This story is the sequel to "Damien".

Please read "Damien" before reading this, or it will not make any sense!

Thank you!

A year and a half after Alex escaped Damien's clutches, he is now Aaron Drayur, living with the scars Damien gave him, physically and emotionally, the best he can. When he meets Danny Walker, a caring man who is willing to help Aaron with his problems, will he be able to accept Danny's love and allow him to fix him? Or will he always be scarred with Damien's love for the rest of his life?

Warnings: Rape, Graphic sexual content (anal, oral, BDSM, etc.), Homosexuality (m/m), Underage sex, drinking, & drug use, Torture, and Harsh language.

Enjoy ;)


I'm sitting in the coffee house on the corner, the one right down the street from my apartment, Java Days. It has the shittiest coffee in town, but for some reason me and my best friend always seem to end up parked in the back corner, at the little two-seater table near the bathrooms. It's the perfect place to people watch, which is one of the strange hobbies I've developed in the past few years; a bad habit according to my mother. But today, instead of scanning the café like I usually do, I find myself staring into the steaming black tar in the styrofoam cup sitting in front of me; zoning out, lost in my own thoughts, something I've been doing lately. I'm currently thinking about how miserable my life is and how I feel as if it's missing something, when a bright voice cuts through my trance.

"Danny? Helllloooo...? Earth to Danny! Are you even listening to me!?" Evan Stanley, my flamboyant best friend of twenty years, waves his hand in front of my face, trying to get my attention.

I glance up at him and chuckle at the frustrated glare he's giving me with his bright blue eyes. He's been talking for the past ten minutes and I realize I haven't heard a single word he's said.

I lean back in my chair, stretching my legs out and putting my hands behind my head in a relaxed fashion, smiling lazily at him.

"Sorry, Ev, what were you saying?" I ask, trying to act interested, but failing miserably.

He groans.

"Seriously, Dan? I swear, ever since that she-bitch dumped you, you've been acting like your whole world has ended. Was she really that good in bed? 'Cause I know you weren't keeping her around for her intelligence level, she had the brains of a fucking goldfish," he says with an exaggerated eye roll, shooting me a boyish grin that lights up his face charmingly.

I laugh, shaking my head.

"I'm over Sarah, Evan, trust me. She was more annoying than a mosquito; I'm glad she dumped me. It's just... I don't know. I've been wallowing in self-pity, I guess? I mean, if someone like Sarah can't stand me, then what does that say about my life? I'm going to be alone for the rest of my miserable existence, living with a fat tabby cat and spending my time drinking shitty coffee with a gay best friend who thinks wearing a purple shirt in public is okay," I mutter, watching an older couple holding hands, sipping coffee, and gazing into each other's eyes like they're on a romantic vacation in Paris. Lucky bastards.

"I happen to like this shirt, thank you very much. At least it's better than the ratty band tees you always wear," he sneers, "And as for your life, how do you expect to meet anyone if you refuse to get out and do something. If you just sit at home all the time feeding that fat ass feline and writing those depressing songs, you will end up like that! Alone and depressed! You act like your life is over just because you've had a few shitty relationships! You're only twenty-six for God's sake, Daniel! Get out and live a little! Which brings me to what I was saying in the first place! Pleeease come with us tonight! I promise it'll be fun!" He whines, begging me with his hands clasped together.

I roll my eyes, but smile at my friend's desperation.

"How many times have I said I don't like going to that gay bar, Ev? Getting hit on by drunk guys is not my idea of a good night. And by the way, in case you forgot, writing 'depressing songs' is my job. What else do you expect me to do?" I grumble, picking up my cup for a sip that makes me scrunch my nose in distaste; the sludge gets worse the longer it sits, I don't know why I bother even getting it.

He waves his hand, dismissing my complaints.

"Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses. Anyways, I swear you're in denial about being gay, Danny," he says with a grin, wiggling his eyebrows, "but, if you had been listening to me, you would know that we're not going to Spanky's tonight. There's this place downtown near Hooker Alley that Mark's band is playing at, and Josh wants to go see them. It's kinda shady, definitely your type of scene, and the band plays your kind of music, so I figured you'd have fun. Besides, you haven't gone out once since Sarah left you. I promise you'll enjoy yourself. Maybe you'll even get laid. God knows you need it," he mutters playfully.

