" Pia sighed as she lay in her bed. "I wasn't crass with you when you were fucking all your twats over the years."

"Are you going to become one of the one percents because you got a job promotion, Pia?" Phil asked bitterly.

"No," she said defensively, but she had to admit The Big D was in a different income bracket than she was.

"Please don't tell me you got the promotion bec…."

"No!" She said loudly. "We started seeing each other after I got the job," she insisted.

"If you say so," Phil mumbled unhappily.

"Could you please not say anything to anybody about this?" Pia requested.

"Are you ready to lose your job, Pia?" Phil challenged.

"What are you talking about?" She asked with surprise.

"Did you ever ask yourself what happened to the first Mrs. Dickhead?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"She used to run the Dawson Motel, remember?" Phil groaned. "She doesn't now though, does she? I told you - you mess with the cult and you're out."

Pia didn't know what to say in response.

"You could lose everything, Pia," he grumbled before the line went dead.

Pia brought the kids to a cook out at the Big D's Green Hill house the next weekend but Phil wanted to be sure the kids were available to him on the weekends too so he and Pia worked out a compromise schedule to make sure everybody's needs were met.

Phil didn't sleep in the cellar anymore and the kids said he was looking for an apartment of his own even though he was still staying with his mother which worked out for the kids as they could see her too.

The Big D took Pia to museums and plays and expensive dinners at fancy restaurants, but never in Greenville because Pia didn't want to be seen or recognized by anybody in her boss' company. They would drive an hour to Springdale or Longview but if it gave Pia peace of mind, The Big D was okay with that.

It was another Saturday night. Paula was sleeping over a friend's house and Paul was staying with his Dad at Grammie's house so Pia had a rare free night to spend with The Big D. He took her to Boston for a whirlwind dinner on the bay and a trip to a fancy nightclub, staying at the downtown Sheraton for the night.

Pia wore a lovely dress for the occasion and now back in the hotel penthouse late that night, The Big D was removing it for her. Pia gladly stepped out of it and The Big D slowly slid her panties down her legs. Pia bit her lip, once again anticipating his wonderful oral sex and she was surprised when her cheeks turned red at the thought

The Big D knelt down and placed a soft kiss on her stomach. Pia removed her bra, closed her eyes, and rubbed her tongue along her lips, moaning already in anticipation of what The Big D was going to do to her. She pulled him into her and wrapped her arms around his head. "God, Bob. I love this!"

He rubbed his tongue along her navel. "Me too."

Pia smiled. "You fulfill me."

He wrapped his arms around her hips and let his fingers run along the crack of her ass, making her buckle into his face which he had strategically lowered to her mound. She felt his tongue go to her clit while two of his fingers thrust inside her and a finger on the other hand traced along the inside of her ass crack, giving her a simultaneous sensation she had never felt before as she played with her own breasts.

It didn't take Pia long to climax and when she almost collapsed, The Big D stood, swooped her into his arms and carried her naked to the bed, gently placing her on her back before removing his clothes, spreading open her legs, and maneuvering himself between them, his penis brushing against her pubic bone to give her an added rush.

The Big D then plowed into her, filling her with pleasure as he pumped in and out over and over again until the sensation inside became overwhelming hat she climaxed again just as he cummed inside of her. Once the rush was over, Pia relaxed as The Big D gently pulled out of her. For a guy in his early fifties, Pia was impressed by his stamina, energy, and lasting power.

Pia ended up falling asleep with her head on The Big D's chest, feeling happy and content with his arms around her in a plush Boston downtown hotel. She had come a long way from sharing her childhood bedroom with Phil during her bleak college days.

### ### ###

The Big D's philosophy was 'Work Hard, Play Hard'. So, while he put in a lot of hours running The Dawson Company, he was also willing to have fun away from the office when time allowed. It was a bit of a whirlwind for Pia who was more used to working eight hours and then going to home to be a mom. If she and Phil managed to get the kids to the public beach at the Greenville Recreation Area or Sun Rise Lake for a few hours it was a notable achievement.

