Sweet Sacrifice :

Penned down by : Psychoholica/Lilith Jane

Quick Summary :

She was one of the youngest and most beautiful girls in school. Circumstances wanted her to be married to a prestigious and much older man than herself. She had to stop school, she had to stop being who she was, she had to be taught how to live in high society, she had to deal with the torment inflicted upon her by this man. His eldest son, watched her all along, and slowly the two began developing a very complex friendship one that could either restore to them the time and life lost, or one that will get them.

Though isolated from the world, she still tried to remain strong to her beliefs, strong to her character, keep her will of iron, but as far as we know, women who are bold enough to behave as much are destined to meet their downfall are they not?

( Mentions of : Strong violence, death, trauma, abuse, psychological trama, smut, angst, graphic scenes. For a Mature audience) .