They were completely surrounding us, the last of us in this god forsaken hospital. Three nurses and four doctors virses the entire hospital staff and patients who just died, got up and wanted to eat us. We have been fighting our way through the hospital and working our way up to the roof. We knew that up was bad but down was impossible they were coralling us urging us into our final stand.

We are on the roof the door was wedged shut with some pallets and pipes from the roof and we heard them on the other side. Most of us had been reading and watching zombie fiction for years not thinking it was even remotely possible. Not only was it possible but the old horror movies where they were stupid and slow moving were all wrong. These things could move, they could think, and they had one purpose. They needed to convert people we saw it for our selves as we lost most of our party one by one.

We started hearing gun shots, we were ecstatic thought someone had come to help, then we realized they were firing at the door. They had learned how to use weapons and were trying to break the door down any means necessary. As if they could smell our fear the shots frequented they never ran out of bullets or at least it seemed that way. The door was toast they were funneling out quickly forming a circle around us. They stood there a perfect circle of rotting flesh untill one creature came out and stood there staring at us. We didnt understand what he was doing, they had us surrounded they could kill, eat, or convert us but they just stood there staring.

After what seemed like an hour they all started making a gurgling laughing sound, it was utterly terrifying the nurses cried and the men cowered. The thing in the middle was the only one not laughing he just stood there staring some more. Finally he drew a small gun and pointed it at us and with blinding accuracy shot us one at a time untill only one doctor stood there. They continued to laugh at him he stood there with all the dignity he could. The man in the middle dropped the gun and walked towards the doctor. They were nose to nose when the creature vommited all over the doctor. He dropped to the ground convulsing and shaking violently. When he stopped moving it took about two minutes untill he got up and joined in with the gurgle laugh.

The laughing stopped and the feeding began the circle closed in and started there feast ripping the last of the normal people into pieces to satisfy there need for meat. When there was no pieces left the creatures began the decent down the stairs. They had bigger projects they needed to complete the doctor hunt was just for fun, there was a whole world to conquer.