To watch our nation rise we must educate the next generation

They are the ones who will decide our world's dictation

Through our frustration we curse them to damnation

When we should really be an inspiration since we are their foundation

It's more of a vocation to teach them since they will be the next to decide our planet's direction

The way we should educate them is through application since only talking promotes stagnation

When you show them how to act you create a sensation in them that cannot be done by just preaching about temptation

Our education can be our donation to the next generation so they can make proper decisions that will lead to salvation

The next generation is more than our succession, they are our creation

We need to strike down separation so that in the future there can be no segregation nor resignations

If you refuse to teach them you will be the cause of the world's destruction

Because when our time comes they will be the ones to teach the next generation