I sigh, shaking my head because I know he's right.

"Fine, I'll go, but I'm not hooking up with a guy, not matter how hot you insist he is, so don't find one and push him on me, okay? And I'm leaving if you and Josh start a make-out session like last time. You two act like cats in heat when you both get drunk."

"I can't help it! He's just so fucking sexy!" Evan purposely says loudly, laughing at me when I cringe at the glances thrown our way.

"Jesus Christ, Evan," I groan, sinking down in my seat, avoiding eye contact with the two blonde women with huge boobs giggling at us, two tables over.

"Sorry," he says sheepishly, glancing over his shoulder at the chicks and grinning at them, "I'll leave so you can 'flirt', even though your 'flirting' constitutes as you staring at women from a distance like a creep," he says when he turns back, giving me a wink.

"Shut up," I mutter, unable to stop myself from smiling; Evan's happy-go-lucky attitude is contagious, it's one of the reasons I always hang out with him.

"We'll pick you up at eight, okay? And please, for God's sake, put on a button-up and some slacks; the whole jeans and a t-shirt thing is really old," he says, smiling brightly, before he gulps down the rest of his smoothie. With a small wave, he gets up and leaves, shooting me one last grin before he ducks out the door.

I watch him through the wide windows until he's out of sight, chuckling when I see him checking out some guy's ass that passes him before he disappears behind a building. Evan's always known he was gay, from the time he could pick up toys and wanted to play with Barbies instead of G.I. Joes; it's actually how we became friends in the first place. I can't help but laugh when I think about the day we met on the playground when we were in the first grade. He came up behind me on the slide during recess and told me I was cute, in which I responded by turning around with a bewildered glare and pushing him off the ladder to fall flat on his ass. The strawberry blonde had burst into tears, making me feel bad, so I had climbed down and put my arm around his shoulder to comfort him, letting him know at the same time that I wasn't a girl, therefore not "cute"; and so began our lifelong friendship.

Probably the best relationship I've ever had with another person, I think miserably, as I get up from the table and begin to make my way outside, glancing one last time at the blondes still eyeing me as I leave. I shake my head with a sigh and start walking down the sidewalk in the direction of my home, wondering what the hell's wrong with me that I can't even say something to a girl I think is hot.

I walk with my hands shoved deep in my pockets, contemplating the night ahead with mixed feelings. The prospect of actually getting out to do something for once lifts my usually depressive attitude, but at the same time I'm dreading spending an evening watching Evan and Josh grope each other and make goo-goo eyes across the table, like a normal head-over-heels couple. I love them both to death, but I swear they're one of the most annoying twosomes out there, especially when you throw alcohol into the mix. I'm happy for them, I really am, but being a lonely third wheel, who desperately wants a meaningful relationship, sucks when you're surrounded by happy couples; it's like hanging meat in front of a starving dog's face: the temptation makes them go nuts.

I just hope I can get drunk fast enough to avoid being aware of their lovey dovey make out sessions. I guess we'll see. Maybe something exciting will happen for once. And maybe I'll get lucky and there will be some straight chicks there and I'll actually get laid like Evan said; I really do need it.

Six hours later the three of us are piled in a taxi, heading deep into the bowels of the grungy city we live in. My spirits are much darker than they were when I left the coffee shop, thanks to my dear friend and his lover who are whispering and giggling in the seat beside me.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this," I mumble, staring out the window at the bar lined streets milling with people out to have a fun Saturday night. I had since changed my mind about joining them, but had once again been talked into going at their mutual insistence that I would have "fun". Yeah right.

"Danny, you'll like the band, I promise. They're really good," Josh, Evan's boyfriend of two years says from the other side of my friend, poking his head around to look at me.

He's the exact opposite of Evan, they're the definition of the saying "opposites attract", even in their looks; the only trait they share is their eye color. Josh has black hair that he likes to keep cut short, he's tall, with strong masculine features, and is much more reserved and dark, while Evan has shaggy dirty blonde hair, is short, looks effeminate, and is not afraid to let people know he's gay and proud of it; which is obvious by the bright pink shirt he's wearing tonight. Apparently Josh came out of the closet for Evan and it took him a while to get used to going to the gay bars Evan likes and being affectionate with another guy in public, but he's finally seemed to accept his sexuality completely.

