Most people think that 'zombies' are fictional, they're not real. Humph, a couple of years ago we thought the same thing until that day...the violent screams we heard going on threw out the school building, the smell of blood...dead people...walking. It was like a horror film that came true.

"Nice job today Tyler," Coach says as he pats Tyler on the back, "Thanks," He tells him breathlessly.

Tyler looks over to see his best friend Jimmy on the opposite side of the track, Tyler cautiously walks over to him, "Jimmy, you alright?" He asked him. Jimmy looks back at him, something looked different about him but, Tyler couldn't quite put his finger on it. Then all he sudden he jumps on him, "Jimmy what the hell!" Tyler yells pushing Jimmy off of him. He quickly stand up and step back from Jimmy, he hisses at him. Tyler turns back to go tell coach about what just happen. But Jimmy jumps on him again, Tyler butt his head against Jimmy making him stumble backwards. He then run off towards the locker room, glancing back to see Jimmy slowly following him.

Once Tyler reached the locker room the intercom comes on. "Students and Faculty of Shinda High, it seems that we have situation going on throughout the town. The meat from the cafeteria has been diseased and any who ate it must report to the nurses office immediately." The principal's voice says from the intercom system.

As she says this everyone in a corner of the locker room starts freaking out, he walks over there to see what was going on but, before he could get over there everybody turns to run, "What happen?" He asked somebody, "Joe, something's wrong with him, he bit Fred and killed him!" He says as he runs off. Tyler turns to a noise that was coming from behind a locker. He slowly creeps up to it to see what it was, standing on a bench to get a better look. His eyes widen in horror, as he quickly steps down as Joe glances up to where he was standing. Tyler takes another peek over the locker. What he saw, he could never forget.

Tyler quickly runs out the locker room to be met with chaos throughout the school building, people were screaming and running in different directions. "Everyone who hasn't eaten lunch here report to the cafeteria!" A security guard yells. He looks around to only see a few people making there way to the cafeteria, he makes his way over there too.

"What's happening?" A short girl with brown hair and green eyes asked. "You should know Nerdy McGee, I thought you knew everything." A big guy with brown hair and hazel eyes says. Tyler recognized him as Mason Shepherd, caption of the football team, and a total douchebag, "Hey! Don't talk to her like that!" A tall girl with reddish blond hair and blue eyes yells at him, "Shut up, I can talk to her anyway I want!" He yells at her. "You guys, please don't fight." The short girl says. Tyler glances around the cafeteria, was it was just them here? There had to be more people coming... "I think something serious is going on out there." Tyler says. They all turn to him, "Well, no shit..." Mason says. Tyler glares at him, "I'm serious, I saw something happened in the locker room." He tells them.

The tall girl steps closer to him, "What happen?" She asked, "Well, I didn't see all of it but, somebody told me that a guy bit and killed another guy, so I went to go check it out and when I thought the guy was dead, he got up and moved..." He tells her. She nods, "He moved, huh?" This time it was Tyler's turn to nod. "I saw something like that happen too, Tori come here for a sec.." She turns and calls out to the short girl. She walks over toward us, "What is it, Tabbi?" She asked the tall girl.

"Well..." She looks at the brown headed boy, "What's your name?" She asked asked, "Tyler." He tells her, she nods. "Tyler here, said he saw a guy bite another guy and when he thought he was dead, he moved." She tells her, "What do you think that was all about?"

The short girl, who we now know as Tori, looks like she's thinking really hard about this question. "You said he bit him right?" She asked Tyler, "Yeah he was eating his...insides." He tells her, "So we already know that it has something to do with the food that they we're serving at school today, in fact I thought I smelt something different when I was in here for lunch. But...what could it be?..." She stops as she places he finger on the bottom of her chin.

