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Chapter Eight

"Did you like have a Spiderman moment and sense I was in danger?"

"For the last time, No! Now shut up" Camden groaned, rolling over onto his side away from my view.


"I said shut up!"

I sighed, huddling my knees to my chest comfortably. I was smiling stupidly now, thankful that the atmosphere around us had eased a little so talking didn't seem so scary anymore. Camden was still guarded and psychotic as usual but now he didn't seem like he would spit harsh words my way if I asked anything though he did get annoyed. I had constantly been asking how he managed to find me out of all the streets he could have searched, I even threw out some superhero theories, except radioactive spiders and kryptonite. I wasn't as stupid as Bella from Twilight, man I hated that series.

"It's just weird you know? Very cliché if you ask me" I said quietly while resting my chin on my kneecaps.

We came back to the scary warehouse, ignoring fully that this was Camden's apparent home. It still stung to know these were his living conditions. I still was eager to know what happened to him ever since he was taken in and why was he still hiding but still I was afraid to ask. We still weren't at that place where I could ask him anything and he would happily answer, in fact he seemed moodier than ever.

"Your screams weren't exactly quiet, besides what other direction would you go home in?" he mumbled as he sat up again.

The torch was our only source of light as of still and with it pitch black outside, it was harder to see much of his face unless he was in direct view of the light.

"I guess..." I muffled into my knees while sighing.

It was a little boring and I wasn't feeling very tired since I slept earlier. I longed to talk with Camden but that idea was out of proportion right now so I drowned in my pitiful sorrows of boredom. Not exactly sure where to go from here, I mean it was obvious I would stay the night here but what would happen tomorrow? Or the day after? I couldn't possibly stay here forever; for one thing I hardly had much cash left on me to last the next day. I had work on Saturday's and not to forget I still have school! I shook my head. No, I can't stay here. I turned my head to peer at Camden who now was rested on the floor, elbow folded under his resting face with the glow of the torch barely touching his features. Maybe he was tired from all the running away he had to do? Was he actually going to sleep all the time?

"Quit staring at me princess."

His voice made me jump and flush as I turned my head away. How did he even notice me staring? There was that annoying nickname again. I fiddled with the loose thread peering out from the side of my jeans while listening to the sounds of the howling wind outside.

"I wasn't staring" I mumbled with annoyance.

It was surprising to hear him lightly chuckle that I almost thought I imagined it. I felt myself tingle at the sound; it was so light and calming which was strange coming from such a person. I glanced at him to see his slightly amused face even though his eyes were closed.

"Whatever you say princess" he said, pride dripping in his voice.

I rolled my eyes. "I said my name is Emmy."

"Yeah yeah, I don't really care" he brushed off, breaking out a yawn.

You can tell my patience was slowly fading away as my eyebrow twitched.

"You can't seriously be tired can you? You slept not long ago."

His eyes opened as he lifted his face in direct rays of the torchlight and I almost caught my breath at the intense stare coming from him with his green eyes. They didn't look too happy. I swallowed, feeling my throat drying instantly.

"Are you going to shut up anytime soon?" he glared.

I frowned, narrowing my eyes at him in return. With a smirk I replied.

"Not likely."

He groaned, sitting up and running a hand over his face before stringing fingers through the front locks of his hair. By this I was taken into a trance as I watched him swipe away his hair away from his eyes. What a pity he was such an asshole, if he was nicer then he would have been more popular with everyone. His personality ruined his image.

"You're so annoying. Eugh fine..." he mumbled some incoherent words which I ignored.

I felt a little happier, at least now he would talk or I hoped he would. I smiled to myself. Camden sighed while setting himself back onto the boxes behind while looking up as if he were thinking of something to say.

"So, how's the King doing?" he suddenly asked, breaking the silence.

I blinked. "The King?" Then it hit me. "Oh, you mean Blake?"

I saw his face harden and I swallowed. He brought it up so...

"Well I guess he's okay... I mean he's as he always was. Nothing's changed."

