Saturday would be one of the best worst days of my life. Why? Mimi was sleeping over. What's more, my parents are flying to Russia for the weekend. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

"Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy!"

Tama was more excited than usual.

"Can you shut up already?"

"No! Are you joking? She is SLEEPING OVER! Do you know what that means?"

"It means pizza and video games."

"No, it means sexual intercourse! Now is your chance, Onarion!"

"No, it's not. She's going to come over, play games and eat with me, and then we're going to sleep. I don't want this to be awkward, so don't make a sound."

"If you're too much of a pussy to claim what is rightfully yours, then I'll do it for you."

"Please, Tama, don't make this weird."

At that time the doorbell rang. My parents had left more than an hour ago, so it was only me and May in the house alone. May was sick, so she would likely stay in her room the whole night.

I treaded toward the door, ignoring whatever nonsense Tama was spewing on our way down the hall.

Now, it wasn't my choice for her to stay the night over. Her parents were also leaving for the weekend, so the two parties came up with the idea of having her stay over the night with the bullshit reasoning of 'there needs to be a strong man in the house to protect her from danger or she can't sleep' which is, of course, just an excuse for our parents to force us to have sex. Though I want to train to be a boxer, I am not strong at all. For as long as I remember, our families have been trying to force us to be together. Every chance they got, they tried to shove her into my busy (lol) schedule or make me run over to their house for some errand or do menial labor for them. Today was their big shot. They were now forcing us to stay under the same roof, alone (sorta), for two days.

"Good night, Onarion! Good night, Tama," she said as I opened the door. As I expected, her parents made her wear something ridiculous.

"Good…night… What the hell are you wearing?"

"My mom made me wear this."

I'd say a tanktop and miniskirt are not practical clothing to wear in October, however pleasing they are to the eyes.

"Well, come in. May's sick, so don't bother her."

My house is two stories with three rooms on each floor. May was in her room, and my parents' room was empty. I was thinking of letting Mimi sleep there, but the door was locked.

"What are you checking that room for? She's staying in your room, asswipe," Tama whispered.

I was not in the mood to hear his nonsensical chattering. Don't get me wrong; I was a bit excited to have a girl sleep over at my house. However, acting on that excitement was not a very good idea. Or was it? At most, Tama would obnoxiously mock me, but there's nothing else he could do.

Mimi had been over to my house on numerous occasions, but she had not once stepped into my room. So, naturally, that was where she was most eager to poke into, much to my chagrin. My room is my palace, my fortress, my hive of tossed clothes, food, figures, and video games. I would spend that whole night with twelve eyes open if she ended up sleeping in my room.

Finally, she asked, "So, where am I going to sleep?"

It was a question I'd rather not answer, but I had to. I had come up with the devious plot to tell her that I'd sleep on the couch, but I know for sure that Tama wouldn't be hearing any of that. I was at a roadblock. As it was, I would have to face the music, and I did.

"You'll be staying in my room with me." I tried to sound as calm and nonchalant as I possibly could. By the lord's mercy, it worked. Tama was silent, and Mimi was staring at me, smiling blankly. It weakened my heart to look at her for too long.

Impressed by my own work, I strolled into the door and invited her into my palace. Of course, she feigned interest in it and commented on how clean it was despite the remaining clothes sprawled about that I didn't bother picking up. Then she found my laptop open on the bed.

"So, where is it?" The it, of course, was porn. Unfortunately for her, I haven't masturbated in two whole years. The need to even search for porn died out of me a long time ago, so my computer's history was squeaky clean.

"You will find no such things in my computer's history," I said with profound dignity.
Then, of course, Tama had to add in his two cent.

"Yeah, you're here to fill that role, missy."

She found his comment hilarious, but to me it was distasteful. Well, my opinion doesn't matter as long as she's happy, I guess.

"Hey, Onarion, let's play something!" she said, already pulling a controller.

"Give me a minute; I'm ordering pizza."

My parents left me with a total of $200.00 to spend while they were gone. Why they left so much is beyond me, but I'm grateful for their generosity. Unfortunately, I had nothing I really wanted to spend it on, so I was most likely going to squander it all on Mimi in an attempt to impress her.