Now she was riding in The Big D's motorboat on Lake Ashlant and learning how to sail. They would take a drive down to New York City for an adventure. One weekend they flew out to Chicago to watch a Cubs game and have dinner with one of The Big D's old college pals. The Big D had five cars, two houses, several boats, and he was always on the go, so much so that Pia had a hard time keeping up with the pace. She was exhausted in the relationship but she had never felt so fulfilled, active and energized before.

Phil continued to warn her that the life in The Dawson Mafia cult culture would eventually catch up to her and either burn her out or just plain burn her but Pia didn't want to listen to Phil's paranoid ranting, knowing he was simply jealous of her new life style and envious of The Big D's wealth and position.

Sometimes she missed the slower pace that Phil often employed. With Phil, there was never any rush to do anything. He took his time and seemed to enjoy the moment, especially with the kids. With The Big D, there was always the next great adventure, the next thing to do and Pia wasn't used to that mentality.

At work, The Big D was engaged, active and hard charging, involved in all aspects of the company. Phil never put his job first and he rarely gave a shit about it. It was just something to do to keep Pia off his back and earn a few extra bucks. He was much happier spending his time with the kids and his idea of a recreational life was watching sports on television.

The Big D never even had Sports Center on. It was CNBC and other business channels 24/7 to follow stocks and other investments the way Phil followed sports scores and standings. With The Big D, it was the name of the companies' stock, for Phil it was the name of the sports team on that night. Pia was still getting used to the different mentalities and she wasn't sure if she liked The Big D's outlook as much as she missed Phil's more grounded attitude sometimes.

One evening Pia came home from work (and a quickie with The Big D at his house) and she was surprised to find Phil still there, along with her mother.

"What's going on?" Pia frowned.

"Paula has the flu," a worried Phil replied angrily. "How bout keeping your cell phone on when you're with The Head Clone?" he said bitterly.

"She's running a fever, dear," Pia's mother added. "She's quite sick."

Pia felt horribly guilty of course and she spent the evening by Paula's bedside while Phil tended to Paul although he checked on Paula every few minutes too. Once Paul went to bed, Phil resumed his post in Paula's room and he and Pia waited for the girl to get better.

Pia dozed off and on throughout the night as both parents watched over their sick daughter. A few times Pia awoke to see Phil sitting there wide awake staring down at Paula.

"You skipped work?" She realized.

"Paula's sick," Phil replied. "It's what you do when you're kid's sick. I called in."

"You're a good father, Phil," Pia sighed.

"You used to be a good mother," Phil replied bitterly and Pia didn't say anything in response, knowing she deserved his wrath. She had been so involved with The Big D and her new job that she had neglected the kids and her responsibilities, but Phil and their mothers had been doing such a great job she thought it was okay for her to have some quality time in her romance life for a change.

The thing was – Phil now had a job too, yet he still found the time to be a great dad. He had lost at least thirty pounds since starting his new job and he looked great. Pia was proud of him for making the changes in his life and she had to admit that a part of her actually missed him and what they had together. But she had moved on now, a new job, a new attitude, and maybe Phil had been right all along: she had become a member of the Dawson Mafia Cult.

Paula's fever broke around four in the morning and once they knew she was going to be okay, Pia and Phil left the room to catch a few hours of sleep.

"You can stay here," Pia said. "It's late."

"I'll go down to the cellar," Phil agreed.

"No, you can stay up here if you want," Pia replied, feeling a need to be with Phil after experiencing such a scare involving their daughter.

They headed into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed, exhausted from the long wait. Having Phil lying next to her in her bed again allowed Pia to remember some of the good times. She realized how much Phil had changed and she wondered if she had given up too much to be a member of The Big D's inner circle cult.

As they lay on the bed and Pia dozed, Phil managed to hike Pia's skirt up her hips and he spooned her the way they used to when they shared a bed together.

"Phil, don't," Pia sighed but she didn't fight when he pulled down her underwear and patted her bare ass.

"Aren't you with somebody?" She asked.

"No, of course not," Phil sighed. "I'm too busy for that."

