I will hem the night into a dress and belt it with the stars,

I will make shoes out of the fallen trees to help me get somewhere far,

I will paint my lips red with thorns of the rose,

And glorify the waning moon with the song of the insane.

I will leap into the sky and hop from star to star,

I will cover myself with the darkness as if it were some silk,

And I will catch the moon in the palm of my hand and then let it go be free.

And when the sun begins to rise I will return to my cave,

And reminisce on the nightmares that have been haunting me.

I will make a bed out of poison ivy,

And sleep a sleep I do not wish to dream.

I will dream a nightmare of me falling eternally,

Or be cast in a pit of fire started by me,

Or drowning in black water,

Oh, why even bother,

Running from these monsters haunting me.

And when the sun goes down again,

I will relive the night,

Because no one can see me in the dark,

But in the light I am uncovered.