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"Welcome to the Black Horse Manor, Ms.- I'm sorry I didn't get your names" a man said, motioning the two figures in front of him.

"Lucile. Lucile Jaqueradez, sir, and this is Isolde Jaqueradez, my niece" the woman introduced herself and the little girl next to her.

"Nice? If you do not mind my asking Ms. Jaqueradez, but where are her parents?" The man was curious about the little girl's immediate family.

"They died a couple of years ago. The father of a farming incident, the mother of illnesss" Lucile replied with no emotion in her voice. As much as she loved her sister, she couldn't support herself much less the little girl she was entrusted with.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry to hear that. May I also ask why did you come here today?"

"Well I am hoping you may have work or job that needs to be filled. You see, Sir, I don't have a job and I am about to run out of resources to help support Isolde and I."

"I see" the master of the manor said, "Well, luckily for you I have a job that needs to be filled. I have recently fired a young boy for taking advantage of my hospitality. He used to work in the fields getting the grapes for the winery. I'll tell you this, if you work hard every day, I will provide for you and your nice a food and shelter."

"Yes, I accept! I promise you, Sir, I won't abuse of your hospitality, and I'll work hard for it!" Lucile said excitedly. Finally she and Isolde won't have to worry about their next meal.

"Just one more condition" he held his hand up. Lucile quickly grew nervous, what other possible thing could this man ask for. She feared for the worst for her nice, but thankfully her worry was all for vain. "If your niece become my son's playmate" he replied.

"Playmate, sir?" the man said chuckling. He couldn't help but laugh at the woman's expression, but at the same time relieved that the woman cared for the child she was entrusted.

"Yes. You see, my son does not have many friends, and those that are live far away and do not have time to come and visit. So he's very lonely and wishes to have someone close to his age to spend the day with" he explained.

"Oh! Oh, then if it that's the case, well, I wouldn't say no, sir. Unfortunately Isolde does not have any friends, so I think she will be happy to finally have a friend" she then turned to the little girl, "Did you hear that, sweetheart? Do you want be friends with the master's son?" the little girl eagerly nodded.

The master chuckled at the girls antics. "Does she talk?" he asked. "Yes, Sir, but she's very shy right now. A few days and she will warm up."

"Good, then" the man opened the door and called his son. The boy came and was introduced to the new members of the Manor.

"Ladies, this is my son, Anthony. Anthony, this is Lucile Jaqueradez and her nice Isolde, they will be joining the Manor today. I expect you to be on your best behavior, and respect them" he introduced the boy. The young child respectfully bowed to the new employees, and turned to his father whispering too his ear, "Father, can the girl be my friend?" The father whispered back, "Well, you won't know if you don't ask, son. Go ahead and ask." He encouraged his son.

Anthony shyly walked up to the little girl, who was hiding behind the woman's leg. When Anthony got close enough, Lucile quietly encouraged the little girl forward.

"Hi" he greeted.

"Hi" she greeted back, her voice soft and barely audible.

"I'm Anthony, what is your name?"

"Isolde" she was still trying to hide behind her aunt.

"Isolde, do you want to be my friend?" he asked and the young girl nodded.

The adults smiled at each other, glad that the children got off to a good start, and a friendship will blossom soon.

"Anthony" the man called, "why don't you and Isolde go and play? Ms. Jaqueradez and I have some things to discuss before nightfall."

"Yes, father" the boy replied. "Ma'am may Isolde come and play with me?"

"Of course, young man" she allowed her nice to go with her new friend. Soon both children were off and out of the room.

"What a nice young man you have there, Sir. A rare quality these days"

"Thank You, Ms. Jaqueradez. I try to teach him to respect others, and other valuable lessons. Now then shall we get to business?" he walked towards his desk, and the two adults talked until nightfall.

Anthony Baker remembered the first time he met Isolde, his best and closest friend. He had many friends, but they were all masters of their households and cared who had the most money and the biggest land. But not her. Not Isolde. With her he felt he could truly be himself. Talk about everything and anything that came to their minds. Even as a servant to the Manor, he held her in the highest regard.

Recently though, he started to see her in a different light, something that others would claim lewdness for such thought towards a servant. It was one thing for a master to sleep with his or her servant. It was anther to fall in love with their servant.

Yes, Anthony Baker was in love with Isolde Jaqueradez, the little orphan girl who came to the manor no less than 14 years ago. If he could admit, they had both blossomed beautifully.

He grew from his boyish ways to sturdier and slightly muscular build. His short brown hair has grown to a slighter dark shade of brown and well below his shoulders. His childhood light green eyes, turned to darker, alluring green eyes. He knew his looks attracted people of both genders, and his money attracted even more, and that made it more difficult for him to choose a life partner.

Isolde grew from her little girly looks slightly slower than he did though, but nonetheless beautiful. Her black shoulder length hair grew to waist length, though her eyes remained the same beautiful amber color. Her body was not so curvy as some other servants and the mistresses who tried to desperately to obtain, but just curvy enough. She had better time than him when it came to attracting people, not many wanted a servant, plain looking girl.

So many nights he woke up from dreams of her. So many he spent them thinking of her laying in his bed, sometimes just lying there, others of writhing and moaning his name. He knew she would come if he commanded her to, but he didn't want her to take her that way. No, if he would it would be by her choice, not by force. But tonight he would have to put these thoughts away, he had a party to host, and his guests would begin wandering where he would have gone to.


So far the party had gone smoothly, with the usual attempts of seduction towards him. Anthony had gone from guest to guest asking the usual questions of health, weather and a possible business partnership. As usual as any ordinary party went.

He still made his rounds, every once in a while bumping into someone or one of the servants. Until he managed to safely arrive in a corner almost hidden from view. He let out a big breath. 'Only a couple more hours and this will be over' he thought. He could still make it before midnight.

"Barely hanging on, eh Anthony?" the voice said behind him.

"Mark, you startled me" Anthony said to the man next to him, "yeah, barely"

"So how many attempts have you had?"

"One too many to count. So how is the business doing?"

"Good thank you for asking. Now that things have dwindled down, I am looking for some fun time."

"Well there are plenty here would want the same thing" Anthony said, referring to the guests and a few servants. It was no secret, it was a common thing, but they brushed it off. How could they judge when they, the wealthy, are doing the exact same thing?

"Ah, yes. But I have my eyes set on one specific servant girl you have" Mark replied. Servants may sleep with the guests if they are allowed by the servant's master. They can only fuck only if both parties agree, that was one of the main rules. The masters may seem cruel to their servants, but they knew it was hard to get good help. Harder to get good servants. So they will protect them as much as they can, within good reason, of course.

"So who is the one that got your eye tonight?" he asked. Mark is really picky when it came to servants. The man had high and exquisite tastes.

"That one," he said pointing to the servant girl who was walking across, with a silver plate in her hand, "right there"

Anthony looked at the servant girl whom attracted the man's attention. "Just where have you've been keeping her all this time, Anthony? She is absolutely exotic!"

His eyes widen. Out of all the beautiful women in the room, he picked her.

He had picked Isolde.


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