Prologue: Broken Violet

"Look! Claire! A shooting star!"

"Make a wish, then,"

"Well…I wish…I wish we can be best friends for ever!"

"We will, won't we?"

"Of course we will! It's my wish after all,"

As the sun slowly set into the horizon, blending the clouds with a darker shade of red and the skies were a deeper hue of orange and pink, she sighed in relief.

Hidden behind a beautifully carved pillar, she watched silently as her sisters left the garden, chatting happily away. She was glad that they were deep in their conversation and did not notice her. She didn't want to be noticed, anyway.

After her sisters had left, she waited patiently for some more minutes before getting in action. She moved carefully between the pillars, paying full attentions to her surroundings for she was highly certain that her presence were more than unwelcome there. Because supposedly by that time, she should be rotting away in an unknown forest. Dead and alone.

Realizing that she had let her mind wandered to the dreadful memories she didn't even wanted to remember, she consciously forced down a growl that was about to form on her lips.

She hated herself. She hated for even being alive again after she had died. She was supposed to be dead! She was better off being dead!

Willing herself to calm down, she sucked in breaths after breaths before continuing along the corridor. Luckily for her, there was no one there by that time. The servants were busy preparing dinner and her sisters should be in their rooms, getting ready.

When she had almost reached her destination, which was the throne room, she stopped abruptly in her tracks as a figure walked into the hall. She shrunk behind a big pillar overhead and held her breath. Her heart pounded vigorously inside her as she heard the sound of footsteps closing in.

Was she being seen? Did whoever out there saw her? What was she going to do if she was found? Kill it? Run away?

As if to increase her fears, a voice came from behind.

"What are you doing here?"

Her heart beat thunderously in her ears. Adrenaline rushed through her veins.

"Hello? You heard me?"

Something in her snapped and she unsheathed a knife on her thigh, suddenly calm to react.

"Huh? W-What?"

Another voice replied as she was about to whirl around and make her move. It was a mixture of surprise and confuse.

She stayed behind the pillar and listened. Knife still in hand.

"I say, what are you doing here?" The voice that belonged to the figure repeated, it was a strong and deep tone."You should be in your room now," the figure added. Based on the deep, familiar tone, she figured it was her brother, the only son and prince in her royal family.

"I...I'm waiting for Lightning."

She frowned upon hearing the reply. The second voice was familiar too, and she thought she knew who it was, but couldn't understand why. She tightened her grip on the knife, and then loosened it. She mentally laughed at herself and shook her head.

As the two continued on their conversation, she silently climbed up the pillar and moved swiftly on the roof beams. She had long made up her mind since the minute she died, and she had never felt so determined in her life.

Just above the throne, she could see the view below her ever so clearly. A woman dressed in grand robes sat straightly on the throne and a girl covered in light armors stood a little distance away. They were discussing over something.

"Anything else?" The woman on the throne, obviously the queen, asked.

"No, your majesty," replied the girl curtly.

A moment of silence, the queen had not dismissed her knight. She then quietly asked,"have you completed your mission without anyone's notice?" Her eyes narrowed into a cold glare.

The girl in armour weigh her words before answering in confidence. "Yes, your highness. I was there until she gave up her last breath."

If the queen doubt her words, she didn't question. With a lift of her right hand, she indicated the girl to leave. The girl saluted and left.

In her seat, the queen rubbed her temples as if tired from the formality. Seeing that they were finally alone now, she leapt down from her hiding spot and face the throne in front of her. Every movement was dead silent.

She neared the throne, meanwhile also placing her hand on the knife secured on her thigh. Every cells in her being was ready for this.

"Who is there?"

As if sensing danger, the queen tensed in her seat. She was unmistakably sure there was someone behind her. She smiled at the queen's response.

"Who do you think it is?" she drawled, somewhat excited and angry at the same time.

From behind, she could see the queen's hands tighten on the armrest as she discovered whom the sound belonged to, her knuckles turning white in light speed. However before she could move a muscle, a knife was already on her throat.