This seemed to have hit a weak spot in Camden's barrier because he began to mumble curse's that made me wince. Even now he still hated him but I guess that's normal. The guy did send him to prison after all and not just once.

"What about after they found him?" his voice suddenly lowering to an icy tone.

I suddenly felt this was going towards a bad end. Was he talking about when Blake was taken into hospital after what he did to him? Shuddering at the thought I looked away with hesitation.

"He was... in a pretty bad state I guess..."

Camden scoffed bitterly. "Good."

Appalled, I jerked my head back to him to see if he was actually serious. Just hearing him talk like that was enough to get my goose bumps going and I wasn't sure if I liked it. Maybe I could change the subject.

"Soo, how long have you been out?" I averted with a soft voice, trying to lift the mood.

It didn't seem to work and only made Camden's frown deepen. I bit my lip nervously as he looked at me with an arched eyebrow. I felt myself going red. How very bold of me to ask a personal question. I mentally banged my head.

"S-Sorry, I guess I shouldn't have asked-"

"2 weeks."

I froze and looked up with disbelieving eyes. 2 WEEKS?! He's been out of prison for 2 weeks now and no one knew? How was that even possible? Surely Blake would have found out his attacker was released from prison unless... My eyes studied him warily, wondering if he maybe...ran away.

"What's with the look?"

I jumped and looked away, tucking a lock of my hair behind my ear out of nerves. Should I be here with this guy? If he actually had ran away... I was literally risking my life. My arms curled around me once more, rubbing at them. Whether it was out of fear or just to help build heat I had no clue.

"Nothing... So you've been staying here for 2 weeks?" I said edging away from the fact I must have looked freaked out. I hoped he didn't notice.

"No" he replied sternly.

Well that was greatly detailed. Could he have said where else he had been? Suddenly I felt a tug on a lock of my hair on the left side of my head and I jerked on seeing a hand pulling at it.

"W-What are you doing?!" I yelped in shock, trying to flinch away and swat his hand from his strange touch.

His pale face seemed blank as his green eyes seemed to narrow at my hair. My heart jumped up my throat as I watched him hold a lock with his index finger and thumb.

"You're not related to your family by blood, are you?"

I seized a gasp as I froze, eyes widened in perplexity. My body went ice cold from his sudden accusation and what was worse? He hit the nail on the head and yet he knew nothing about me. I stared deep into his green eyes in bewilderment, too shocked to speak as my mouth hung open. He continued to stare back with a blank doll look before smirking.

"Got that right haven't I?" he murmured, dropping my hair and resting his hand on his knee.

Nausea was starting to come up and the flashes of bloody images kept swirling round my head while all I felt was insanity and voices I wanted to forget.

"That... That's insane! Of course I'm related to Karen and my mom by blood!" I suddenly defended, tearing down the icy block stuck in my throat.

His eyes narrowed but his smirk remained. "Yeah right, I could tell after seeing that photo. You weren't in it, besides your whole family are blondies. Where did your hair come from?"

"Hair follicle's" I replied sardonically.

"Very funny smartass, I meant your hair colour" he frowned, obviously not impressed with my knowledgeable sarcasm.

I hated he was delving into my personal life so easily and knew everything while I could barely ask him what he's been up to since he got out! My anger hurled in circles inside my body. I crossed my arms and turned away from his scrutinising stare.

"That's none of your business" I repeated the familiar sentence.

He let out a laugh which I couldn't decipher whether it was bitter or not so I ignored it. My face fell as I thought about my family life. He was right... I wasn't blood related to Karen or mom and dad. In fact, I was always constantly reminded of it by Karen. Whenever she wanted to hurt me emotionally then she would snap out a line about how I wasn't related to this family by blood. I was but a mere stranger who was joined to this family by pieces of paper and it hurt. It hurt more than anything to know that. I grew used to it of course, ignoring her reminders knowing I was an adopted child. I was 4 when I was orphaned... Then I met Luke, my adopted father at the hospital when he overheard my situation. I had no other family or that was what I was told and Luke took me in. He never once let me live with the absence of a father's love and introduced me to his family. My new mother, Alison and his daughter, Karen. I was surprised to find Karen was my age only I was a month older than she was and our first meeting didn't go down well. I guess the idea of sharing her father's attention didn't appeal to her and I couldn't blame her. But at that time, I didn't understand anything, I was too afraid and was in a state of trauma from what had happened to me and it would continue to haunt me for the rest of my life.

