So, this literally started because I wanted someone named Artemis, and from there the plot formed. Artemis is actually going to have a giant impact on their life (in a way) which will be seen in the next chapter. ALSO, I FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHAT RIKER DOES WITH HIS LIFE, SO YAAAAY! I still have no idea what Jeff does though. I think at this point in the story he might not work, but be definitely does in the future, I just don't know what :x

SOYEAH, enjoy and ask any questions you might have :)

"You need to hurry up with that key," Jeff breathed against Riker's neck as he squeezed Riker's hips and pressed himself against Riker's back. Riker huffed out a laugh and shook his head.

"It would help if you weren't practically grinding yourself into my ass right now," Riker retorted. Jeff just chuckled and pressed a kiss to Riker's neck behind his ear. A shiver ran down Riker's spine as he froze and Jeff let out a satisfied chuckle.

"C'mon. We need to briefly look at how everyone set up our new apartment before christening every surface," Jeff said, fingers finding their way beneath the waistband of Riker's shorts.

"Jesus. You'd think we didn't just have a week of marathon sex," Riker huffed out as he finally got the door unlocked. They both tumbled into the apartment as Jeff chuckled and pressed Riker up against the door, causing it to snap shut.

"That was honeymoon sex. This is now new apartment sex," Jeff said before pulling Riker's face to his. Riker smiled against Jeff's lips as they dropped their bags to the floor and then started pushing each other's jackets off.

"Which room do you want to christen first?" Riker snorted against Jeff's mouth.

"Mmh, bedroom," Jeff hummed. Riker let out his own hum and then picked Jeff up. Jeff released a giggle as he wrapped his legs tightly around Riker's waist as Riker began walking towards the bedroom.

"Don't even have to close the door," Riker chuckled once they walked into the bedroom.

"Thank god," Jeff huffed out as they immediately started pulling each other's clothes off. Riker just chuckled again and moved to climb over Jeff once all of their clothing was removed. Jeff sealed their mouths together and buried his fingers in Riker's hair as their hips started to grind together. When they pulled away from each other's mouths to breathe, Riker opened the bedside table drawer and pulled out the bottle of lube that Lily had told him she had placed there. Jeff smirked up at Riker and shifted towards the edge of the bed.

Riker smiled back down at Jeff and leaned over to kiss Jeff again as he popped the bottle open. Soon enough Jeff was whining against Riker's mouth as Riker smiled smugly. Riker pulled away from Jeff's mouth then and kissed down his chest. Jeff immediately started swearing and his fingers tightened in Riker's hair. Then, Jeff let out a keen as Riker pushed in slowly. Riker steadied himself as Jeff's legs wrapped tightly around his waist and Jeff panted heavily.

"Fucking move before I kick your ass," Jeff grunted out. Riker chuckled and quickly obeyed, causing Jeff to swear loudly. Riker smiled smugly and continued to move as Jeff swore loudly.

Then, Jeff's body clenched and Riker let out a choked moan as he froze for a second. Jeff let out a long moan as he felt Riker let go and followed soon after. After they both settled down a bit, Riker collapsed on top of Jeff and Jeff hummed happily as he ran his fingers through Riker's sweat damp hair. Riker nuzzled into Jeff's neck and then moved them both so they could lie on the bed together.

"These poor blankets didn't stand a chance," Jeff giggled as they tangled their limbs together.

"Definitely not," Riker chuckled in agreement as he kissed the base of Jeff's throat. Jeff smiled widely and held Riker close to his chest.

"We should probably clean up, but I am too lazy," Jeff breathed.

"Mhm. Nap," Riker hummed in response as he curled closer to Jeff and nuzzled into Jeff's neck. Jeff chuckled slightly but made no objections as they slowly fell into unconsciousness.


"So, have you two broken anything yet?" Lily asked over the phone a few hours later. Riker and Jeff were sitting on the couch with their legs twined together, both of them naked. Jeff's phone was rested on his leg and was on speaker so they could both talk to Lily.

"Maybe," Riker replied as he eyed the glass vase that was still in pieces on the floor from when they had knocked it off of the coffee table earlier in their haste to get to the couch. Lily snorted and Riker could almost see her rolling her eyes.

"What did you guys break?" Lily asked.

"The glass vase that was on the coffee table," Jeff told her. "It's still on the floor. We're both too lazy to go clean it up right now."

"Probably because you've had enough orgasms within the past week to survive you a lifetime," Lily laughed.

"Like you and Carter were any better when you moved into your first apartment," Riker chuckled as he unlocked his phone and began looking through pictures.

"Well yeah, but we also hadn't just come back from honeymoon marathon sex," Lily retorted. "Speaking of which, how much time did you guys spend outdoors? We all had bets."

"You people are awful," Jeff grumbled as he slouched against the arm of the couch and spun his wedding ring around his finger.