"Well, I'm with somebody," she reminded him.

"I know," he grumbled. "But I still miss you."

"You shouldn't," she told him.

"I miss us," Phil sighed.

"I couldn't wait for you anymore, Phil," Pia explained.

"The Cult called," he complained.

"Whatever," she sighed.

She felt his dick rubbing between her legs and although she knew she shouldn't, Pia bent over to give him access to her pussy from behind. Maybe she owed him a farewell fuck for old times, a thank you for being such a wonderful father and a parting celebration of their past together.

She felt him enter her and she was quick to find the familiar rhythm they once shared. She had been his partner from the time she lost her virginity to him at fifteen and one more time seemed to be a fitting way to end their long, weird, bumpy ride as a couple. He would always be the father to her kids and she would always love him for that but she liked the excitement of being part of the cult and close to The Big D, a man of power, capital and influence.

She tried not to make too much noise as they fucked in the bed they had shared for so long and when she felt him ejaculate into her she knew it was for the final time.

"Thanks, Pia," Phil whispered with appreciation when he slipped out of her.

"That's never happening again, Phil," she told him.

"I know," he sighed.

Pia dozed again and when she awoke she wasn't even sure if what had happened between her and Phil was real. Maybe she had dreamed the whole thing! The bed was empty and Pia realized she was going to be late for work as she stumbled out of the bed. Phil was sitting in Paula's room and he looked up when Pia stuck her head in the door. From the look on his face, Pia knew she hadn't dreamed anything.

"She's doing much better," Phil whispered. "Go ahead and go," he said.

She nodded as she tiptoed into the bedroom and kissed Paula on her still warm forehead. Then she glanced at Phil.

"Goodbye, Phil," she said.

"Goodbye, Pia," he replied, knowing what she was saying.

### ### ###

Pia felt guilty when she stepped into the office and saw the rose waiting for her. She had betrayed the man she was having a relationship with but she needed to say goodbye to her past in a way that wouldn't be hurtful to Phil and giving him a farewell fuck was probably the best way she could let Phil know that she appreciated everything she had with him but that she was now moving on.

She quickly blocked Phil and their final time together from her mind and she resumed her normal new life of working hard and playing hard with The Big D.

A few weeks later, The Big D took Pia out for another fancy dinner, this time at the Sun Rise Lake Inn, close enough to Greenville to be spotted but Pia really didn't care anymore about being seen.. There was enough gossip and rumor around the office as it was and a little more wasn't going to make much of a difference.

The Big D smiled all through dinner and near the end he reached out and grabbed Pia's hand across the table.

"I'm very happy," he told her.

"I am too," she assured him.

He leaned across the table and kissed her while at the same time sliding a small white box into her hand that was resting on the table.

"Why don't you open it?" He suggested

Biting her lip, Pia held the box while tears formed in her eyes because she knew what was in there. For twenty years she had waited for Phil to make the same gesture and it never happened. Now The Big D was about to ask her to marry him.

"Bob?" She looked at him

He smiled and took her hand in his while wiping a tear from her cheek with his red napkin. Pia swallowed the lump in her throat.

"Are you sure?" She asked, still not opening the top of the box.

The Big D nodded his head. "It's all good," he said, lifting her hand to his mouth and kissing it gently.

Pia opened the box and saw the large beautiful diamond ring sitting inside. She was never big on jewelry but this was definitely a keeper. "Bob!" She said with amazement.

"I want to make you happy, Pia, if that's okay. I love you and I want to be with you. Will you marry me?"

Pia felt her stomach drop and her heart explode as she nodded affirmatively. "Yes, I will marry you, Bob!"

The Big D slid the large ring on her finger before pressing his lips to hers and kissing her as passionately as ever.

Word of the engagement travelled fast. The Big D met Pia's family and Pia met The Dawson Clan, including Bob's two adult children who weren't all that much younger than Pia. They were lukewarm to the idea of their father marrying a younger woman but The Big D assured Pia that his daughters would gradually warm up to the idea over time.