It was worse when Dad died. Alison wasn't extremely fond of me to begin with but something changed her inside and I never understood then but when Dad passed and I grew up, I realised what changed her thoughts on me. Dad had been suffering from blood cancer which explained why he was at the hospital that day he came across me. He was past the stage of trying to save him and still continued to live life to the fullest with happiness. He adored Karen and gave me equal love and for that I would forever be grateful for. I knew Luke would never be my real father but I was able to call him my father for no man would have given me the life I have now. It was father's plea that Alison accepts me fully as one of their own so she succumbed to the guilt and his plea's and so changed her attitude towards me. But I knew, deep down, I would never appease her and she would never consider me her own but I ignored that fact. It was because of my dad that I lived on happily everyday and forget about all the past traumatic experiences I had and ignore all the negativity life had shot at me. It was what he told me the last night I saw him.

'Never let anyone or anything bring you down, I want you to always keep smiling. I love you my little Emerald.'

"Why are you crying? What did I say now?" Camden suddenly asked alarmed.

I broke out of my thoughts; my hands flew to my face as I wiped my eyes. I didn't even realise I was crying, just thinking about Dad hurt so much and I always tried to heed his words and keep smiling and positive but knowing he wasn't around anymore... My chest clenched tightly like a seat belt closing in on my stomach, forcing all the air out. Out of nowhere, right in front of Camden Brooks in a rundown warehouse, I broke down.

Camden must have been shocked and a little uncomfortable and possibly confused too on seeing me cry suddenly and shifted from side to side, not knowing what to do. All these years I kept it in and now it was pouring out, but why in front of him? Why did it have to be in front of anyone? I didn't want anyone to see me like this.

"Oi... What the hell is up with you?" Camden's slightly shaky voice asked.

I tried holding my sobs and sniffled, wiping my tears with my sleeve before breathing deeply. My cheeks felt warm, this was embarrassing. I can't believe I was crying in front of Camden! I wiped at my face and weakly smile, trying to shrug off the weak side of me.

"N-Nothing! Sorry, that was stupid of me, I don't even know...why..." I tailed off, turning to face him.

His face was staring directly at me, green eyes shooting down at my own with intensity that made me shiver. His eyelashes flitted down as if he was...looking anxious because all hardness had gone from his pale face leaving behind this worried expression. I looked away at once, feeling ashamed. I sighed deeply.

"Forget that just happened. I just... I had a moment I guess" I admitted, feeling nervous.

What would he think of me now? Even more pathetic than usual? Fantastic.

"I get it. Well, as long as it wasn't something I said" he yawned making me jerk back to glare at him.

"Gee, thanks for caring" I hissed through gritted teeth.

His devilish smirk returned as he grinned at me. Well that wasn't...attractive...at all. I looked away, swallowing.

"Like I said princess, I don't really care about anyone. We all got our share of issues, deal with it."

I don't know what to feel then. In a way I was a little disappointed that he had such thoughts about people. How could everyone deal with their own problems themselves? I mean sure I could but mine probably wasn't as bad as other's. When I turned to look at Camden again I began to think if he was going to bottle up his problems forever. Did he really think no one could help? Not that the person he needed was me per se, but someone like a counsellor or perhaps he has relatives? Yeah right, the guy had been abandoned, what family member would take him in?


Wait... What the hell was that? My eyes widened and stared at Camden. He had tilted his head down so his eyes were shadowed by his hair as he fiddled with the zipper of his hoodie. He licked his pinkish lips before speaking again.

"If it was because of the blood related family thing..."