"We actually spent most of our time outside," Riker said. "Our cabin had a pretty private outdoors area."

"Dammit! We didn't take into account sex outdoors! Fuck! I think we all lose now!" Lily exclaimed.

"Good," Jeff told her with a small smirk on his face. Riker chuckled and took a picture of Jeff, making sure that nothing too bad was in the picture. Jeff looked over at Riker then with narrowed eyes. "No, you know you're not allowed to take pictures when I look like this!"

"What? Sex rumpled?" Lily asked with a small laugh.

"Yes," Jeff replied as he crossed his arms over his chest stubbornly. Riker just giggled as he sent the picture to twitter with the caption my husband jeffryaaron may be a little smug that we ruined a bet between our friends :). A few seconds later, they heard Carter bark out a laugh through the phone.

"Wait! How did they ruin the bet?" Carter suddenly exclaimed.

"They had sex outside!" Lily replied as Riker and Jeff laughed.

"Dammit. How did we not take that into account?" Carter asked with a sigh.

"I know. But I was right about them already breaking something," Lily giggled.

"Blame Jeff's flailing feet," Riker commented.

"No, blame you for what you were doing," Jeff replied as he nudged Riker's hip with his foot. Riker just looked over at Jeff with a smirk and winked. Jeff smiled and rolled his eyes in response.

"I do not even want to know," Carter breathed.

"No, no you don't," Jeff agreed.

"Kinky, kinky," Lily laughed.

"Issues, Lilleth," Riker chuckled as he opened twitter on his phone and began to scroll through his feed.

"Yeah, and yet you still keep me around," Lily replied.

"Touché," Jeff chuckled.

"So, anyway, what did you guys break?" Carter asked.

"The vase Miri put on the coffee table," Lily said.

"I told her that vase didn't stand a chance. She didn't listen to me," Carter breathed out.

"Did you really think she would?" Riker asked.

"No, not really," Carter replied. Then, Riker stopped at a tweet and read it before chuckling. Jeff looked over at Riker with his eyebrows knit together in confusion.

"Remember that girl I followed back last year?" Riker asked.

"Mhm," Jeff hummed.

"She was tweeting today about her neighbors," Riker said as he read through the tweets.

"Anything good?" Lily asked.

"Yeah," Riker replied as Jeff crawled into his lap to look at the tweets also. Riker smiled and went back to the first one for Jeff to see. The first one read so, I think dannyboi's and my neighbors moved finally moved in today…OH GOD WHAT, I JUST HEARD A MOAN.

Then, the person she had tagged responded with, artiemiss there are definitely some swears going on there too. I wonder if theyre always this loud. Lord.

The conversation kept going back and forth between the two after that.

dannyboi I have no idea. It will make our lives interesting if they are. It will make up for both of our lacking sexual lives

artiemiss true, true. But daaaaayyyyuuuummmm.

dannyboi ope, they seemed to have stopped

artiemiss for now, my dear. For now.


artiemiss really? So, random two hour break and now they're back at it?

dannyboi it appears so…or sounds like it at least. You're missing it.

artiemiss I would come back, but tara might rip my head off if I leave


artiemiss alas, she says she does not want to listen to our neighbors fuck each other's brains out. I'll be back later though. TTFN

dannyboi *sigh* tara is lame, tell her that. And yeah, ttfn 3

After the last one, there was one more that simply read I think there is some kinky shit going on next door. Get it, dudes!

"Sounds like she finds all of it interesting," Jeff giggled. Riker hummed in agreement as he buried his face in Jeff's neck.

"What was she tweeting about?" Lily asked.

"Her neighbors having loud sex," Jeff replied.

"Ah, okay," Lily breathed. "Well, we're gonna go. Have fun christening your new apartment, newlyweds."

"Oh, we will," Riker chuckled as Lily scoffed and then hung up. Jeff just chuckled and then turned around to straddle Riker's lap.

"She doesn't even know how much fun we will have," Jeff breathed against Riker's mouth. Riker just laughed and allowed Jeff to drag him towards the kitchen.


"God, we are not allowed to raise children in this apartment," Riker groaned out a few days later from where he was sprawled out over the kitchen table.

"We will bleach all surfaces," Jeff grunted in response as he bottomed out and Riker keened.

"J-just the-shit-thought though," Riker panted, hands reaching out to grip the sides of the table tightly. "Come everywhere."

"Damn straight," Jeff replied as he hooked his hands in the back of Riker's knees and pushed them back. Riker let out a high-pitched whine at that and his back arched off the table. Jeff let out a satisfied chuckle and pushed forward forcefully.

"If your goal-holy fuck-is to make me come as soon as possible-fuck-you're succeeding," Riker whined.

"Good," Jeff grunted in response as he grip tightened around Riker's legs. Riker just whined as his back arched off the table again and his grip tightened along the edge. Jeff smiled smugly and moved one hand to grab at Riker. Riker let out a surprised yelp, which immediately turned into a groan. Jeff chuckled and tightened his grip, pushing Riker even closer to the edge.