Paula and Paul were surprised but accepting of the news that they were going to have a new step-father and while Phil was taken aback he wasn't an asshole about it.

"I guess it's really over between us, huh Pia?" He asked sadly and all Pia could do was give him a hug in response.

"You're really marrying into the cult?" Phil asked one last time. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I'm sure, Phil," Pia replied with the utmost confidence and happiness.

She and her mother were already making wedding plans.

### ### ###

Pia wasn't sure how she felt when she learned she was pregnant. The Big D already had two adult children and he had become a first time grandfather a few months before Pia got the job promotion at The Dawson Companies. They hadn't talked at all about having children together and Pia had to admit that The Big D wasn't exactly father material, especially compared to Phil. The Big D rarely saw his own kids and he barely talked about them with Pia. And while he was polite and kind to Paula and Paul, he was hardly invested or interested in their daily lives.

Pia didn't know how The Big D might react to the big news that she was pregnant. She wasn't even sure how she felt about it. She was nearly thirty five now and having another child was not in her game plan (especially with the new job). Could she continue to work hard and play hard with a new baby? Would her career suffer? Was The Big D ready to be a father again at this point in his life?

Pia was nervous about breaking the news to The Big D and she tried to find the right time and place to tell him. She knew it should be personal and private so she stopped by his house on Saturday morning.

"Pia!" The Big D said happily when he opened the door to find her on the front porch. "What a surprise! Come in! I thought we were going to meet for lunch later."

"I have something I need to tell you that we need to talk about privately," Pia explained as she entered the now familiar house.

"Oh yeah?" The Big D grinned. "Good, Good, what is it?"

Pia took a seat on the couch and stared at him, biting her lip as she struggled to find a way to break the news.

"Pia?" The Big D frowned as he stepped closer to the couch. "What's wrong?"

"How come we never talked about having kids before?" Pia asked.

The Big D shrugged. "It never occurred to me," he said.

"You want to marry me but you didn't want to discuss having kids?"

"We already have kids, Pia," The Big D pointed out.

"Not together."

"Look, maybe I should have mentioned it before, but I didn't think you were interested either given your new career and everything," The Big D said. "I'm sorry."

"You're not interested?" Pia frowned.

"No, I'm not interested, Pia, and I must admit I'm surprised you might be."

"Oh God," Pia groaned, sensing disaster. She was surprised at how crushed she suddenly felt.

"What?" The Big D laughed. "What is it, Pia?"

"You're going to hate me," Pia cried, standing and burying her face in her hands.

"I could never hate you, Pia," The Big D assured her. "What's got you so upset?"

"You don't want any more children?" She asked just to be certain.

"Of course not," he replied. "I'm too old to be doing that stuff all over again. I'm ready to live the last third of my life doing something different thank you."

Pia felt tears forming in her eyes and The Big D gave her a hug.

"I'm sorry, Pia," he sighed. "I realize now that we should have talked about this long ago. I just assumed you weren't interested. I hope you won't change your mind about marrying me now that you know."

"I'm pregnant, Bob," Pia blurted out.

She felt him go tense and stiff right away, as if she was hugging a rock instead of a man.

"What?" He said coldly.

"I'm pregnant," she muttered, feeling awful.

He broke away and gave her a death stare. "What in the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm pregnant," she said one more time. "I wish we had talked about this before. I would have been more careful."

"You're damn right you should have been more careful, you damn slut!"

"Wh…" Pia wasn't sure she heard him right.

"You've been fucking someone else behind my back?" He yelled.

"Wha…no," she lied. "Bob, please."

"I had a vasectomy years ago, Pia," The Big D said bitterly. "I can't have kids."

Pia felt her head spinning. "Wha…wait….no…"

"I can't be the father of your bastard child, Pia," The Big D growled. "I can't believe you would do this to me."

"Wait, I've read that sometimes the tube reconnects after a vasectomy and….."

"Trust me, I had a complete snip," The Big D hollered. "There's nothing to grow back!"

Pia cowered from his booming voice, the first time she had ever heard it raised so loudly and angrily.