Oh my god. Oh my god, he was actually apologising because he thought I was crying about him pointing out that I wasn't related to my family by blood? I guess in a way that was true, he triggered my stupid memories. But unbelievable, I think I must be asleep or perhaps those drunks really did get me and killed me and I was being delusional or something. Like Camden Brooks would apologize for anything, forget saying sorry to a random girl he tried to kill and forgot within a second. I laughed nervously.

"That's an attractive laugh" he mumbled sarcastically.

I looked down knowing my face was red as I raised a hand to my forehead. It was pretty warm, I'm sure I'm asleep. I checked my pulse in case it was at a strange pace.

"What are you doing?" his voice spoke again.

"Oh you know, checking how long it will be until I wake up. Those drunks must have left me unconscious and now I'm dreaming that I'm back at this warehouse with you" I rambled on cheerfully.

Camden arched a perfectly dark eyebrow, looking at me as if I were an alien.

"Are you high on something?" he eyed me up and down.

I glared at him. "How dare you! Like I'd ever do something like that!" Burning red in rage.

His lips curled into a smirk as he chuckled, I suddenly lost my anger and smiled. God damn his laugh, it really did numbers on my ego. Not to mention erase any anger I felt. What a fiend. I narrowed my green eyes at him in distaste.

He shrugged, cowering his face down into his hoodie so his face was covered up to just the tip of his nose peeking out. "You're in a warehouse with a criminal without telling anyone. Just as bad, don't you think?"

Why did he always seem to know what I was thinking about? I bet he was laughing at me inside and sadly he was right again too. Bastard.

"I had good reason to follow you" I defended, almost pouting like a child at him.

His face turned to me slightly, eyebrow arched again. I knew he was smirking under that material. I raised my nose up slightly to show I still had dignity.

"You obviously needed my help else right now you would be trapped in a 4 wall room and no chance to escape" I said proudly, feeling pleased with my defence.

He snorted which punctured my ego further making me feel very small again. I sunk down and scowled at him as his shoulders shook from laughing. This was a surprise... Camden Brooks was actually laughing at something I said and for once it wasn't bitter or like some psychotic creep. Like Joker from Batman. That guy has some creepy laugh.

"If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten caught at all" he said, still smirking.

"You don't know that" I mumbled, feeling my frown return.

It went quiet for a moment and I could see he was really tired as he curled up and rested his head on his knees. Something tugged at me inside and I did feel sympathy for him, he couldn't stay here for the rest of his life. I tilted my head onto my own knees and watched him warily, wondering what was going through his mind right now. Perhaps I should try again, persuade him to get help and find somewhere stable to stay. He got out 2 weeks ago and I refused to believe he was running away because he broke out, I knew it had to be because he didn't want anyone interfering in his life anymore. The fact he allowed me in his presence was gobsmacking and I was still in shock about it. It proved that I was right though, he did have some goodness in him, it was just he mixed with the wrong people and now everyone hated him. My eyes softened as I watched him start to fall asleep, gentle features smoothed out looking vulnerable and his jaw loose instead of tight. The glint from his earrings lightly gleamed in the little light we had and I had an urge to run my finger across his ear and brush away his strands of hair. My cheeks flushed, these thoughts were almost sinful. I looked away in case he caught me staring again and closed my eyes. I needed to go back home, there was no way we could survive like this and I couldn't betray mom, she trusted me to obey her and I've already broken that. My stomach sunk. I didn't want to leave Camden to drown himself in trouble but I couldn't stay. What should I do?

As I fell into deeper thought I also fell into darkness.

Why did my neck feel so stiff? I groaned groggily as I opened my eyes, seeing sudden light shining through gaps in the warehouse. My throat felt dry but also sore and my nose felt runny. Oh god, I think I've got a cold! Some way through the night I must have fallen flat on the floor and woke up with a painful strain in my neck. Stretching out my neck and body I broke a yawn before sneezing loudly. Suddenly two hands grabbed my neck, throwing me back hard against the boxes behind me. I choked, staring into the brooding green eyes of my attacker. He froze, eyes widened in realization.