Then, Jeff gave a particularly hard thrust and Riker let out a high-pitched keen as the tension flooded out of his body. Jeff smiled smugly and then swore loudly as he released also. Jeff collapsed against Riker's chest then as they both tried to get their breath back.

"Good thing no one decides to randomly pop in like they did in the old apartment," Riker panted.

"We lived with Carter and Lily, and then Kamryn and Macen, what did you expect?" Jeff asked in response. Riker chuckled and ran his fingers through Jeff's hair as he kissed Jeff's forehead.

"You make a valid argument, Mr. Castellan," Riker chuckled. Jeff smiled at that and nipped lightly at Riker's shoulder.

"You're never going to get tired of that, are you?" Jeff asked as he smiled against Riker's skin. Riker shook his head and wrapped himself around Jeff.

"Never," Riker added before pressing a kiss to Jeff's mouth. Jeff huffed out a laugh and then kissed Riker's forehead before swatting at Riker's ass.

"C'mon. We should clean up the table. You're dripping all over it," Jeff chuckled.

"Totally your fault," Riker replied as he shoved Jeff off of himself and then sat up. Jeff smiled and scrunched up his nose. Riker smiled and kissed Jeff's nose before sliding off of the table and immediately walking over to grab the Clorox wipes to clean off the table. He tossed them to Jeff, who let out a little squeal as he caught them. Riker laughed and kissed Jeff's temple before going to collapse onto the couch.

"Put a blanket down," Jeff called out.

"Yep," Riker replied as he obeyed and then sat down on top of it, grabbing his phone from the coffee table.

"Pretty sure by the end of next week everything in this apartment will have been washed at least twice," Jeff snorted as he collapsed onto the couch with Riker.

"Mmh. Either that or we just leave a layer of cum in our wake," Riker hummed.

"As much as I would like that, I don't think the others would. Especially since we're going to be on Jude watching duty within the next few days," Jeff replied as he tangled their legs together.

"Yeah. Addie might kill us if we destroy Jude's impressionable mind," Riker chuckled as he opened up twitter and raised one knee to his chest. Jeff's eyes immediately ducked down, but Riker didn't really notice as he saw the newest tweet from the girl who had been tweeting about her neighbors.

Man, I was so sure the neighbors were both dudes, but the octave one of them just hit was impressive. Maybe he's just got range. Congrats!

Riker's brow furrowed as he read this, because the tweet had been sent to twitter not that long ago. Actually, it had been sent right around the time he and Jeff had been going at it in the kitchen.

Then, Jeff ducked down and officially brought Riker's mind away from his phone and twitter as he began to lick at Riker's skin. Riker let out a gasp and dropped his phone before his fingers twined into Jeff's hair. Jeff just chuckled against Riker, effectively ending the train of thought Riker had just had about the girl tweeting about her neighbors.


"Alright, guys! That's it for today!" Riker called out as he clapped his hands once. His dance students all immediately dropped to the floor dramatically and he chuckled. "Don't be so dramatic. I know you're all gonna go off to parties or something. You're high schoolers and it is summer break."

"You think we're really that cool, do you?" Ryan, one of the students, asked.

"Hey, I was," Riker replied with a shrug.

"Yeah, well, you were also on a television show and went to boarding school," Sarah retorted with a snort as the other students laughed.

"You bring up a valid point," Riker told her with a chuckle. Sarah just smirked and scrunched up her nose as she picked herself up from the floor and walked over to her bag.

"How many tickets do we get for the show next month?" Bert asked as he slung his bag over his shoulder.

"Four, but we can negotiate once it gets closer," Riker replied, ruffling Bert's hair as he passed. Bert just smiled and ducked away from Riker.

"Yeah, Bert, you can totally have two of mine. I know it is just gonna be my parents coming," Josh said as he walked over to Bert and clapped his shoulder. Bert just snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Don't count on that just yet, Josh," Riker said as he pointed towards the sixteen year old. Josh just smiled and rolled his eyes as he threw an arm over Lola's shoulder before they walked out.

"Riker!" a small voice suddenly squealed before a five year old slammed into his legs. Riker caught his balance and then chuckled as the rest of his students that were milling around snorted at him. Then, Riker looked down to see Jude looking up at him with an innocent smile, her green eyes sparkling.

"Hello, Judey Bear," Riker chuckled as he scooped her up and kissed her cheek loudly.

"Mommy just finished her class too!" Jude told Riker.

"Oh yeah?" Riker asked. Jude nodded happily in response, a few curls breaking free from the pull to her ponytail and bouncing around her face. "And did you have fun in class today?"

"Yeah! Mommy say I am doing good!" Jude replied as she pushed her curls out of her face. Riker smiled and pressed a kiss to Jude's cheek again.

