Bold and in Italics- German

Italicized- French

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I slid through the flour that had spilled from earlier. Quickly moving about the small kitchen cleaning up as much of the mess I could before the timer went off. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I frantically threw dishes into the sink and wiped down the counters. My apron hadn't done it's job for my pastel blue dress was covered in flour. I would have to worry about that later, right now I needed to clean up. A quick glance at my wrist watch resulted in me cursing under my breath. They would be here in a mere five minutes. I could hope they would be late. My fingers wrapped around the metal bar of the stove and I thrust it open, hot air blew in my face and fogged my glasses I ignored it and reached for the pan with a clothed hand. I set the scorching hot pan on the counter kicked the stove shut and wiped my glasses clean with a swift handle of my hanker chief. My eyes darted to the front door of the bakery when I heard an engine. My heart dropped. They were here! I quickly piled the cookies into a metal container noticing at the last minute that it was a Christmas container from home. I set the tin onto the counter, shoved the apron behind the counter pushed my glasses up and waited.

A car door slammed. Two more followed and I wondered how many were coming in. My fingers fixed my hair and I stiffened when I felt the flour and the crust it made around my dark red curls. My bakery was located in the heart of Paris' markets. I had come to own it from my Father who had died five years ago to a heart attack. I had come from America to care for it after he was buried. It was a quaint little shop, very warming. A sitting area was bedside the window in the front and a few table were to the far left. My fathers Grandfather clock ticked the seconds by as I waited for the bell to ring.


My eyes shot to the door as it was swung open and the men in the green/grayish uniforms stepped through. They were tall and intimidating. I swallowed hard as they eyed me like I was some sort of edible food. Their metals were scarce and I realized they were probably low on the totem pole. Their heels clinked hard against the wooden floor as they made haste towards me.

"Are you Miss Gallagher?" The one on the left had spoken. My German was spotty, but I understood him well enough and answered to the best of my knowledge.

"Yes, Sir," I said. The one on the right who hadn't spoken only grunted and I flushed under his gaze. It was dark and cold. His blue eyes narrowing at me. scared of having them in my store any longer than necessary I reached for the box and my sudden movements shocked them because the one to my right shot his hand out. It engulfed my wrist tightly and I gasped wincing as he twisted it.

"Do not move!" He sneered.

"I mean no harm," I strained as his hold tightened. He pulled me forward against the counter squinting his eyes.

"Does not mean we will show you the same, right Boris?" His voice was low and I shuddered as his cold eyes traveled to my chest before glancing at his counterpart who chuckled and nodded.

"You're hurting me, please!" I cried out in broken German.

Both men seemed to find my pleads humorous because they began to laugh. I watched in horror, confused on how it was so funny. My wrist screamed in pain as his fingernails dug in and I took my chance. Using my other hand I pinched at his skin with my nails and he cried out in shock releasing me to nurse his hurt flesh. I was thrown back into the stove, my back making contact with the metal bar. I hissed as the corner jabbed into my hip. I looked up into angry eyes and a raised hand. I shrieked and readied myself for the blow.

"What the hell is going on here?" They immediately went to attention saluting the man who was now visible.

He was in the black uniform. His white gloves and numerous metals a stark contrast against the black. He was beautiful- I hate to admit, but his eyes were a striking blue. His slightly tanned skin blended with his sandy blond hair. Loose strands of hair perfectly framed his oval shaped head. Wide blue eyes brought out his natural beauty, and I couldn't help but stare. His thick light eyebrows showed content, but friendly at the same time. His jaw was masculine and square it was clenched tightly in irritation as he eyed his men. Neither had answered him and he seemed not to like to be ignored in front of a witness for his next words were harsher, louder and well out of my knowledge of German.

"Did not you hear me? I will not be ignored. Answer me!" His voice was deep and filled with hate as he yelled. I watched his lips as he spoke. They were perfect. Full and a light pink. I swallowed hard letting my gaze travel over all of the things fastened to his uniform. None of it really interested me, I only wanted to stop looking a this face, glancing at his collar I noticed three silver pips and two silver stripes on a black collar patch. And the SS patch on his left. He was a Captain. His men had answered him while I was busy ogling him. Feeling eyes on me I glanced at the two lower ranks who were watching me with hate before I locked eyes with the man with the strong jaw.

"Did you lay a hand on my officer?" His voice demanded like he had already asked me once. I frowned not understanding what he had said.

"I know a little German," I told him meekly. I was heating up under his gaze. He studied me his eyes raking over my body. They dropped to my chest then back up to my eyes. He seemed to give up sighing and pinching his nose.

Gesturing to the two he spoke,"Grab what I came for and we will be on our way."

The one who I had pinched looked at me,"Cookies?"

That I understood entirely,"Oh, here they are," I said reaching for the very case that he had reacted too. He seemed embarrassed and glanced at Boris who just grinned. I handed him the canister and he nodded.

"Goodbye," The Captain said spinning on his heel with his two lackeys following close behind. The bell rang signaling they had left and I let out a sigh.