"H-Hey! It's-only-me" I said between chokes feeling myself splutter trying to pull his grip off.

His face in the morning looked so young and breakable. It was quite a sight to drink in and he looked petrifying a few seconds ago but now his intense eyes studied me as his chest rose and fell rapidly, his breathing laboured. I sat still, just staring at him. Why did he suddenly attack me like that?

"I thought... Never mind" he shrugged off along with his hands, slowly recoiling them back to his lap.

He leaned back and ran both hands over his face then through his hair as he sighed deeply. I watched him in amazement. Did he think I was an enemy or something? Wow he sure forgot I was here pretty fast. Can't say his memory will be very good when he grows old. I rubbed my collar and neck soothingly, feeling the burn come up as I let out a cough, covering my mouth. He shot a look at me instantly, a look of anxiety on his face.

"Did you catch a cold?" he said quickly, a somewhat strange tone in his voice.

"No I'm fine really, don't worry" I smiled weakly.

I was betrayed by a sneeze. Damn it, why did I have to fall ill now?!

He raised an eyebrow as I huddled closer into my jacket as the morning frost began to take effect. Crap, this was a bad time to fall sick, I hardly got sick and when I did, it was luckily during days I had no classes. Perfect start to the New Year. I rubbed my nose feeling it runny and knew it was slightly pink. I must have looked a sight. When I saw movement I startled, especially seeing a psycho closing in on me. I leaned back as much as I could as he stared intently at me and lifted a hand. I could feel my cheeks going scarlet.

"W-What are you-"

I closed my eyes tight, waiting for the impact but then all I felt was a gentle warmth of a hand placed flat on my forehead, pressing down slightly. I held a gasp and opened my eyes slowly, glancing up to follow his hand back to his body then his face. Was he... Was he checking my temperature? My heart thumped loudly that I was sure he could hear it and yet he sat there all cool and collected while I was flustered to a state. His eyebrows furrowed as his lips pursed. His jaw... God damn.

"Your temperature is rising. You have such a weak immune system" he complained, releasing his hand from my forehead.

I grimaced at once, secretly missing the warmth of his hand on my forehead.

"I do not! I happen to get sick only when the weather is really bad and this is the first time I camped out overnight in a non-heated warehouse" I huffed with irritation, crossing my arms over my chest, suddenly feeling the cold.

He rolled his eyes at me and mumbled something like 'stubborn girl' as he moved back to where his bag and jacket lay. I watched him like a hawk as he reached over for his jacket then handed it over... to me.

My eyes widened, staring at the jacket hanging in his hand like it was on fire. He was offering his jacket... What the hell was going on? Was I dreaming? Again? Either that or-

"Just take it. I'm used to the cold so I'll be fine" he exclaimed, shaking the hand holding the jacket.

I jumped a little feeling my heart jump up my throat. I reached out a shaky hand and curled my fingers around the soft material getting a good grasp of it before he let go. I looked at him in bewilderment as he gazed back, jaw slightly flexing. Heat rushed to my cheeks again as I pulled the jacket to my chest.

"Thank you" I whispered, smiling as I looked at the jacket.

"Tch, whatever" he grumbled.

I didn't care if he acted rude about it but I felt so happy. I pulled the abnormally large jacket around me, feeling instant warmth as his scent overwhelmed my nose. Even with a runny nose I could sniff the fresh smell of winter. This vaguely reminded me of Bella from Twilight when she got high on Edward's coat. That wasn't me right now, Camden had a scent but it was like being outdoors so it wasn't anything to get excited over. Just the feel of his jacket around me had my heartbeat racing. I cleared my throat, rubbing at my nose as we sat in silence. This was awkward; I had no idea what to say. What was the time? I checked my watch to see it 8:49am. Well I was definitely late for school that was a fact. Mom was probably worrying and furious too. The hairs at the back of my neck stood up as I thought about my family. I had to go back didn't I? Camden had to have some plan, how would he survive like this?