"You are doing really well, Jude! I saw you dancing when I went to go get a drink," Angela assured Jude as she walked towards the exit. Jude just giggled happily and scrunched up her nose. Angela smiled and rolled her eyes before walking over to kiss Jude's cheek. Jude was a student favorite in the studio. Everyone knew her since Addie was one of the ones who owned the studio, Riker being the other owner.

"Thank you," Jude added shyly. Angela just smiled and ruffled Jude's hair before walking off with Ryan.

"Ah, okay. I figured Jude ran into here," Addie breathed as she walked into the room with her bag over her shoulder.

"Mhm," Riker hummed as he shifted Jude to his other hip and grabbed his own bag and pulled out his cell phone to send Jeff a text to let him know that he would be home soon.

"I safe, Mommy. Everyone knows me!" Jude exclaimed as she wrapped her small arms around Riker's neck.

"I know, baby girl. Doesn't mean I don't still worry sometimes," Addie replied as she turned off the lights inside and turned on the lights to the sign outside that broadcasted that they were On Pointe Studios.

"You worry lots," Jude said as Addie locked the front doors.

"It's her job to worry, Judey girl," Riker told her, knowing that Addie wouldn't delve into the story of why she really worried so much for at least another ten years.

"Kaiden doesn't. He like my daddy," Jude commented.

"Yes, well Kaiden likes to think he is a fun daddy," Addie giggled as she tapped Jude's nose and causing her to giggle.

"We take bus?" Jude asked, pointing to the bus stop on the corner.

"Jude, you know we only take the bus when the weather is bad or we aren't going straight home," Addie replied.

"You're not even walking, Jude. I am carrying you," Riker laughed, poking at the five year olds stomach. Jude giggled again and shoved Riker's hand away from her stomach. Addie smiled and rolled her eyes as she adjusted her bag on her shoulder.

"I know. We take elevator, though?" Jude asked. "I like elevator."

"Yes, we are going to take the elevator. I live on the sixth floor and you live on the eighth. No way are we taking the stairs after dancing for hours," Riker told her.

"Yay!" Jude exclaimed happily, throwing her hands into the air. Addie laughed and shook her head as she tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"To this day, I do not understand why you like elevators so much, sweetie," Addie commented. Jude just shrugged in response and played with the neckline of Riker's tank top. Riker smiled and kissed Jude's cheek as they reached their building and Addie opened the door.

"Thanks, Adds," Riker breathed out as he walked over towards the elevators and hitting the up button.

"Nah, thanks for carrying her back. She is getting too big for me," Addie replied with a snort.

"Because you small, Mommy," Jude giggled as she scrunched up her nose.

"I know. At this rate you're gonna be as tall as me by the time you're seven," Addie commented. Jude just laughed again and shook her head before burying her face in Riker's shoulder as they walked onto the elevator. Jude immediately wiggled out of Riker's arms and pressed the button for sixth floor, looking extremely pleased with herself. Riker and Addie exchanged glances as they smiled and shook their heads.

"Jeeeeeefffff!" Jude immediately sang out loudly as she ran off of the elevator and towards Riker and Jeff's apartment.

"Jude, inside voice," Addie scolded. Though, Jude probably didn't hear her because at that moment Jeff opened the door and pulled Jude to his chest, causing Jude to let out a high-pitched giggle.

"Ah! I caught a Judey Bear!" Jeff exclaimed as he pretending to bite at Jude's neck as she giggled hysterically.

"Not food, Jeffy!" Jude exclaimed through her giggles.

"No way," Jeff gasped as he placed her back on her feet and gave her a wide-eyed stare. Jude just giggled and pat Jeff's cheeks before running into the apartment and into the kitchen where they all knew she was going to grab a juice box from the refrigerator. Jeff just turned to Riker and kissed him lightly before leaning against the door jam. "How were classes today?"

"Good," Riker and Addie replied in unison as Addie leaned against the wall by the door and Riker leaned into Jeff.

"It was a busy day, though. I am so ready to just take a long, hot shower, and then crash," Riker breathed out as he leaned into Jeff's chest. Addie snorted with laughter and rolled her eyes.

"Oh please, like that is actually going to happen. Aren't you two still christening this place?" Addie asked. "I mean, you've only officially lived here, like, three weeks. Three weeks which followed your honeymoon. You're still in prime sex time."

"To be honest, we have actually christened pretty much everything," Jeff replied. "We may or may not have almost broken the dining room table."

"Jesus. I've never known people who break so many things," Addie breathed out as she shook her head.

"Riker and Jeff break things?" Jude asked as she plodded back towards them, juice box held to her mouth.

"Mhm. They have definitely broken a few things," Addie laughed in response as she ran a hand over Jude's head as Jude leaned into her hip.

"Do they get in trouble like when I break things?" Jude asked.