"Look me in the eye and tell me you haven't been with someone else, Pia," The Big D demanded.

"I…..I….." She looked to the floor in shame, remembering that morning with Phil when Paula was sick.

"That's what I thought," he said with ice in his voice. He grabbed her by the arm and hauled her toward the door. "Get the hell out of my sight!" He yelled. "You disgust me!"


He slapped her hard across the face. "Shut the fuck up, you bitch!" He screamed.

She put her hand to her face and began to sob knowing she had just been kicked out of the cult.

"You should have told me, Bob!" She yelled back at him angrily. "That's not the kind of information you keep from someone you're sleeping with, you son of a bitch."

"Don't you ever come back here, you skank," The Big D growled, shoving her out the front door and slamming it hard behind her.

Pia stumbled and fell to the porch on her knees. She crawled to the rail of the steps and vomited into the bushes before she slowly picked herself up and dragged herself to her car, her world crumbling around her.

Thank god nobody was home to see her so distraught. Phil had taken the kids out for their usual Saturday morning excursion and she had a few hours to try to collect herself and come up with a game plan. There was no way The Big D would let her keep her job after such a betrayal especially given the history of the cult when a brother was fired and an ex-wife too. Surely a cheating girlfriend wouldn't be protected either. Should she e-mail Meredith her resignation?

Pia washed her face and then drove to the corporate headquarters where she cleaned out her office of her personal affects. Friday's rose was still on her desk and that made her cry. Pia typed up her resignation and put it in an envelope for Meredith the Human Resources Director who also happened to be The Big D's sister. Pia didn't need the humiliation of being called into the conference room on Monday morning to be fired by Meredith and The Big D's brother, Joel who was the Vice President of Operations. She would voluntarily leave the Cult to spare herself the drama and soap opera of a public firing.

She loaded up the car she no longer could afford, left her keys and ID badge on her desk, the diamond engagement ring on The Big D's desk, and left the corporate offices of The Dawson Company for the final time, humbled to realize that Phil had been right all along. She had been walking a tight rope she didn't even know she was on and that rope had snapped when she least expected it. Now she was pregnant and unemployed, living in a house she could no longer afford, evicted from a cult she never really belonged to anyway.

### ### ###

Phil noticed the red mark on Pia's face when he returned with the kids and he asked what happened but she assured him everything was fine.

"I thought you had plans this afternoon," Phil said with confusion, surprised that Pia was home.

"Change of plans," she explained with a game face.

"Oh good, we can have Spaghetti Saturday again as a family!" Paul said with excitement.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Pia said, struggling to maintain her composure.

"I'll make it," Phil volunteered. "Why don't you go lie down?" He suggested to Pia, knowing something was not right.

Pia was dozing on the bed later when she sensed a presence in the room. She opened her eyes to see Phil standing in the doorway staring at her.

"What happened?" He asked quietly, taking a seat on the side of the bed.

Pia couldn't stop the tears from flowing. "I fucked up big time," she finally said when she was able to get the words out.

"I'm sure it's not that bad," Phil said soothingly.

"It's even worse that you could ever imagine," Pia assured him.

"Something happen with The Big D?" Phil guessed.

"I made a Big D," she sobbed. "Big D for disaster."

"Oh, come on, Pia, it can't be that bad."

"I just quit my job," she announced tearfully.

"You quit?" Phil asked with surprise.

"Resigned before I got fired," she clarified.

"Jesus, Pia."

"I'm going to have to sell the house," she sobbed. "I can't afford to live here anymore."

"You'll get another job," he assured her. "Listen, you worked much too hard to walk away from your career now. You've been a career woman and mother since you were in college. You'll be fine." He rubbed her hair off her forehead.

"I'm pregnant," Pia informed him.

His hand stopped moving. "Huh?" He said, his voice cracking.

"I'm pregnant," she repeated, louder now to make her point. "Who the hell is going to hire a pregnant out of work washed up loser like me?"

"The asshole kicked you out because you're pregnant?" Phil wanted to know.

"He never told me he was shooting blanks," she said.

"You mean…..?"