In a few, the phone was hung up and Mimi and I were engaged in deep competition. She was always good at video games (not better than me), so I had to always be fully concentrated when playing with her. Strangely, though, Tama was absolutely silent. It was scary. I should have been rejoicing in his silence, but I was so used to his commentary that hearing him suddenly quiet made me uneasy. I ended up losing because of my mental occupation with trying to figure out his silence.

Then, I found out what it was. From the corner of my eye, I saw a small figure standing at the door of my room. There stood May, sucking her thumb and holding a blanket.

"What's the matter, May?" Mimi asked. May ignored her and sauntered over to me, leaning over to my ear.

"… I'm cold." She whispered softly into my ear and tugged my shirt.

"The sheets are in the closet," I said dismissively, which was pretty dickish, but I was absorbed into the video game and Tama.

Then suddenly she wrapped her arms around me and buried her face into my back. For a moment, she was silent, breathing onto my back. I tried to ignore the awkwardness and continue playing, but then she grabbed my ear and whispered, "Can I sleep in your room with you, please?" To say the least it was fucking bizarre. May was always a sweet little thing, but never was she so sweet. I nearly died of a heart attack.

Through all of that, though, I felt that there was probably some type of ulterior motive to her actions. I doubt her room was so cold at all since there were two working heaters in there and there are none in mine. There had to be some reason for her to waltz into my room and make me sleep with her in my room. I thought and thought…
And it finally came to me once I took a glance at Mimi's face. She was concentrated on the figure on my back, wearing her battle face—her battle face, by the way is the serious, deadly face Mimi wears when faced with some challenge, usually when we play games. However, what could be challenging her at this…
Then it hit me again. May. I've seen way too much anime to not recognize this situation! At that moment, I was in the middle of a tug of war between Mimi and May. May, my loving little sister, did not want me to stay a whole night with Mimi and end up slipping away from her, especially after our newly rejuvenated relationship. I'm unsure of what Mimi wants to gain, but she doesn't want to lose my favor over to May.

My thoughts were confirmed when she leaned over to May and said, "He'll be with you in a minute. We're kind of busy right now." She flashed the most brilliantly insincere, fake smile I will ever see in my life. It was war.

"No," May said, "I want to sleep with my big brother. What's it to you?"

Naturally, I should have intervened and settled the two down, but it was much too interesting. For once, I felt a bit special. It was nice to have two girls squabbling over me, even if one of them happened to be my little sister.

"Oh, I have no problem with it," Mimi lied, "but it bothers you, right, Onarion?"

She tried to dump the responsibility of getting her out on me, but I had prepared for that.

"I don't see the issue," I said, trying my hardest not to look and see what type of expression Mimi was wearing on her face. That was, admittedly, one of the cruelest things I've ever done in my life, but I had to do it. Being fought over is a luxury that I couldn't just give up and sent to its room.

With that said, the next hour couldn't be described as anything but awkward. Tama's silence combined with May's breath tickling my neck and Mimi taking glances every few seconds gave me an odd sort of feeling. I felt as abashed as a prostitute yet as shameless as a Calvin Klein underwear model. I felt like shit, but I felt like great shit. Like a piece of shit with a golden crown on top of it. I was the king of the hill—no, I WAS the hill. It was a bizarre and empowering feeling I can't seem to put properly into words.

That euphoria was interrupted by Mimi suddenly excusing herself to the bathroom in the middle of the third game. She said she wanted to shower since she didn't while she was at home, and I gave her the OK, but I felt uneasy about being alone with May in the questionable mindset I believed her to be in. And so I spent the next three minutes trying to drown myself in the game and forget she was even there, which I discovered was much to her discomfort. While I played, she'd nudge me or squeeze me a bit tighter as if calling for my attention. But I ignored her.

Soon enough, she had transitioned from my back and lay down on my lap, which was annoying the minute she did it but relieving the next. To my relief, she fell asleep shortly after lying down. I rested her tiny body on my bed (where I suppose Mimi was supposed to stay, but oh well) and tried to get back to finishing my game.
I don't know if he was waiting for a cue or something, but the floodgates of Tama's mouth let loose as soon as I plopped back in front of the TV.