"No, sweetie. These are their things. I don't think they're going to punish themselves…I would hope," Addie replied as she looked over at Riker and Jeff with a raised eyebrow as they snorted. "Plus, you only get in trouble when you break something on purpose."

"Mmh," Jude hummed in response as she sipped at her juice box. "We go home soon? I wanna cuddle with Kaiden."

"Yes, we will. But you need a bath first," Addie replied as she leaned down to scoop up her daughter, whose body was beginning to go slack with exhaustion.

"Kay," Jude breathed out as she leaned heavily into Addie's shoulder.

"Do you want me to carry her up?" Riker asked Addie, who shook her head.

"Nah. I will just be a lazy bum and take the elevator," Addie replied as Jeff smiled and twined his fingers together where they were rested on Riker's hip. Then, the door to the apartment next door open and a teenage boy with dark hair appeared carrying a trash bag. All three of them looked over and Addie smiled.

"Oh, hi, Danny!" she chirped, bringing his attention to her. The boy looked over then and smiled at Addie and Jude.

"Hi, Addie…oh god," the boy suddenly squeaked as he flailed and fell back into the doorway as he spotted Riker and Jeff, whose brows pulled together. The boy fell to the floor, trash bag forgotten, and scrambled into his apartment. "Artie! Oh my god, Artie!"

"What the hell?" Jeff asked, looking around the doorway at where the boy disappeared.

"Mommy, why did Danny do that?" Jude asked, expression confused.

"Wait, you know him?" Riker asked as he looked at Addie, who looked back and nodded.

"Yeah. He's in one of my classes," Addie replied as they heard Danny scrambling around his apartment and hissing something at whoever he was talking to. They were all looking towards the still open door when a small girl suddenly poked her head out of the doorway. Her green eyes immediately widened and she let out a squeak before ducking back into the apartment.

"Oh my god!" they heard her squeal.

"I know!" Danny exclaimed in response. Riker, Jeff, and Addie exchanged confused glances as Jude huffed out a breath and rested her head back on Addie's shoulder. Then, Danny and the girl both poked their heads out of the door again, drawing the attention of Riker, Jeff, and Addie back to them.

"Ohmygod," the girl breathed as Danny just nodded. Then, Danny looked at Addie and walked over to her and smiled at Jude, who smiled and waved at him.

"You know them?" Danny asked, gesturing to Riker and Jeff.

"Yeah. I've known them for about four years. Riker is the other owner of the dance studio," Addie replied. "Why?"

"Oh god. This is actually happening. Danny, this is our life," the girl gasped out as she walked out of the apartment. Danny just nodded in response, easily pulling Jude into his arms as she reached for him.

"I am so confused," Jeff breathed, eyebrows knit together. The girl looked over at Jeff, and then glanced at Riker, before breaking into a fit of giggles.

"You guys are the loud neighbors," the girl giggled. "Y'know. Going at it all the time. Really loudly."

"Totally knew you guys were still going at it all the time," Addie breathed as she shook her head. "It's like you're making up for the time Jude and I stayed in your dorm in college and you couldn't."

"You know what, Addison, shut your mouth," Riker replied, pointing at her as she laughed.

"Oh my god. This is not happening though," the girl gasped out. "I've been tweeting about you for the past few weeks, and you've been seeing them!"

"What?" Riker and Jeff asked in unison, eyebrows knit together with confusion as Danny snorted with laughter.

"I'm the one you randomly decided to follow back last year. And now I've been tweeting about my neighbors having loud sex and it is you. Oh my god, let me die. Daniel, what even," the girl breathed out. Riker really looked at her then, taking in her form. She was small like Addie, but had slightly angled features, giving her a pixie-ish quality. She and Danny both had dark hair and green eyes.

"What?" Riker finally gasped out.

"Yeah," she said nervously. "I mean, it's not like I mentioned your names directly in the tweets. How could I? I didn't know it was you guys. And wow, this is just a giant ball of awkward now. Anyway¸ my name is Artemis, and this is my younger brother, Danny."

"Wow. Okay, this just made my night," Addie laughed as she pulled Jude back to her chest. "What do you think, Judey girl? How about we go tell Kaiden this nice little story about his baby cousin?"

"I just wanna cuddle," Jude complained as she buried her face in Addie's shoulder. Addie smiled and rolled her eyes as she rubbed Jude's back.

"And that is my cue to go home. I will see you guys tomorrow," Addie said.

"Mhm. Night, Adds," Riker replied, reaching over to kiss Addie's cheek, and then Jude's.

"Love you," Jeff added as he repeated Riker's actions.

"So, you two are super loud. Just thought I would let you know," Danny chuckled once Addie and Jude were gone.

"Oh my god, Daniel, you can't just straight up say shit like that!" Artemis hissed as she slapped her younger brother.

"Well, it's not like you haven't been tweeting about it for the past month," Riker snorted as he raised an eyebrow at her and leaned against the door jam. She immediately flushed but took a defensive stance.