"Do you remember that morning when Paula had that fever?" Pia asked, staring up at Phil from where she lay on her bed.

"Oh my God!" Phil remarked.

"You just can't seem to stop getting me pregnant, can you Phil?" Pia sighed.

Phil jumped off the bed with a huge grin on his face. "This is great!" He exclaimed. "Oh my God. This is so wonderful!" He was dancing around the room.

"Phil, this is hardly good news," Pia told him.

He practically fell on top of her and kissed her on the cheek. "Pia!"

"Are you fucking nuts?" Pia replied. "We aren't even together."

"Sure we are," he said. "Sort of," he added with a shrug.

"Phil, I lost my job. I'm not even going to have insurance…"

"I have a job," he said. "I have insurance. Marry me, Pia!"


"Come on, you've seen I've changed. You see that I'm a different person now. I have a job. I'm dependable. I'm reliable. Losing you to the cult was the worse thing that ever happened to me. I vowed that if I ever got a second chance with you I wouldn't blow it. This is God's way of telling us we're supposed to be together."

"I dumped you for another guy, Phil," Pia reminded him.

"Yeah, the wrong guy," Phil told her, falling on the mattress next to her and hugging her close. "Listen, I wasn't exactly Prince Charming all these years. I know I took you for granted and didn't treat you right. I want to make it up to you. Let's get married. We'll swing the mortgage here somehow. You'll have insurance for the baby. We'll finally be a family again."

She looked at him as if he was nuts. "Phil, it just doesn't work that way,' she said.

"Why not?" Phil wanted to know. He sat up on the bed and patted her stomach. "I have to go check the spaghetti sauce," he said. "You stop crying and start planning a wedding."


But he was gone from the room and she could hear him singing all the way down the stairs.

She thought she was going to hate him forever for knocking her up. She thought she could conveniently blame him for her having to resign before she got fired and that he was all his fault that her life was in the toilet but she was the one who invited him to her bed and she was the one who let him fuck her one more time so she really had no one to blame but herself and now here he was, singing and dancing his way down the stairs at the news that she was pregnant and how could Pia not smile at that?

### ### ###

Pia had plenty of help making the wedding plans. Her Mom and Phil's mom were supportive and even young Paula was full of ideas. Phil tipped her off about an IT position at Blue County Community College and Pia landed a part time job as an IT Consultant and she was hired as an instructor as well. The claw reach of the Dawson Mafia couldn't stop Pia from getting a state job.

Pia couldn't believe she was going to finally marry Phil after everything that happened between them. She was eight months pregnant when she and Phil exchanged vows in her parents' back yard on a Saturday afternoon in May. There was no point having a fancy ceremony at their age and with her pregnant.

"You look so beautiful," Phil told her once Pia was done waddling down the aisle in the backyard. "You look gorgeous. Radiant. Rapturous!"

"Okay, Phil, calm down," Pia told him with a huge smile on her face.

Phil smiled and hugged her. "I love you, Pia! Thank you for marrying me!"

Pia laughed. "Who would have thought?"

"I didn't, that's for sure," Pia's father spoke up from where he sat behind them.

"Daddy!" Pia groaned.

"You're very beautiful, Pia," her mother told her from where she sat next to her husband

"Yeah, Ma," Paula the maid of honor agreed from where she stood next to her mother.

"Definitely," Paul the best man agreed from where he stood next to his father.

The minister recited the vows and the couple repeated them and just like that Pia and Phil were married, nearly twenty one years after their first date.

Pia's water broke three weeks later. Phil whisked her to the hospital with wide eyes and Phil and Paula were both in the delivery room for the occasion (Paul couldn't take it).

Phil held his wife's hand throughout the labor, periodically pressing his lips to her forehead. "You're doing great, Pia," he told her.

Patrice Adele Adams weighted in at 6 lbs 4 ozs when she entered the world and Pia's life had come full circle as soon as she heard the baby cry.

"Now that's what I call The Big D!" Phil laughed.

"Huh?" Pia asked with confusion.

"The Big D for delivery, my love," Phil beamed.