The Summer of My Life

Chapter 1: The Selection

"Oh my god…"

"What's wrong with you?"

"… I'm just so glad that school's almost out."

"Yeah, me too."

Kiara and I were walking outside from the cafeteria and in the direction of the Instructional Village; which is really just a whole bunch of trailers thrown onto some rocks. But after a school year of hundreds of students walking all around there, it's more like this muddy, sand-bed of some sort. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Who the hell is Kiara?" Kiara Dixon is a rising junior with a happy yet emo-personality… who also happens to be pregnant. And no, I'm not telling the story. It's way too long to explain.

It was the end of the year and we only had less than a week left of coming to this goddamn school. I noticed Kiara pointing ahead of us which made me look in the direction of Andrew, Cardell, Alyssa and Celia; all of which are good friends of mine. I should have taken my friend's advice by making a prologue or something because I can't keep explaining each character. Anyways…

Andrew is a really good friend of mine. Well, he's practically my brother now. Whenever I helped people with their problems, he was always there to help me… like a big brother. Cardell however is the opposite. I constantly have to make sure he doesn't do anything completely stupid… other than getting Kiara pregnant. Alyssa is a sweet, fragile, ginger-headed white girl… who will bite the shit out of you if she's pissed off. And she also happens to be Kiara's girlfriend [because they're both bisexual]. Celia… I don't really know too much about her. I just know that some days she'll be entirely happy, and that other days she'll be super depressed. I also know that she went out with Kiara once.

When Kiara and I were a good ten yards away from reaching them, I heard someone running behind us. I turned at the last second to avoid being body-slammed by another person I know: Kevice.

Kevice is a knuckle-headed, perverted, flaking, groping, grabbing, unintelligent and leering douche-bag… But towards the end of the year, he turned out not to be so bad… I think.

Shortly after I ran away from this dumbass, everyone's favorite short, stubby Latina girl came rushing in, babbling on about the same thing since I first met her: Her giant crush on Andrew.

"Hey, Charisse, do you think Andrew will like my new outfit today?" she asked in her annoyingly high squeaky voice. I absentmindedly nodded my head, for I was in another world; mostly thinking about what I'll be doing for the summer. I can't just do nothing all summer! That would boring as f—

"Charisse? Hello? Are you even listening? Did you space out again?" I caught the last question just in time.

"Uh, no…" I said, smiling sheepishly. This is why I don't lie. I suck ass when it comes to that, obviously. Before she could interrogate me about my listening skills, the first bell sounded, signaling all of the students in the cafeteria to get their asses moving on to class. Being the smartasses we were, we waited and stood there talking (more like shouting because of all the damn kids), until the last minute when we finally willed ourselves to go to class.

Long story, short: I had a pretty regular day, trying to survive my stupid classes, saying "Hi." To stupid teachers and friends (who are people I just don't know at all), and staying clear of an old, cranky, uptight, self-centered and way too loud assistant principal for my inappropriate skirt length.

The next day was mostly the same. Deal with teachers, blah blah blah, talk to annoyingly good friends, blah blah blah and all that other good stuff. However, it wasn't until seventh period that our lives truly changed.

2:15 pm. -Biology class. Unfortunately, our teacher is gone so now everyone's acting like a pack of angry primates. And just when I was actually trying to read—ish…

"Pardon this interruption, but will the following students please report to the main office…" I, being my usual self, just thought it was a whole bunch of random-ass students I didn't know. Boy was I wrong.

"Nicholas Denis…" Nicholas Denis… a short, black, cute, hot, smart, muscled, well-spoken, chocolate piece of heaven. But that's just me. He's a senior and I was only a sophomore so I knew it wouldn't work out and had to let my little crush go. We're really good friends now and even told me that if he had to date any girl at this school, it would be between me and Alyssa. I barely caught the next name as I got semi-lost in Nick-Land.

"Brice Scott…" I wonder what they want with Brice. Brice is a short, black, cutie with brown, curly hair too, but I only think of him in a brotherly way… after getting over a tiny crush over him for two weeks. What? I'm only human! And female… And lonely… DON'T JUGDE ME!


"Andrew Taylor…" What the…? Now Andrew?

"Amili Martinez…" Okay, this is just getting weird.

"Kiara Dixon…" What the hell is going on?

"… And Charisse Nelson." It finished.

"What?" this I actually said out loud, which in return, caused some people to look at me funny. I slowly gathered my things with a look on my face that was… hard to describe actually. I never really mastered controlling my facial expressions. But anyways… man, I gotta stop doing that.

I walked outside, soon crossing paths with my other peers… all wearing confused masks.

When we got to the office, Nick was already there, wearing the same confused mask as we were. Somewhere out in the hall, I heard the distinct, angry-sounding voice of our vice principal.

"Damn it! We forgot a kid! Go on the intercom and call for Alyssa Patterson!" I heard her yell. Alyssa got called too? Now I'm really starting wonder about what's gonna happen to us…

While in the middle of our glance fest, a chunky yet happy man named Mr. Wright came in through the teacher's lounge and sat in his office desk in front of us. He started typing random things on his computer, staring at the screen so intently, too make it seem like he was working. He clicked his keyboard a few more times before he turned to us.

"You all can have a seat for now. We won't be telling you the news until the remaining student has arrived." He said, motioning towards the waiting chairs. I swear he sounded just like a robot…

I was lost deep in thought, thinking about when I'm ever gonna get a boyfriend when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned my head only to have Nick's smooth lips come in contact with my ear.

"Hey, is it me or is Amili giving me looks right now?" I was barely able to hear the question when I was in a daze from having his voice brush my eardrum. None the less, I looked up in time to catch the desperate Hispanic avert her gaze elsewhere.

Now I know what your thinking… again. So I might as well tell you. Amili has been in love with Nick ever since they first met when they were both freshmen. During junior year, she asked him to go to the prom with her and he declined. He ended up going with his ex-girlfriend. And after all of this she's been hoping and praying and hell, wishing on shooting stars that he would notice her and go out with her. I love her to death, but she seriously needs a life.

For the past ten minutes, I've been getting looks from both Nick AND Andrew, signaling me to get off my ass and confront her since I'm the only one who has ever managed to console her. So you know what I did? Exactly that… I slowly got up, walked across the room, and sat in the chair next to her.

"You mind explaining to me why you're having a damn staring fest over here?" I got straight to the point even though I didn't wanna talk about this shit anyway. She was just about to confess before the assistant principal walked in with Alyssa right behind her. Alyssa turned to face me.

"Do you have any clue on why we're here?" I looked at her like that could've been the dumbest thing you've said to me in all your life.

"If I did, do you think we would still be here?" I tried my best not to snap at her, but I was already aggravated as it is. And if you know me, it would be a terrible mistake to talk to me while in a bad mood.

"So I guess you're all wondering why you're here…" No shit, Sherlock.

"Well, we have brought you all here to tell you all about a tradition here at this school…" Oh come one, people! Why in the hell are we here?! TELL US ALREADY!

"Instead of choosing the students with the best grades, we decided to randomly choose seven students to go on a summer-long cruise on the Pacific Ocean! And you all have been picked!" Finally you tell us the news-wait, you said what now?

Everybody, except Brice, went so fucking crazy you would not believe it. I mean seven random picks, and it all happens to be us? Who are also best friends? This is just too damn good to be true…