"Yeah, well, I didn't know it was famous people who were fucking at all hours of the day and breaking things and hitting all kinds of ranges during climaxes," Artemis retorted.

"Hey, I take pride in his range. I had to push a lot to get him to work on it," Jeff huffed out as he crossed his arms over his chest. Danny immediately snorted and Artemis fought a smile.

"Oh my god, Jeffry," Riker breathed as he rubbed his temples. "You made that sound dirty and you know we worked on range in singing."

"Yeah, but that leaks into your moans. I would know. We've been fucking each other for almost seven years now," Jeff snorted in response. Artemis let out a giggle then and Danny roared with laughter. Riker just nodded slightly and shrugged one shoulder.

"I am aware of this by now. Our friends don't let us forget," Riker added. Jeff smiled and rolled his eyes as he collapsed against Riker's chest and wrapped his arms tightly around Riker's waist. Then, Jeff turned to Artemis and Danny and smirked.

"Now, if you don't mind, I am going to take my husband into our apartment and help him unwind after the long day of dancing I know he just did," Jeff said. Artemis and Danny immediately snorted and rolled their eyes.

"I would expect nothing less with the way he looks in those pants," Artemis scoffed. Jeff just winked and started pushing Riker into the apartment as Riker chuckled and grabbed into the belt loops of Jeff's pants and buried his nose behind Jeff's ear.

"You're not playing fair," Riker whispered. Jeff chuckled and waved to Artemis and Danny before shutting and locking the door.

"Since when do we ever play fair together?" Jeff asked in response.

"Touché," Riker chuckled.

"Don't think we're gonna stop tweeting now that we know it's you!" Danny called out.

"Don't worry! We didn't expect it and we're used to it!" Riker replied, only to squeal a second later as Jeff pinched his ass. Jeff let out a giggle as Riker glared down at him and then pinched at Riker's ass again before bolting off towards the bedroom. Riker just laughed and dropped his bag before chasing after Jeff.


"I can't believe you two fucking broke a chair," Kaiden breathed as he stared at the broken chair on the floor next to the dining room table. Riker just shrugged from where he was standing leaning against the doorway leading into the kitchen.

"We almost broke a table a few weeks ago, what makes you think the chairs were safe?" Riker added. Kaiden snorted and shook his head.

"Like, I seriously do not even feel comfortable sitting on any surface in your apartment," Kaiden told him.

"What? Do you think we don't clean up after ourselves or something?" Jeff asked as he walked into the room. "Because, really, the only place you should not want to sit or whatever is our bed."

"Valid," Riker agreed.

"My god, you two just fuck all the time, don't you?" Kaiden asked as he sat down on the couch.

"Hey, we're slowing down," Jeff said as he pointed over at Kaiden.

"Sure you are. That's why the dining room chair is broken," Kaiden scoffed. "Because, like, seriously, how does that even happen?"

"Really, really intense strength mixed with tongue action," Jeff replied with a smirk.

"Aw! No! C'mooooon!" Kaiden complained loudly.

"You're the one who asked. He didn't even say exactly what was happening," Riker chuckled.

"No, he didn't. But now I know because I can guess what position you two were in based on what I have walked in on before! Jesus!" Kaiden exclaimed. "Your poor neighbors deal with all these noises, don't they?"

"Yeah, they do. They use it to their advantage and tweet about it," Riker replied as he walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

"What? Are you serious?" Kaiden asked.

"Mhm. Artemis and Danny like to tweet about our sex life. They don't mention names now that they know who we are, but they still tweet about it," Jeff replied. "Artemis has taken a liking to cheering us on if we're in the bedroom. It is kind-of a mood killer."

"Damn. No wonder everything always stops after I do that. I will keep that in mind," Artemis giggled as she walked into the apartment.

"Honestly, what do you expect?" Riker laughed as he sat down on the couch with Jeff and curled into Jeff's side. Artemis shrugged and plopped down onto the free chair.

"I don't know, to be honest. For you to get louder to annoy me or something? I dunno," she added. Jeff snorted and shook his head as he ran his fingers through Riker's hair. Then, Artemis looked over at noticed Kaiden. She smiled widely and waved. "Hi, I'm Artemis!"

"I'm Kaiden," Kaiden replied as he raised an eyebrow.

"You and Riker look a lot alike," Artemis commented.

"Because he is my older cousin. Our dads were twins," Riker told her.

"Ah. It all makes sense now," Artemis breathed as Jeff snorted and shook his head.

"I swear, Artemis, you have issues," Jeff told her. Artemis smiled widely over at him and pulled her knees up to her chest.

"What do you expect? I'm a twenty-five year old living with my fifteen year old brother and tweeting about you two fucking when I'm not at work," Artemis replied.

"I swear, you attract the strange people, Riker," Kaiden breathed.

"Yeah, and you're practically married to one of my friends, so don't go throwing things like that around," Riker laughed in response. Kaiden smiled and shrugged in response.

