Authors Note: I wrote this for my folio in English at school. It's been marked and whatnot, so I thought I'd share it.

This is in script form, just FYI.


Setting: The reception area of a doctor's surgery. To one side, there is a desk with a computer and papers stacked neatly. There is a receptionist seated behind the desk. The room is full of people, some who are sporting bandages, and many are reading magazines. A non-bandaged teenage girl is sitting using her mobile phone. A tall, thin, business-like woman enters and sees the only seat left is next to the teen. She takes it.

List of characters:

RECEPTIONIST: Early twenties, hair in a tidy ponytail, dressed in white shirt, business skirt and heels.

JESSICA: Late thirties, hair in neat bun, dressed in business suit and heels.

FERN: 15-17, straightened hair is out, dressed in jeans and a loose hoodie.

MAN: In his forties, wearing a flannelette shirt, jeans and boots.

RECEPTIONIST: (Cheerily, to the woman) Won't be a moment.

JESSICA: (Looks around the packed room sceptically) Thankyou. (Looks for something to read, sees that everything is taken. The receptionist heads to desk and sits.)

FERN: Oh, dammit!

JESSICA: (Surprised) Are you alright?

FERN: Huh? (Looks up) Oh, my phone's gone flat.


(There is an uncomfortable silence. The teen starts to tap her fingers on the armrest of her chair.)

FERN: I'm Fern. (Grinning widely)

JESSICA: (Cautiously) Jessica.

FERN: (Shaking head) No, Fern. (As if talking to a child) F.E.R.N. Fern.

JESSICA: (Frowning) No, my name is Jessica.

FERN: Oh, sorry. (Laughs loudly) Dad always says I need to, like, listen more. I'm waiting for him.

JESSICA: (Not interested) Really?

FERN: Yeah, (Not realising Jessica's disinterest) he, like, cut his hand open cooking. (Gives a short laugh)

JESSICA: (Sounding bored) How interesting.

(Jessica looks at Fern tapping her fingers, and the teen notices)

FERN: Oh, sorry. (Clasps hands together in lap) I can't help it. I, like, hate sitting still. My family calls me Twitch.

(The woman nods and looks around. Fern begins to kick the leg of her chair.)

JESSICA: (Slightly irritated) Could you please not?

FERN: Sorry. (She crosses her ankles under her chair)

(There is a pause, and Jessica looks at Fern, who has started to rock from side to side.)

JESSICA: (Exasperated) Is there something wrong with you?

FERN: What? (Looks up at the woman innocently)

JESSICA: Can't you just sit still?

FERN: Nope, can't. Not being difficult, (Shrugs) just can't.

JESSICA: (Angrily) Why not?

FERN: I told you, I just can't. That's why I was texting. So I wouldn't, like, twitch.

(Jessica rolls her eyes and turns away. The teen starts clicking her fingers.)

JESSICA: Would you stop that! (Glares angrily at her)

(The receptionist looks up, curious, and walks over, heels clicking on the floor.)

RECEPTIONIST: Is there a problem?

JESSICA: YES. (Sounding relieved) Would you please stop her from being so annoying? (The receptionist gives her a bland look.) And… and she's even BREATHING loudly.


JESSICA: She won't stop making noises and she won't sit still! Could you PLEASE stop her moving!

FERN: (Smiling amusedly) Ha, nope.

JESSICA: (Turns to glare at the teen.) Shut up, will you?

(Other patients in the room are starting to glare at the woman.)

RECEPTIONIST: Excuse me, Ma'am (Taps Jessica's shoulder), but you'll have to go if you don't pipe down.

JESSICA: Pipe down?

(The teenager switches to drumming on her knees)

JESSICA: Oh my God! (Standing up, she looms over the girl) STOP THAT!

RECEPTIONIST: (Sighs) Ma'am, would you please leave?

(The woman turns on the receptionist, who points firmly offstage. Jessica looks shocked, then angry.)

JESSICA: WHAT? It took me an hour to drive here, and I've been waiting for 45 minutes, because I actually trust the doctor. I'm only here because I have a migraine! My head is pounding, I feel nauseous and I shouldn't have to put up with this!

RECEPTIONIST: Well, for one, no one else has made this much fuss, and secondly, if you have a migraine…

FERN: (Cutting in) Why don't you stop yelling? (Grins smugly)

JESSICA: Would you just…!

RECEPTIONIST: Ma'am, leave. (Woman glares at her) NOW. (Points offstage again)

JESSICA: Fine! I'll find some other GP! (She storms offstage)

(The receptionist stares at Fern for a moment, hands on hips. Fern continues to drum on her knees quietly, staring back. After a quiet moment, a man with a bandaged hand enters.)

MAN: Come on, Fern.

(The teen jumps up and heads over to him with a smirk.)

RECEPTIONIST: You should leave Twitch at home next time, Dad. I work here y'know.

MAN: (Smiles) Sorry, love. (Turns to Fern and ruffles her hair) Come on, you.

FERN: (In a sing-song voice) See you tonight, Callie!

RECEPTIONIST: (Rolls eyes) Later, Twitch.