"You've already guessed right for who I am, so why the need to confirm?" she said in gritted teeth. She was trying her best to control the hatred in her, just so she can enjoy her revenge without speeding things up. As for the queen, she gulped, eyeing the blade resting on her throat and searched for a way to save herself.

She came up with reasoning.

"It wouldn't do good even if you've killed me. Others might come to you, too. You're just plain lucky that you're not dead."

"I am dead," was her instant retort. "My body was already rotting away in some place I was thrown to," she smirked in the queen's ignorance. She was already enjoying it when she saw the queen's eyes widened in response.

"H-How can it be? If you're dead,'re not supposed to be here," it was obvious that she was starting to panic. Every logical solution do not result to this. Of course, unless...

"I don't even understand why I'm still alive after all that. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Unless...I guess I was destined to stay alive?," she said, her face pulling into a contorted smile for inwardly she knew that that wasn't true.

The queen stayed silent as she observed the changes in the girl's facial expression. There was sadness, self-loath, anger and desperation. Adamant, she found her chance. All in swift motions, she grabbed the girl's hand that was holding the knife and bent her arm backwards, making her screamed in anguish.

She fell on her knees, her hand momentarily too weak to yield the knife, she dropped it. And she quickly regretted her mistake. The knife slid away and stopped at a few paces away, out of her reach. Then, she winced in pain as her hair was forcefully pulled back and she was leveled with the queen, locking eyes with her; which she returned with a defiant stare. Strands of dark-purplish hair fell on her forehead.

"Still stubborn even facing your own death?"

"I've died once and I'm not afraid for another!" she spat back menacingly.

The queen's face was as bland as ever as she tried desperately to free herself from the solid grasp. Then, a thought crossed her mind and she leapt to her feet, surprising the queen in just a brief moment. After that, two things happened at once; the queen muttered a spell under her breath while the girl had swiped at her face with a dagger. The queen fell back in shock, her wound was bleeding and she could taste the iron flowing to her lips. She touched her face shakily, astonished and bemused. Meanwhile, the girl, finally free from her grip, quickly pulled back a few inches away and profoundly amused at the queen's reaction. She knew exactly well how the queen felt.

She took the dagger protectively in front of her and smirked at the queen's widened eyes at the sight of the dagger.

"Where did you get that?" her voice was trembling.

"A friend of mine gave it to me. He said I can put it in good use while he have the other one," she replied matter-of-factly, taking in pleasure at the dramatical changes in the queen's eyes.

"You're not supposed to have it! Where is that friend of yours! Who is he!" As if she had forgotten her incompetent situation, the queen demanded in a sort of mad and threatening way. The girl scowled.

"You have no rights to shout in my face! You're not even my mother!"

"I'm the queen!"

"And today will be the end of it!"

She roared while raising the dagger, eyes bloodshot and feet thundering towards her opponent, aiming perfectly at her throat so that the cut would be easy and effortless. Then she hit her face flat in an invisible wall.

She was taken aback -

"You think I will let you win that easily?" The queen mocked.

- and she smiled back, "yes," for she knew exactly what was barring her way.

She stepped forward again and this time, she waved the knife in front of her in a big-X, effortlessly slitting the invisible barrier into nothingness. Fear seeped into the queen again as she saw the certainty and determination in the girl's hard stare. She knew nothing could stop her now. The dagger was the source of it.

She fumbled backward helplessly, never in her life had she felt so vulnerable and frightened. As she hit the ground for accidentally treading on her gown, the girl was already above her in seconds. She heard the girl mumbled something but she couldn't care more. The dagger was her main focus; and now, it had reflected her panic-stricken self from its surface.

She knew this was the end right there and then, but she kept her pride. As a queen, she must never beg for mercy. Therefore, even when she met death, she would still hold her head high.

She closed her eyes and waited for the impact, but before the agonizing pain and numbness crept into her, the last thing she felt was a drip of cold droplet stung her cheeks. And her soul slipped in to the never-ending darkness of no return...

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