I hope that this is the last time I ever have to make Schnecke for these Nazi Bastards.

"Hello, welcome," I smiled brightly at a few people who had entered the Bakery. They nodded and gazed around at the nick knacks that were displayed. It's been a week since my encounter with the Captain and his men. I've seen a few walking around, but none had entered the store again. It puzzled me a bit since they seemed to love purchasing treats from here.

An older woman had shuffled up to the check out counter her lips trembling as she asked for a bakers dozen of sugar cookies. Smiling and aiding in small talk I set her cookies into a bag and waited for her to hand over the rest of her change. She never got the chance to because the door opened and the same man who took my breath away was standing there. His uniform cast a hush among the customers. I glanced at them frantically as he began to move about the store. His hands were clasped behind his back and his heels clinked loudly against the wooden floor. As soon as he was clear of the door many left. The old woman was watching me with wide eyes as I watched him. I heard her scoff and I looked down to see a sneer on her weathered face.

"Whore," She spat turning and rushing from the store. My hands still held her bag of cookies. Why would she call me that? I've never even slept with a man before. I shook my head and bent down placing the cookies back into there proper place behind the counter. A shadow fell over me and I peered up through the glass, my heart quickening at the sight of him. I fumbled with the latch and tried not to make a fool of myself. As soon as it was closed I stood up and gave him a weary smile. I was scared- he was starring down at me and I realized just how tall he was. The silence was deafening. I was trying to calm my breathing, as he cocked his head and narrowed his eyes. My shaking fingers pushed up my glasses and I looked him in the eye.

"Can I help you, Captain?" I had taken a step back from the counter as his blue eyes slid over the cookies and small cakes visible below. His fingers drummed against the glass as he tried to figure out which it was he wanted. Then he spotted the the bag of sugar cookies and his eyes locked with mine.

"What are those?" His asked.

I fumbled for words as I undid the latch,"They- they are sugar cookies already packaged," I told him. His mouth upturned at my slight stutter before he spoke.

"How much?" He asked in broken English. His voice was deep and strained as he mouthed the unfamiliar words. I stared at him in shock. He could speak English! How did he know that I could too?

"They were already paid for, but the woman had left..." I told him.

He nodded and stood up straight holding his hand out for the small pouch. I plopped it into his large hand. Once again our eyes locked and we seemed to not want to look away. I looked away first my eyes landing on the SS patch on his collar. He seemed to notice because his eyes narrowed and hardened. When I looked up at him again a hurt look flashed across his face for just a moment before it was replaced with a scowl. It scared me at how quickly his emotions seemed to get the best of him.

"Is that all?" I bravely asked in German. Once again he seemed hurt, but only for a moment.

"Yes," He said hardly.

"Goodbye, Captain," I tried to make myself look busy grabbing a clipboard to make like I was to check inventory.

"Goodbye, Miss Gallagher," I don't know why, but something in his voice made me look up at him. He had reached up and nodded bringing down the brim of his hat as well. I nodded and watched him leave.

I was finally able to get him out of my mind when a woman who lived down the street came storming in. Her pale yellow dress was splattered with blood and I dropped my clipboard.

"They beat him! He's dead! My husband! Help me!" She wailed dropping to the floor. I rushed to her side and that was when I saw it. The Yellow fabric knitted so harshly into her sleeve. I tensed, but held her close pulling her to a chair.

"Are you hurt?" I asked her. She looked up at me her face red and distraught. She shook her head no as she sobbed.

"I'll get you a new dress," I told her quickly rushing up the stairs that led to my apartment above. I grabbed a white dress I had bought last year in London and returned back down stairs. I grabbed a damp towel and handed it to her to wipe her face.

"You can change upstairs," She nodded and allowed me to show her upstairs. When I went back downstairs I noticed the blood on the floor, quickly I dropped to my knees and scrubbed furiously at the red liquid.


I looked up to see five men glaring down at me. Their uniforms sending chills down my spine when I saw they were all black. How many of them were in Paris?

"Where is she?" The taller older one demanded.

"Who?" I lied.

His leg came up catching me in the stomach with his hard boot. I gasped as all the air left my lungs. I gasped and struggled to breath while they drilled question after question. I couldn't understand what they were saying,I'm fluent in French not German. I struggled to stand. The one who had kicked me struck me with the baton. I cried out my hand flying to my stinging cheek. I could taste blood. I glared at the man and he only chuckled asking me where she was again. I didn't have to answer because a loud bang sounded over head. He sent three of his men to investigate. His eyes watched me closely. I felt so small under his gaze and shifted on my feet.

She was struggling. Kicking and sobbing when she was brought down she had a fresh cut across her cheek and her lip was swollen. The Nazi in charge smiled and went over to her. He checked her sleeve and narrowed his eyes. He called out to his men who let go of the crying woman. He watched us both closely and with one last glare he stalked out of my bakery his shadows following closely behind. I let out a sob when the woman through her arms around me. I had just saved her life.