I envy their relationship, their dedication to one another, willing to risk anything to make each other happy; it's what I want and need. I need someone to depend on me and need me, just like Evan needs Josh. I want someone I can take care of and support, just like Josh does for Evan. It's like torture watching them together.

"Could you please at least try to act like you're enjoying yourself tonight? You're a total buzz kill when you act depressed and mopey all night," Evan says, rolling his head over to look at me from where he's leaning it against Josh's shoulder and out stretched arm that's across the back of the seat behind him.

"You're the one who wanted me to come, so you can deal with my 'mopeiness'," I grumble, slouching in my seat, continuing to glare out the window.

"Well, you're already bumming me out with your choice of colors tonight, so you could at least act cheery to counteract the black," Evan mutters.

"You're the one who wanted me to wear a dress shirt and slacks, this is all I have! At least I'm not blinding everyone with the tight neon thing you're wearing!" I snap, starting an argument, which isn't unusual for us since we act like brothers.

"You know what, Danny!? You can take this shirt and shove it-"

"So, Danny! How's the new song that you've been working on going?" Josh interrupts Evan with a big hand clamped over his mouth, effectively extinguishing our bickering like he usually does.

I sigh, thankful that we have a referee to prevent a fight that would have no doubt ended in me yelling and hurting Evan's feelings since I'm a total ass when I get upset.

"Fine, I guess. I haven't really been working on it too much, kind of lost my inspiration ever since-"

"Ow! Fuck!" Josh suddenly cries out, yanking his hand away from Evan's mouth and shaking it, "What the hell, Ev! That hurt!"

"Oh come on, that was a love nip! I bite you harder in bed all the time!" Evan says with a laugh, grinning childishly.

"Not on my fucking finger! Christ that stung!" Josh complains, sticking his middle finger in his mouth and sucking on it.

"Mmm... Keeping doing that baby, that's hot," Evan purrs, scooting even closer to his boyfriend, "You can do that to me tonight-"

"Really, guys!? I'm still in the car, you know!" I yell, making them start laughing.

I can't help but chuckle myself, glad to be in their company even with all of my complaining; it's better than sitting home alone, at least with them I can drown my sorrows with human companionship instead of a cat's.

We arrive at the night club close to nine, my mood a lot lighter when we climb out of the cab, than when I got in, from interacting with the two people who actually put up with my shit. The place is called "Transcendence", and I immediately feel the dark atmosphere when I step onto the sidewalk and become surrounded by the patrons, but it has a calming effect on me, since it's definitely my scene; Evan was right, as usual. I realize it's one of those places that attracts customers with kinks and fetishes after seeing all of the leather and piercings adorning the people hanging around out front, smoking and socializing.

Around the side of the building is a notorious place to find hookers, called "Hooker Alley"; gay, straight, bi, transgendered, cross dressers, young, old, anything you want, you can find it in Hooker Alley. I've never seen it personally, but I've heard all about it and I take a chance to glance down it before we head inside. It's not as crowded as I expected it to be, but I assume most of the whores are with clients or milling about in the crowd.

"It's amazing the cops aren't all over this place," Evan muses as we pass by, clinging to Josh's side like glue, visibly nervous; this is definitely more Josh's scene, since Evan likes the bright colored, flashing lights, bebop, dance clubs. But like I said before, they'll bend over backwards to make each other happy and I'm sure Evan agreed to come with a bright smile and his usual air of cheerfulness.

"There's no point, babe, it's not like they could catch them all," Josh says, giving him a loving squeeze, "Besides, you should see how many cops come around here just to get some head; why would they want to ruin their own fun?" He says with a chuckle.

As we pass by, a young teenager with shaggy brown hair, leaning against the brick wall, glances up, blowing a slow stream of smoke out of his seductive lips from the cigarette held between his delicate fingers. He suddenly blows the cloud out in a rush as his head snaps up and his gaze zeros in on me. I pause momentarily, his piercing gaze making me freeze, the intensity sending a shiver down my spine, and I catch sight of his eyes.

Holy shit.