"Hey princess..."

I turned my head to look at Camden who was fiddling with some silver block key ring in his hands, jingling. His face from the side seemed distant and unreadable but from the way he spoke just now it sounded like he was going to ask something serious.

"You should go back home."

I froze. "What?"

"You should go back home. You're already falling ill too and I'm not going to deal with that" he said, rather callously too.

Hurt hit me hard and my hopes diminished as my face fell, my hair tumbling around my face to keep it hidden. My fingers fiddled with the edges of his jacket, feeling its softness.

"I don't want to go" I admitted, sounding detached.

There was a pause and then I heard movement. I looked up to see his smouldering green gaze on me once again that almost had me breathless. His jaw tightened and his lips were in a thin line. I felt my insides getting queasy.

"Listen to me. You're nothing but a burden to me so you need to go."

Something sharp sliced at me inside and I gasped quietly, sucking in a sharp breath as I looked away. I could feel it. Tears just dying to come out but I refused to break down in front of him again. How had things changed so drastically from last night? How could he say that? I was a... burden. He actually thought me as a burden and wanted me to go. But why? What changed his mind so suddenly? My hands tightened their hold on his jacket, like I was afraid to let go. No, he wasn't going to boss me around when he felt like it, he can't push everyone away as he wished. I turned back to him with full confidence.

"No. You can't make me go back" I hissed through gritted teeth.

He leaned back, looking a little surprised and taken aback by my sudden burst of confidence. Thought my heart thundered under my ribcage I refused to be pushed away again after last night. I felt like I really got somewhere with him and I couldn't give up now!

His dark glare returned. "Listen princess-"

"No! I don't want to! You keep pushing people away, especially those who desperately want to help you! This is no life for anyone Camden and you need to get help and stop hiding away from everyone" I pleaded, feeling my stomach hurl as I spoke every word with an unknown confidence.

The dark eyes glowered and narrowed dangerously. "Fuck the people! No one fucking cares so I don't fucking care. When you try to trust someone they always let you down, they betray you so I learnt not to trust anyone especially adults who give don't even give a shit about what happens to their kids" he snarled, sneering the last words with such hatred that I held a breath.

He sounded so bitter and cold... From the nice and bearable guy he had been moments ago he changed so quickly. The mention of others helping him seemed to feed his anger and hate. He hated adults... Was it because of his parents? What happened with them and why were they never seen at school even though the teachers knew they were alive and around? Camden's fists shook and I felt my pulse pound, he was getting angry. This wasn't good I had to divert the subject. My eyes softened.

"Trust does need to be earned, I agree it's hard to find someone to trust these days but you can't completely close yourself off. With me for example, I trust you Camden" I whispered, feebly smiling and feeling myself redden at this sort of closeness of our conversation.

He snorted icily. "Because you're naïve and stupid, you trust people too quickly."

I glanced down. "That's not true! Well... Maybe a little but it's because I've never really had friends I could call my own before so I never really experienced the feeling of betrayal. I want to keep myself open, show people that I'm not some weird kid they think is a nerd but someone who has feelings too..." I tailed off, feeling the pain in my voice as I coughed.

There was silence and I took this chance to continue.

"I've always felt alone... Even with the only friends I have at school and they aren't even my own crowd. I share them like I shared my Dad with Karen. My Dad always said to give people a chance and don't close myself off, which is why I guess... I saw the good in you" I looked up and gazed into his eyes warmly.

His face had lost all hardness and anger and now remained but a face that looked taken aback and enthralled by my speech. His eyes were warm and open and I could tell he was listening. I knew I was red but I hoped he saw it as part of my cold. A sneeze escaped and I wiped my nose with my sleeve.

"Bless you."

"Thank you" I smiled shyly as I looked upon him again.

He seemed to frown and turn his face away, deep in thought. I wondered what he was thinking about right now. Did my words move him? Come to think of it, I'm so mortified I even said all that to him! Ahh stupid stupid! I mentally banged my head. Once my mouth opens it just blurts everything out, I was surprised I hadn't said anything about how good his jaw looked as he sat like that in deep thought.