"Now's your chance!" he roared.

"Fuck off."

"No, seriously, Onarion, you can't fuck this up. You are ALONE in YOUR room with her. The possibilities are endless!"

"Did you forget May's on my bed?"

He paused for a moment and then continued, "To hell with the little girl! She won't wake up if you keep quiet while you do it."

"You're a despicable thing, Tama."

While we went back and forth, my room door cracked open and a figure silently made its way behind me. I didn't pick up on it since I was trying to discredit Tama's new claim about my sexual orientation.

"Onarion…" I heard a whisper in my ear and closed my mouth fast. It frightened me, but I made a point not to shriek or make any other noise that suggested fear to avoid ridicule.

I turned around to see Mimi's round face awfully close to mine which had turned beet red upon seeing what she was wearing.

"Where… are your clothes?" I asked, trying my best to keep my eyes up (I failed). She had nothing but a really short towel wrapped around her body which failed to fully protect her cleavage.

"You see, I forgot my bag at home, so I have no clothes with me. Can I borrow some of yours?" She tried to sound calm, but I could tell she was just as flustered or maybe even more, than I was. Instead of making out words, I pointed over to my wardrobe where she'd be able to find something to wear. She nodded her head.

She found much difficulty getting up, probably because I was staring at her so intently as she moved. I couldn't help it; I wanted to somehow turn away to save myself some dignity, but my manhood, my mind, my body wouldn't allow it. I couldn't turn my attention away from her.
I soon found myself leaning over a bit, trying to get a better look under the towel as she walked, a daring thing that I doubted even my balls had the balls to do. However, it was Tama the one running things the whole time. Ever since I laid eyes on her, I wasn't in full control of my actions. As I inclined my head, I heard a voice whispering "lower—just a bit lower and we'll strike gold". That voice was Tama's. He was standing at attention, transmitting messages to me like a radio tower. The funniest thing, though, was that I wasn't bothered by it at all. In fact, I found myself voluntarily acting to Tama's will, forcing my head lower.

She picked up a pair of my underwear and a T-shirt. She stood still staring at it for a moment that I didn't quite notice and then turned around. Looking me dead in the eye, she slipped the boxers on under her towel and slowly drew it up to her waist. Her eyes were on me the whole time, yet I wasn't bothered by it at all. I anticipated more. I wanted her to drop the towel and continue to put on the shirt.

But I was disappointed. Probably keeled over by the embarrassment, she turned around when she dropped the towel. I was in my shameless state long enough for me to watch her to walk back to me and not realize she even has clothes on.

"Well, someone's excited," she said as she stepped over to me.

My mind slowly got back to me and I finally realized that Tama was still hard as a brick. Covering him up would be pointless, so I decided to try to dismiss it.

"That's just Tama; don't worry about it."

I almost swallowed my words at the end of that sentence. I didn't take into account that Tama would probably say something. To my relief and suspicion, though, he remained silent.

"Anyways," she said, taking a seat next to me. I didn't mind it at first, but then she scooted closer and closer to me until our shoulders were touching. "Isn't it a bit late? We should go to bed."

She arrived at my house at around 9PM. It couldn't possibly be even half past 10. It wasn't late by any stretch, so what was she talking about?
Then, the voice came again. I had no idea what it was saying, but Tama was saying something to me, commanding me to act, to do something. But the only thing I could do was just stare into her face which was only a few inches from mine.
She moved closer.
So did I.
We were only a few centimeters away from each other.

A stretch and a yawn killed everything that instant. In my peripheral vision I could see May stretching out of bed and raising her body.

"Onarion," May whispered to me from halfway across the room with both of her arms spread out to me, "come lie down with me."

I was beyond conflicted. I wanted to scream 'FUCK OFF, YOU SHE-DEVIL! I'M MAKING MAGIC HERE', but that was my sister. The pleading message in her eyes meant absolutely nothing to me in that moment, but I was sane enough to realize that there was a choice that needed to be made.

A. Send May to her room

B. Lay on the bed with her

C. Excuse myself to the shower

I'll let you decide his course of action, reader, by leaving the answer in the review section or PMing me.