The big green orbs seem to glow in the dim light in an almost unnatural way; I've never seen eyes that bright. For a few seconds he stares at me as if he's seen a ghost, but then he ducks his head and flicks his cigarette to the ground, before he abruptly turns and hurriedly heads deeper into the alley, his hands shoved deep in the pockets of the baggy black hoodie he's wearing. What was that all about...?

I watch him go, wondering why he was looking at me like that and wondering why his stare rattled me so bad. Damn those eyes...

"Danny, are you coming?" Evan calls from the line to get in, waving for me to hurry since they're already close to the sound proof double doors.

I tear my eyes off the retreating kid, and I continue to make my way down the sidewalk to join the couple, shaking my head as if to erase his image from my brain, but for some reason unable get those pretty eyes out of my head.

"Where you checking out that little whore, Danny?" Evan murmurs in my ear when I get to him, "You do know that was a boy, and a young boy at that, right?" He asks with a grin, nudging me with his elbow.

"Shut up, Ev," I growl as I flash my license to one of the bouncers at the door who is checking IDs, shooting him a glare since I'm clearly over twenty-one, but quickly realizing he's flirting with me. Great.

"We could hook you up if you want us too, Danny," Josh says playfully as we approach the entrance, "I'm sure he doesn't cost that much."

My rude response is blasted away as the doors are opened and pounding music erupts from within.

A rich aroma of burning incense quickly reaches my nose as we walk through the entryway, filling the hot air with a scent that reminds me of the smells of sex and passion. The pulsing bass from the band thumps in my chest as we snake our way through the crowd towards the bar, making it slightly hard to breathe, but relaxing me in a strange way. Flashing lights strobe across the packed area, illuminating the walls and moving bodies with bright hues and unique designs. Some of the clubbers have glowing paint and glow sticks decorating their bodies, turning the spacious room into a kaleidoscope of colors.

The bar is tucked into the corner, made as small as possible to make room for the stage and dance floor while still looking hardcore chic. The walls behind it are lined with unique bottles of liquor on glass shelves illuminated by glowing neon lights and black lights, shining down on the bustling bartenders and making their teeth and eyes glow an eerie white.

We finally make it to the counter where a bartender with bright green hair looks up and smiles at us.

"Yo, Josh! Sup!" He hollers above the roar of the crowd, tossing his head back in greeting as he pours a drink for another couple, and then glances over at Evan, "Who's this cutie?" He asks with a grin that obviously says he already knows who he is.

"Chance, this is Evan. Evan, this is Chance," Josh yells, smiling proudly.

"Great to finally meet you!" Evan says stepping up and shaking Chance's hand when he's done serving the drinks.

"Likewise babe! And who's your friend?" Chance says, looking at me with a flirty grin.

"Danny, and don't bother, he claims he's as straight as a board," Evan hollers, rolling his eyes and grinning at me.

I roll my eyes back and shoot him a glare before nodding in greeting to Chance.

"To bad!" Chance says, winking at me, then leaning forward to talk to Josh so they can hear each other better.

Evan looks back at me and smiles a gentle smile.

"Sorry! Please don't be mad at me, I was just joking," he hollers in my ear, "Chance is Josh's old college roommate and the only person who knew he was gay before he came out. He's as fruity as they come, but he's totally taken, so don't worry about him hitting on you."

I shrug and smile at him.

"It's cool, Ev. I guess I should take it as a compliment when guys hit on me," I yell, laughing, letting myself relax and enjoy the music from the heavy metal band, and not allowing a flirting guy to ruin my night.

"Duh! You're hot! You can't expect to come to a place like this and not get hit on!" He yells back, laughing with me.

After a few minutes of Josh and Chance conversing, Josh turns around with three big mixed drinks, a bright lime green color, reminding me of toxic waste, and hands me and Evan ours, then nods towards a lounge area in the opposite corner of the bar.

"Let's see if we can find some seats while we wait for this shit to kick in!" He shouts, and begins to make his way back through the crowd, his drink held up high in one hand and Evan's hand clutched in his other.

I follow behind, nimbly weaving my way in and out of the cluster of people trying to get drinks. It's easier to move the closer we get to the seating area, but still chaotic enough that people are brushing against me and bumping into me, which doesn't bother me, except for when a burly guy practically knocks me over, making me spill some of my drink all over my shirt.