"You've got me there," he added.

"Aw, you're such a lovesick puppy, Kaiden," Jeff giggled as he tossed a pillow at Kaiden's head. Kaiden caught the pillow and made a face at Jeff before throwing it back as Jeff continued to giggle.

"So, anyway, I see you guys broke a chair. I'd say I missed something while I was at work," Artemis said, nodding over towards the broken chair.

"That you did," Jeff told her with a smirk as Riker smiled smugly.

"So, who was the one who actually broke the chair?" Artemis asked, looking between them with one eyebrow raised.

"I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Riker. I am pretty sure Jeff does not have the strength to break a chair with his arms like that," Kaiden said.

"You are correct," Jeff chuckled. "Plus, if it had been me I wouldn't be so smug."

"Valid point. Riker was all too smug the other day when you almost broke the shower," Artemis laughed as she slouched down in her chair.

"You guys almost broke the shower?" Kaiden exclaimed.

"Well, a part of it," Riker replied. "Namely the door."

"Oh my god. I am never letting Jude inside this apartment ever again," Kaiden breathed.

"Last time I checked, that is not your decision," Riker said. "That is up to Addison."

"Yeah. You can't decide things like that until you've got adoption papers signed and stuff. Which, you know, also includes marrying Addie," Jeff added.

"No. Nope. We are not having this conversation again!" Kaiden exclaimed loudly as Artemis watched them with a small smile on her face.

"We wouldn't be having this conversation all the time if you just proposed already! We all know you have the ring! Just ask her!" Riker exclaimed back.

"I don't know how!" Kaiden said.

"Oh my god. It is really not that hard, Kaiden. I fucking did it," Riker snorted.

"Yeah, but you two were also together for six years beforehand and had known each other for twenty," Kaiden retorted.

"Oh, you give your baby cousin too much credit, my friend," Jeff said. "I know for a fact that during the week he asked me he had forgotten to take his medications, at least, three times and he was super paranoid and ready to have an emotional breakdown."

"Hey, we don't talk about those times," Riker complained as he buried his face in Jeff's shoulder. Jeff just smiled and kissed the top of Riker's head as he carded his fingers through Riker's hair.

"I will do what I want at this point to avoid you doing such again," Jeff replied.

"You know what, that time wasn't nearly as bad as the other ones, so there," Riker grumbled as Jeff continued to run his fingers through Riker's hair.

"Yeah, well, from what I've heard that is a good thing," Kaiden said as he leaned over to kick Riker's leg lightly.

"I hate you all," Riker grumbled as he got up and stomped off to the bedroom, tripping over the broken chair on the way. Kaiden smiled slightly and rolled his eyes as Jeff tried to hide a smile even though his eyes showed his worry. Kaiden noticed and got up to plop down next to Jeff.

"Hey, he took his meds today, right?" Kaiden asked as he slung an arm over Jeff's shoulder and pulled Jeff into his side. Jeff just nodded and pulled his knees up to his chest. "Then there shouldn't be anything to worry about."

"That's what you think," Jeff breathed out. Artemis looked at Jeff with her lips pressed together and then skipped over to press into Jeff's free side.

"What's got your panties in a twist?" Artemis asked as she nuzzled into Jeff's side. Jeff just huffed out a sigh and shook his head.

"They don't like to talk about it," Kaiden replied right before the door slammed open and Jude skipped inside.

"Kaaay!" she squealed happily as she ran over to him and barreled into Kaiden's lap. Kaiden let out a small grunt as Addie walked in with a small smile on her face.

"Jude, what did I say about throwing yourself into Kaiden's lap?" Addie asked as she slid out of her shoes and put her bag down by the door after closing it.

"But it's Kaiden, Mommy," Jude said in response.

"I don't care. You know better than to slam into someone's stomach," Addie replied. Then, she seemed to notice the broken chair and snorted. "Ah, I see there was an intense session of eating today at some point with Riker on the receiving end."

"Maybe," Jeff breathed out in response.

"Are you implying they have done this before?" Kaiden asked.

"Oh yeah," Addie replied as Artemis began laughing hysterically. "They did it once when they were still living with Lily and Carter."

"Oh my god, that is priceless," Artemis laughed as she pulled out her phone and started texting. "Oh, and where is my brother?"

"Danny went to your apartment to shower," Addie replied. Then, she looked around with her eyebrows knit together before taking in Jeff's stance. "Where is Riker?"

"Bedroom," Jeff replied.

"And you didn't go after him?" Addie asked. "Remember the last time you didn't go after him? Do you want that to happen again, Jeffry? Because, seriously…"

"No!" Jeff exclaimed, cutting Addie off. "I know perfectly well what the fuck happened last time I didn't follow him but I also know he won't want to fucking talk about it right now. Jesus fucking Christ, you'd think I would know my husband well enough after twenty-one fucking years."

