Somewhere in a walled off building in the Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

Deep within this complex was a secluded, dimly lit jail cell. The cell was windowless and devoid of features, except for a barred door that had the identification number V-87 plastered onto it.

Lying against the wall of the jail cell was a short, pale girl with long hair that was dyed the color of the sky. Her empty blue eyes stared off into space. A long dark robe cloaked the girl's many scars and the many years of malnourishment that she had suffered from in captivity. On the robe was an identification number that matched the number found on the cell door.

The prisoner had lived in this compound for as long as she could remember. The memories of her old life, including her own name and family, were long forgotten. Her will had been broken long ago. All that mattered now in her life was that she was the property of a very secretive organization called New Era. She was a resource born with a very unique gift that could help benefit mankind. She was a hex.

The girl sat in her cell until a booming voice originating from some sort of speaker filled the empty jail compound.

"Peace Keepers are attempting to breach the compound! Evacuate the hexes!"

The Peace Keepers were another secretive organization. The prisoner was taught that their only goal was to slay non humans such as herself.

Moments after the announcement, steps began echoing throughout the hallway. The girl sat there in her cell, paying no attention to the footsteps that continued to grow louder and louder.

Eventually, the steps ceased as the door to her cell swung open, revealing a man clad in a military uniform.

The girl's blue eyes remained fixed on the featureless gray wall in front of her paying no mind to the man in uniform. Suddenly, a hand tightened around her wrist as she was yanked off of the cold prison floor.

"Hurry up, we have to get the hell out of here!"

bang bang bang bang

The crack of assault rifles echoed throughout the hallways as the soldier ran off with the prisoner. The soldier held a gun in one hand and the girl's hand in the other as he tugged the emotionless girl along through the noisy hallway.

After a short sprint, the two filed out of the compound and into a walled parking area. In front of the two was an armored van. The back doors of the van flung open and without a single word spoken, the girl felt herself leave the ground as she tossed by the soldier into the van as if she were a sack of potatoes. The door immediately slammed shut behind her as the vehicle drove off.

The prisoner looked out the van's window watching the soldier that had stayed behind. Gunshots continued to consume the area as the soldier pulled out a pistol and began returning fire. As the van kept driving, the compound became less and less visible. Just as the van had left the scene, the soldier fell to the ground and the gunfire ceased.

"His sacrifice will not be forgotten."

The solemn words came from a man decorated in a New Era military uniform. He was none other than Sergeant Nakazawa, the man who both led the compound and owned the blue eyed prisoner. The stocky man had short black hair and a pair of very unforgiving, cruel, teal eyes. Sitting with him in the van were four armed guards and another female prisoner, clothed in their respective military and prisoner uniforms.

The group drove on in silence. The prisoner labeled V-87 sat in the van staring out the window, paying little attention to the events that were unfolding around her. Suddenly, her soulless blue eyes noticed a bright light moving toward the van.


In a brilliant flash of light, the van was ripped in two as the vehicle was flipped over in the ensuing explosion. Two of the soldiers were lying motionless on the ground while the remaining occupants were smacked into the concrete road.

Ears ringing, the prisoner with long, blue hair laid on the ground face down, still paying no attention to the sequence of events that were happening around her. Suddenly, flames nipped at the prisoner's exposed ankles as she was jolted into reality.

This could be the end..

The girl's eyes looked around and took in her surroundings. The survivors of the wreck were writhing around hopelessly in pain. Throbbing in pain, the prisoner knew that this could be the final chapter of her life. Without a second thought, the girl slowly got up from the concrete road. As she prepared to make a run for it, her head suddenly jerked back.

Sergeant Nakazawa grabbed a fistful of the girl's long, blue hair.


Another explosion rocked the crash site, slaying the other two guards and knocking the sergeant and his prisoner backwards. As the man's grip on the prisoner's hair slipped, she stumbled forward and darted off in desperation. During the assault, the day had transitioned into night as the girl ran for a nearby tree line. Stopping at the first tree she had come upon, the girl caught her breath and turned around, examining the scene from afar.

Several armed people began examining the wreckage, presumably the people that had attacked their van.

Those must be Peace Keepers. She thought to herself.

She saw her fellow prisoner forced onto her knees and heard a gunshot. The girl fell to the ground, dead.

Interestingly enough, the men opted not to kill the Sergeant and instead handcuffed him as he was taken away from the site. Suddenly, two of the Peace Keepers pointed in the survivor's direction as the girl spun around and sprinted off into the dark forest.

Desperation took over as the girl ran for her life. Each stride dealt the girl a great deal of pain as pure adrenaline and desperation were the only things fueling her getaway. Running passed tree after tree, her already burnt and injured body wore down more and more. She couldn't keep up a chase forever.

On the other side of the forest was a quiet neighborhood within the port city of Yokohama. Inside one of its homes was a young high school student named Satoshi. The boy with dark brown hair occupied this house, alone.

The boy had his brown eyes fixed on his television as he mindlessly watched a bunch of random late night shows that were on, one of his favorite ways to pass the time during a lonely night. He was now watching a documentary about human trafficking.

"How sad.. That even in the twenty first century crimes against humanity like this still exist..." Satoshi remarked to himself.

Just as he finished grumbling, the sound of metal clanging with the ground immediately grabbed the boy's interest. Satoshi immediately clicked off his television and darted to the front of his house. The front door slowly creaked open as a pair of brown eyes peered outside and surveyed the front yard.

He saw a short, pale girl who appeared to have passed out onto his trash can. A sight that surely explained the loud crash that he had heard a moment ago.

Satoshi looked about in the dead of night and saw nobody about. Just this strangely dressed girl that was covered in several cuts and bruises. Her injured body also gave off the scent of smoke, as if she had emerged from some sort of fire.

Brown eyes surveying the area once more, there was still no sight of anyone else in his quiet neighborhood. Just this strange girl that was lying on the ground in front of him.

The boy had no choice but to take her in. He grabbed a hold of the unconscious girl and carried her into his home.

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