"Fuck! Hey! Watch it!" I yell, glaring at the guy, who completely ignores me, intent on making his way towards the back of the club with someone in tow, his hand wrapped around their arm in a vice like grip. The small person he's dragging along willingly, glances up at me, and I am yet again stunned by bright green eyes peaking out through a mess of tousled bangs.

I freeze in my tracks, watching the kid as he allows the man to tug him towards the bathrooms. He gazes back at me and flashes an adorable, crooked smile, before finally turning around as they disappear down a long hallway leading to the men's room. I stare after him, stunned for a moment, feeling shell shocked at the sudden rush of attraction I felt towards the boy. That kid is cute, I can't deny the fact that I think that, but what the hell!? He's clearly underaged, which makes me wonder how he even got into this place with the bouncers outside, but he's also a guy. What is wrong with me!?

I quickly shake myself out of my reverie to make sure I don't lose sight of Evan and Josh, wondering why the hell I'm having such a weird reaction to that kid and trying to push him from my mind as we reach the lounge and find a seat. The sitting area is a corner room made of two half walls and columns, with a huge wrap around leather couch along the walls and big pillows and cushions on the tiled floor as well. It's also apparently a hookah bar too, since a few groups are smoking on the elegant pipes from their places on the pillow seats.

We find a seat on the couch in the corner of the room and sit down, then Evan immediately turns to me grinning like an idiot; I swear he never misses a thing.

"You think that kid is cute!" He yells in a teasing voice, unnecessarily loud, since the roar of the club is somewhat muted in the smaller area, poking me in the arm for good measure.

"No, I don't!" I yell back, attracting a few glances from a party sitting near us, "I was just surprised to see him in the bar, okay!? He looks like he's fucking sixteen or something!" I finish talking in a more reasonable voice and then take a big gulp from my drink, which I practically choke on because it's so strong; shit, this is going to fuck me up.

"A lot of the pros get in no matter what age, 'cause it brings business inside, you know!?" Josh yells, then offers me something in the palm of his hand. I immediately recognize the white pills stamped with a X and look up at the two of them skeptically.

"Seriously, guys?"

"It's clean, I promise!" Josh says, taking one for himself as proof, "Chance sells them under the counter and if you can't trust Chance, you can't trust anyone!"

"I have a problem taking drugs from a guy named 'Chance'," I say more joking than serious, but still weary.

"Come on, Danny, it's not like you've never taken it before! And it's a lite dose, just for fun!" Evan says with a bright smile, plucking one from Josh's hand and swallowing it down with a sip from his drink.

I glare at them, but grab a pill anyways, deciding I might as well enjoy myself to the fullest extent; and besides, drugs have never affected me strongly anyways, so I know it won't make me completely trashed.

After twenty minutes of sipping our drinks and yelling above the music, I start feeling the ecstasy coursing through my veins; that warm fuzzy feeling I haven't felt in probably ten years. My two companions obviously feel it too because they're now making out like there's no tomorrow, Evan perched in Josh's lap with his arms wrapped around the dark haired man's neck. I smile at their fervent kissing, not too bothered by it, until I get the thought that I would like to join in.

"Fuck," I hiss, standing suddenly, making myself feel as if I might topple over, "I'm gonna go piss!" I yell at them; my shout falling upon deaf ears because they're so absorbed in each others presence. I shrug and slip out of the room, heading towards the back of the club.

The pounding music and flashing lights overwhelm my altered mind, a sudden rush of desire making me feel hot and heavy as I stumble into a wall. I press the heels of my hands into my eyes and rub hard, shaking my head in a vain attempt to rid myself of the warmth possessing me. I tear myself off the wall and turn down the hall to continue to the bathroom, and run right into a smaller body, practically knocking the person down in my hurry. I grab them around their waist quickly, pulling them against me so they don't fall, and I look down to apologize.

It's him. The kid from earlier.

Except now the green in his eyes is almost completely covered by his overly dilated pupils, clearly showing he's high as a kite. Which I assume is the reason why he suddenly stands on his tiptoes and presses his mouth against mine in a hungry kiss.

What the fuck.

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