"Jeff…" Addie started but Jeff ignored her as he stomped off down the hallway to the guest bedroom. Jude stared after Jeff with wide eyes before looking over at Addie.

"Jeffy use bad words, Mommy," Jude whispered loudly.

"I know, sweetie," Addie replied.

"What was that all about?" Artemis asked with wide eyes.

"Touchy subject. Don't worry about it," Kaiden replied. Then, they all heard a door quietly open, before another opened and then closed quietly. "Hm. I wonder which one of them switched rooms."

"Riker," Addie breathed as she rolled her eyes. "I should probably go make sure they're okay so we will see Jeff again before tomorrow night."

"Nahway. Jeff got mad at you. Let me do it. I am outside the situation," Artemis said as she jumped up from the couch and immediately walked quietly down the hallway. She came to a stop outside of the guest room door and listened intently.

"I'm sorry," she heard Riker whisper.

"You have nothing to be sorry for," Jeff whispered back, his voice sounding a bit thick.

"Saying that doesn't change what I think," Riker replied.

"I'd hope it would after eleven years," Jeff said.

"I will never stop being sorry for making you worry," Riker sniffed out.

"It's my job to worry," Jeff crooned. Artemis heard Riker huff out a sigh and the sound of sheets shifting as they probably curled around each other. Artemis let out a breath and then knocked on the door lightly.

"Guuuuys, it's meeee," she sang quietly. She heard them both chuckle quietly.

"C'mon in, Artemis," Riker said. Artemis immediately smiled to herself and opened the door. She was immediately met with the scene of Riker and Jeff curled up together tightly, both their faces a bit tear streaked. She froze for a second though, a little shocked that Riker was the one curled up in Jeff's arms with his head tucked securely beneath Jeff's chin. Once she got passed her shock, she closed the door and walked over to crawl onto the bed carefully.

"You guys okay in here?" she asked. "They both seemed a little worried out there. Jude more because Jeff dropped the f-bomb quite a few times."

"Yeah, we're fine," Riker replied with a sniff as Jeff's fingers carded through Riker's hair. "And if they were so worried maybe Addie shouldn't have said what she did."

"Mhm," Jeff hummed in agreement.

"She was just worried, guys," Artemis said. Riker and Jeff both shrugged in response.

"She should know better by now," Riker added.

"Mmh. Maybe she is just protective over whatever this shit is," Artemis said.

"More protective than she needs to be. It is Miri's and my job to be overly protective," Jeff grumbled, which managed to bring a small smile to Riker's face.

"What? And not Curt or Alyssa's?" Artemis asked, having already learned about the two of them.

"Not as much," Riker replied. "They've only known for six years."

"What is this even about, anyway?" Artemis asked. "You know, if you even feel like telling me. I understand if you don't want to."

"No, it's okay," Riker huffed out before shifting slightly to expose his forearms to Artemis. She immediately scooted closer and wrapped a hand lightly around his wrist, eyes calculating. Then, she lifted her eyes to Riker's and gave him a small smile.

"As long as you don't anymore," she said. Riker immediately dropped his gaze and Jeff huffed out a breath. Artemis raised one eyebrow and looked at Jeff.

"It is a rare occurrence now, but it happens every once in a while. The norm seems to be once a year. Usually if he is really stressed or upset over something…or if he doesn't take his medications for a few days," Jeff told her as he held Riker closer and Riker buried his face tightly into Jeff's shoulder. Artemis just shrugged and then shifted her hand from Riker's wrist in order to twin their fingers together.

"At least it is under control. I am assuming it used to be worse," Artemis said. Jeff just nodded and pressed his lips together. Artemis let out a sigh and then smiled slightly. "Hey, wanna see something that might cheer you up?"

"What did you do?" Riker asked, voice muffled against Jeff's shoulder. Artemis giggled and bounced closer to Riker to press up against his back.

"Get on your twitter and see," she added.

"Oh god," Riker grumbled, immediately pulling his phone out of his pocket and opening up twitter on it. Once Riker found the tweets he let out a snort and nudged Artemis with his foot.

"What?" Jeff asked. Riker just smiled and handed Jeff his phone so he could see Artemis' tweets. The first one read 'walked into my neighbor's apartment today to see that they managed to break a chair. Obv missed something while I was at work *sigh*' which was then followed by one that read 'OHMYGOD, I JUST FOUND OUT THEY HAVE BROKEN A CHAIR BEFORE DURING SEX. THIS IS WHY I AM NOW FRIENDS WITH THEM *cackles*'.

"You have a problem," Riker chuckled as he pulled Artemis to his side as she giggled.

"But you love me anyway," she added.

"That we do. For reasons unknown," Jeff said. Artemis just smiled and cuddled into Riker's side as they all fell into a comfortable silence until Jude ruined it a few minutes later by barreling into the room and jumping on top of them as she giggled.