What the hell was I thinking?! I slapped myself.

"I don't have any good in me" he murmured, breaking the silence at last.

I looked up, blinking profoundly. "I don't believe that."

He looked back at me, eyes narrowing in suspicion. "Why?"

We shared glances for a moment before I looked away in hesitation. Should I open my big mouth again? He might think I'm weird or some creepy person. Keep it simple, I told myself. I shrugged.

"I think everyone has some good in them, it's the things they've been through that change them into something else. The person they used to be is never really gone, they're just waiting for the time you can finally open up, release all feelings of hatred and anger and see that life is short so we should live what we have left with happiness in our hearts." I thought of my adopted Dad, he himself repeated these words and saying them out loud made me feel warm and knew he was watching over me.

A snort broke me out of my trance and I glanced back at Camden to see him looking amused.

"You talk some mushy bull princess, that's a load of crap" he smirked.

I frowned, feeling my father's words being threatened but getting angry wouldn't help. I took a deep breath and sighed. "Choose to believe it or not" I said calmly.

He grunted and stood up, brushing the backs of his legs and stretching up. I forced myself to look away as his hoodie and t shirt lifted up so I almost saw the pelt of his skin where his jeans hung from his hips. I blushed and kept my gaze innocent, staring at the wonderful sight of dust and rusty metal on the other side of the warehouse.

"Before mommy dearest has a fit, you better go."

I jerked my head back to him in horror. "Have you heard nothing I said? I'm not going!"

I can't believe I just said that. What was I saying last night again?

Camden didn't look happy and glared those all too dangerous green eyes, eyelashes darkly flitting.

"And I said go. Mixing with me is not good for someone like you; you're already in shit so before it gets worse just go. Tell your mom you got kidnapped or something believable or you stayed at your friends" he waved a hand as if to say it was such a simple task.

I narrowed my eyes. "You think it's that easy?! I bet she has already spoken to my friends and besides, you can't survive out here on your own" I defended; hope just bursting inside me again.

He groaned and ran a hand through his hair. "Bloody girls, this is why I hate them" he mumbled.

I winced but kept up my brooding stare, determined to win my argument. Then I had an idea.

"I'll go" I blurted out, surprising him but he looked suspicious. He ought to be as well. I grinned.

"Only if you come back with me too."

He let out a disheartened laugh, shaking his head. "Nuh uh, I don't play that game princess. It's either you go or I lock you up in here and torture you in ways that you didn't even know possible" he warned, threat dripping evidently making me freeze and catch my breath.

Was he serious?

I swallowed and forced myself to be brave. I couldn't back down.

"Y-Yeah right! Then I-I guess you will just have to torture me then!" I shot back at him.

Was I trying to die?! He seemed just as shocked too and I suddenly realised my words sounded a little... wrong. I blushed and looked away as he smirked; I knew he was enjoying my discomfort.

"Fine by me" his voice replied, suddenly husky and deep that I sucked in a breath.

When I looked back I saw him approaching me slowly, a malicious grin on his face as he edged closer, hands un-curling and curling into fists again. My heart was now accelerating past the limit that was normal for a teenager my age. I could feel my throat burning as if it were on fire and I nervously flinched back as he leaned down close to my face, so close I felt his breath brush my cheek icily and also the scent of winter. So close I felt his warmth radiate off his body and onto mine. So close that our faces could touch if I moved...

He let out a snort and flicked my nose which actually hurt.

"Ow!" I rubbed my nose and glared at him as he laughed happily with himself while I burned red with humiliation.

He got up and grabbed his bag, pulling it over his shoulder before turning to me.

"Your head is on the line should anything go to shit, remember that princess. Now, let's go."

My eyes widened. He agreed to come with me.

Wait a second. He was coming with me. Back home. Where everyone was waiting. I'm in deep trouble.

Yaay, finally they get moving! But what's gonna happen? :P

At least they're on better terms now eh? ;-)

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