A revised version of a quick little poem I wrote the other day based on a thought I had after some random pondering. I tend to write in freestyle because I cannot rhyme for life, so hopefully the rhyme doesn't sound too forced or cheesy.


All she's ever had were misses

Aching hearts and empty kisses

She never quite believed in love

Yet somehow remained a closet romantic

Her heart is so empty, her heart is so drained

Still, indifference she continues to feign

As her heart remains shadowed, eclipsed

She wonders if people wear their lips

Like they wear their hearts—out on their sleeves

For she just doesn't believe

That kisses mean that much anymore

Wonders what she saves her first for

Wonders if maybe she's just too finicky

Does it make her picky

That she doesn't want to give her heart away

Just wants her kisses to convey

Something more than teenage lust

Even if it can never be love?

Because even if her heart ever soars

She's also so heart sore

And so she keeps her secrets sealed

Even though they claim that love heals

And as much intimacy as lips can bestow

She knows too well the poison they can blow

Love, it seems, has become a forgotten notion

And so, to her, kissing is a pointless motion

My first publish on FictionPress! I'm not sure why, but I just started wondering what's the point of kissing? I mean, why does kissing convey affection? It sounds like a weird thing to think about, even to me, but that was how this poem got born. I must have been feeling melancholy or something when I wrote this. Anyways, reviews would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!