The town definately looked deserted as if there was no population to speak of in the first place it was one of Americas typical small towns with one main road and a few side roads leading to various neighborhoods. The sun was just coming up telling Jay that his earlier assumption that they had woke him up early was correct and that he did not have long before the zombie hordes started to show. He remembered what he was told about killing the electricity and couldnt figure out why that was so important but he did as he was told hoping to get this over with as soon as he could. Starting to follow the power lines he was hoping they would lead to the sorce it seemed endless block after block of power pole but no sorce in sight. Just as he was thinking he was going the wrong direction he saw a small electrical substation at the edge of the main road.

Breaking into the substation would have been easy there was really no defence to speak of because no one thought anyone would need to break in. It was the fact that inside the fence there were lots of bodys just laying there, Jay remembered the road he drove the truck down and how they just got up and started to form ranks he did not really want that to happen. The fence itself was about six feet tall with some cheap barbed wire around the top and a double gate big enough for a large truck to fit through. The gate was cained with a padlock and that was it, thinking that the gate was the weakest point Jay started to think what he could do to just take care of both the substation and all the zombies at the same time.

An explosion would be his best bet and he doubted it would be as easy as the barn. He headed back into town hoping to find an 'explosions r us' depot or something similar that he could use. There was not a whole lot in this town a small gas station, a hardware store, a small grocery store, and some small thrift stores. He was thinking he could try to replicate the barn explosion if he got enough gas and a truck he could simply have the truck crash into the substation and explode so he headed for the hardware store. The hardware store was a mess shelves were knocked over and blood was everywhere, it also looked like it had been looted a few times but who ever looted decided to not take any gas cans. Grabbing three he headed out to the street and found a truck and started to make trips back and fourth untill he had about ten five gallon jugs in the back. He jumped into the cab and was ready to start hotwiring when he saw the keys in the ignition and was elated on how smoothly this was going.

The gas station was only half a block down so that was simple enough, however he did not have a credit card to activate the pump and had no idea how he was going to fill up all these gas cans. Heading into the attached convience store he encountered his first zombie of the day, it was just standing there missing half of its jaw and staring right at Jay. It was strange the thing was not even moving it just stood there obviously still alive as much alive as a zombie could be he decided to notwait around for it to eat him and put a single bullet through his eyes. The gunshot rang out so loud that the echo alone made Jay flinch and he knew this would attract attention and not the good kind either. Jumping behind the counter the computer was still on it was a newer system with a touch screen and once Jay looked at it he thought it was designed for morons each pump had a button he pushed the pump where the truck he was borrowing sat and entered $200.00 paid and activated the pump.

It only took a few minutes to fill all the gas cans and the truck just as he was filling up the last one he saw them marching down the middle of the street. When they saw him it seemed like they were just going crazy they all just sprinted with inhuman speed. Jay left the pump on and spraying gas as he drove off down the road he was not caring to much about that he had a goal to finish so he could go back to his safe little cell. Jay slowed the truck down to about 40mph so he could jump out and let the truck smash through the gates he jumped out ready to fight the horde behind him. The truck did as Jay had expected it smashed right through the gate like it was butter and drove over a few zombies before crashing into the giant electrical box. Nothing exploded it just stopped the truck and the zombies inside were now awake.

Jay was surrounded by a charging horde behind him and a waking one in front of him and did not know what to do. The horde behind him got to him first and Jay started firing wildly taking out a lot of zombies in the process but not enough to slow down the charging. The horde that was waking up was now fully active and were climbing the barbed wire fence and not caring how much flesh they ripped off them selves. Jay started running looking for somewhere defencible that he could hold out and everywhere he ran there were more zombies it was like they were toying with him. Every corner he turned the path was blocked by zombies every store had one in front of the door he had no where to run he ended up back at the substation almost as if he were corraled there.

They had completed a circle now and just stood there staring the way only a zombie could with its unblinking eyes. Jay stood there armed with alot of bullets and nothing else he did see the truck that was completely full of gas and decided that would make a better target than trying to take out all these zombies. He waited untill they started making the creepy laugh and fired wildly at the truck one of the bullets must have made a spark because the whole truck went up in and explosion that killed at least two thirds of the zombies, threw Jay about thirty feet, and flattened the substation. The surviving zombies had reacted quickly and were up coming after Jay with such force that they were definately angry. Jay booked it down the main road hoping that he had taken care of the goals with enough profeciancy that the army would come get him.

He had made it to the gas station before he decided they were not coming yet, or at all. The pump was still spilling all over the road and everywhere. The zombies were there before Jay could even think about the reprocussions of what he was about to do, the zombies were about to pounce when jay started shooting the ground lighting the gas on fire. A few of the zombies had caught fire but that did not seem to care they just kept coming, Great thought Jay now they are flaming zombies. However the rest of the zombies just happened to be in the vacinity of the largest explosion Jay had ever seen and been the cause of. The gas station erupted like a volcano that had been storing energy for years the entire town was on fire and all the zombies were coooked. Jay himself had somehow managed to not catch fire but still get thrown into a nearby brick wall knocking him unconcious.

Jay awoke some time later to see what he had done, the town was gone he had completely firebombed the place. Some of the structers were still on fire and a few car alarms were going off just to be quickly silenced as the fire took them and caused another miniture explosion. Jay stood up and started walking down the street only to be blocked by a single zombie, it had a gun pointed at Jay and it was definately not laughing. It started shooting giving Jay barely enough time to duck and cover behind a bench the zombie had moved with unnatural speed and was jumping over the bench at Jay grabbing his hair. Yelping like a puppy Jay had grabbed the zombies hand and yanked the creature down to the ground, zombies dont care about pain as was easily demonstrated by this particular one. It had gotten up and continued its pursuit of Jay, only this time Jay had time to shoot about thirty bullets into its head ending this little tuscle.

No longer caring he started walking down the road that the army drove off down he had been through enough to just simply not care anymore. About a mile down the road the van was waiting and quickly bagged and cuffed Jay and put him back into the van. He heard the familiar voice from earlier today telling him "That was spectacular, we would have never thought you would have taken care of that so quick. We were kinda hoping to recpolonize that town one day but now that seems like a long shot. You kinda flattened it didn't ya? Oh well we got the whole thing on tape and we are excited to show the general everything you did." Even though the man spoke to Jay like a friend he honestly did not care he really wanted to go back into his cell where it was safe.

The car ride back seemed a lot less long that it had on the way out maybe that was because he was so tired or maybe they took a faster route. And fully expecting everything that was going to happen did not make it any easier. They dragged him out of the van down the familiar hall with all the metal claning and clanking and debagged and de cuffed him in the shower room. The bleach hurt so bad in all his fresh wounds like it was just catching them all on fire which made it seem like that had sprayed bleach longer than they actually did. He was in full tears before the rince cycle began and removed all the bleach from his body and some loose flesh that was still sorta attached. Back in his cell was another peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some new kind of chips that tasted suspisiously like pizza he had like a monster and sat in a corner of his familiar room being back to naked and cold.

Jay broke down and cryed for hours after the lights went out, he just could not help it the world he was in was terrible zombies out there trying so hard to kill him and humans in here torturing him like a science experiment. It was to much he curled up in a little ball and cryed, heaved, and sobbed all night untill finally he was just to exhausted to stay awake any longer and drifted back into the dream land of horrors.