All the sudden a hand shoots thought the window of the cafeteria door, A scream was heard, Tyler turns back to see who it was, the two girls, who he thought screamed, were looking at Mason "What!" He screams and then clears his throat, "What, that wasn't me." He says in a deeper voice. "That's it, I have to get a sample of the meat." Tori says as she runs to the kitchen, like nothing happen. "Where's she going?" Tyler asked Tabbie, she shrugs "She does that a lot." "Uh, guys...shit we're fucked now." Mason says as they break the cafeteria doors down."What do we do?" Tabbi asked. "We have to fight them." Tyler says, "No," we can't. If they get a hold of you they'll surely eat you alive." Tabbi says, "Then, how are we gonna get away?" Tyler asked as they begin to close in on the three. "Oh mama help me, I don't wanna die!" Mason yells. Tabbi turns and slaps him, "Get it together Mason I thought you were a man not a bitch!"
"Guys! In here, hurry!" Tori's voice calls from the cafeteria kitchen, "How are we gonna get all the way over there?" Mason asked. Tyler takes a fallen piece of glass and throw it at a kid, the glass lands and stabs a boy in the leg. "Why isn't he falling?" Mason asked. "You guys, you have to aim for the head!" Tori yells. "Why the head?" Tabbi yells back, "Just do it I'll explain later!" She yells back.

Tyler picks up another piece of glass as Mason and Tabbi do the same, this time he aims for the head and the boy instantly falls to the ground. Everybody then starts chunking glass at everyone of them, and in a matter of moments there all down. They then run over to where Tori was. "Quickly, close the gate before more get in." Tabbi orders Mason and Tyler. "Hey I'm not your bitch you can't just tell me what to do." Mason tells her, "You do as I say or you can become one of them, got it?" Tabbi tells him, he glares at her but does as he told.

"Okay Tori do you know what's going on?" Tabbi asked the girl, she nods as she pushes her glasses back onto her nose. "I not sure if it could be true although everything does seem to all add up, my conclusion has to be right...these creatures that we're dealing with...their zombies. And it all started with the meat that the cafeteria was serving at lunch. But the question is, how? The cafeteria always serves meat. So how could this have happen?" She says a she goes back into her thinking mode.
"Freeze! Who's there?" A voice comes from farther back in the kitchen, the owner of the voice then revels himself, it was a boy with brown hair and eyes also a little younger than them, "I suggest you leave before I kill you!" He yells as he waves a drumstick around in the air. "What the fuck are you gonna do with a fucking drumstick?" Mason asked him, "This!" He throws it at his head, it landing and poking him in the eye. "What the hell!" Mason yells asTyler gives a laugh. "Oh, you'll pay for that!" Mason yells as he runs to the boy and tries to punch him but Tabbi intervenes in between them.

"What's your name?" Tabbi asked him, "Why should I tell you?" He says back. "Because, if we're all gonna survive this shit we have to get along and get to know each other." She says. "She's got a point." Tori chimes in quietly. "...Name's Brandon, you?" He asked her. "Tabbi and she's Tori." She says indicating towards Tori. He nods, and turns to the other two, "Tyler." Tyler tells him. "You should know my name, I mean who doesn't know me?" Mason says smugly. "Oh, your that really douche-y guy, yeah head of the football team." Brandon says. "Fuck you I'm not douche-y!" He says. "I beg to differ, Tyler chimes in. "Shut up!" He says as he pushes Tyler to the ground hard. He glares at him as he stand back up and punch Mason in the nose. "You punch like a bitch!" Mason yells. "If I punch like a bitch why are you holding your nose?" Tyler asked him, he goes to hit him but Tabbi steps in the way. "Knock it off! What did I just say?" She says."He started it..." Tyler says. "I did not!" He yells."

"I got it!" Tori exclaims, we all turn to her. "What do you got?" Tabbi asked her, "If I recall correctly on the news yesterday afternoon they were talking about some new hormone that they ingested into our meat to make it more... healthier. Thus something went wrong with the hormone inside the animal and infected it, making the meat diseased and killing everyone, but for some reason their coming back." She says. "You lost me after news," Mason says.

"Yes! Tori your a genius!" Tabbi says, "It all makes since now."
"So all those things out there are zombies?" Tyler asked, Tori nods.