Well! This is the sequel! :) I can't believe it. It's the first sequel I've ever written. Anyway, I am ashamed that I only managed to squeeze out 1,500 words in the first chapter, but oh well. Hope you like it! And by the way, you don't necessarily need to read the Disappearance to understand this one, because, well, it's their children, but there was another battle between the the Oni and the kitsune, and I'm so glad that this time, Rosaville and Edward don't totally rely on the Elders to get supplies and stuff.

...I'm going to shut up now and let you read the actual story. :)

"Aren't they adorable?" I asked dreamily. Jacob looked at me skeptically.

"Come on!" I bumped him with my hip playfully. "They are our children, after all."

Jacob smiled. "I know. Isn't Rosaville particularly pretty?"

I looked at her. Rosaville had golden eyes, just like a kitsune. She was half-human, of course, but the school had let her in without hesitation. My reputation as the one who had saved Inari helped. However, the main reason was that the elders had recommended her. They had done that because they had seen Rosaville conjure up a real life tiny dragon when she was only two years old. Of course, they blew the dragon to smithereens after they had imprinted the picture onto her reference letter, but still.

Rosaville had a sweet smile, just like her aunt, Prim. I still couldn't believe that tiny Prim was already an aunt. She was only two hundred years old! Mother had not disapproved of me becoming a Mother like her because I was already of age, six hundred years. Rosaville also had dark, black hair, just like Jacob and I. She had a strong, athlete-like body, just like Jacob. Her stubborn attitude was just like me.

Edward had bright blue eyes that resembled Jacob's mother. However, he could shift the color to gold even though he has not even gained his first tail. He had hair black as midnight. It was hard to tell whether he or Rosaville were more beautiful. Edward was only stubborn when he saw no reason in doing something. When he sees sense, he chooses the right path and gently steers his sister onto the same road. Edward was very healthy and strong, just like Rosaville and his father.

It was impossible not to smile when I saw this.

When Hikari heard I was pregnant, she had been ecstatic. Then she had smiled deviously, and said, 'You did what a person has to do to become pregnant with Jacob!"

I had laughed hysterically and nodded. Hikari had screamed and yelled, 'I can't believe you lost your virginity earlier than me!"

I had told her that she should do the same with Koan soon. Finally, after decades of pushing them together, she and Koan had decided to become an item. They were quite cute together, actually.

Hikari had gagged and then attempted to punch me. I had blocked it with a shield, and we had stopped bantering then because our parents had entered and they really wouldn't want to know what we were talking about just then.

I returned to the present when Rosaville jumped onto a cherry tree, keeping her weight center light so that she wouldn't fall off.

"Gah!" I yelled, running to her and lifting her off the cherry tree. Rosaville pouted, but I could see playfulness dancing in her eyes. "I didn't think you would use my teachings like that!"

Rosaville giggled. "Maaaaaama! Put me down! I'm one hundred years old now!"

"Only ten in human years, Rosie," I sang.

Edward snorted. "We're more mature than you think, Ma. Seriously."

I resisted the urge to say, 'You're still my babies!' because that would be incredibly...lame.

"Hey, do you want to go see Uncle Koan?" I asked.

Edward and Rosaville nodded enthusiastically. Koan had been an instant hit with them when he mentioned how he had beat me in sports—which he had not. And so I told Edward and Rosaville that, and they believed me, but still liked Koan. 'Aunt Hikari's' case was similar.

"Well, we can go find him later." Edward and Rosaville beamed. I held up a finger. "Only if you eat your vegetables."

"But they don't even do any good!" Edward whined. "We're kitsune, not humans!"

"Just eat the vegetables."

The two grunted in indignation and sat down together to play some mind game.

Rosaville leaped up in joy, ecstatic that she had won the game. Edward grumbled something that sounded suspiciously like, 'Sore winner'.

Suddenly, I noticed Rosaville making googly eyes. I followed her gaze, and sure enough, there was Aidan, whom I was suspecting to be Rosaville's crush. He was leaning against the fence of his family... his family's house happened to be next to ours, since Minori's family moved to another neighborhood (a relief, actually, seeing as how the tension was so uncomfortable when we saw each other while going to or coming back from school).

I crept over to Rosaville. "Darling, do you want help with getting Aidan to be your friend?"

Rosaville jumped when she saw me. "Yes!" she smiled. It was unusual for Rosaville to accept help this willingly—usually she blushed and walked around for a few minutes before saying yes.

"Do impressive tricks. Remember when I taught you how to do backbends, walkovers, and handsprings? Do them. I'll put a cloud underneath you."

Rosaville grinned, and slowly began to lean into a backbend position. I began to take mist from the clouds, and put it under Rosaville, making it swirl.

Jacob and Edward knew what I was doing. I could tell from Jacob's suppressed snort, and Edward's grin.

Rosaville did a back walkover, and then, seeing the cloud, jumped a little and did a front walkover.

I made the cloud rise, so that it would make Rosaville go higher into the air. She grinned at me, and then tried a back handspring. She had yet to perfect it, but it was better than before.

I glanced back at Aidan. He was staring at Rosaville, his mouth open.

I gave Rosaville a look. She knew what I meant, and grinned back at me.

Soon, Rosaville landed on the ground. She came over and hugged me.

"You need to practice your handspring more. See, your legs need to be more straight." I did a handspring myself, and stopped myself in the middle to show her that the legs needed to be straight to look good. Rosaville nodded, and began to do it herself, handspring-ing away.

I elbowed Jacob in the stomach so that he wouldn't say anything about that. Edward got to the message as well, and neither of them spoke.

Suddenly, I heard a little bang from the front door. Jacob had heard it too, and he gave me a knowing look. We stood in front of the back door, waiting, and when it flew open, we pushed it back together.

I heard an oomph.

The door swung open slowly again, and...


It was an agent. Recently, after the war with the Oni, the Elders had installed bodyguards called 'agents'. They also did the Elders' dirty work.

I stood my ground, though I knew that hurting an agent sometimes meant imprisonment.

The kitsune frowned at us. "I'll pretend you didn't just do that."

Jacob and I nodded fervently.

The agent smiled. "I'm here on official Elder business."

"For what? Why does it bring you here?"

"You have heard of dragon attacks, have you not?"

Jacob and I nodded again.

Dragons were enemies of kitsune, as were Oni. Dragons were a little less significant, but they could be deadly and those annoying tails of theirs could knock out a kitsune.

"I'm here to take Rosaville and Edward."

My eyes widened, and Jacob shouted, "No!" at the same time.

"Why?" I asked.

"I'm sure you know of Edward and Rosaville's powers together."

"But they're not of greater power yet! They can only send telepathic messages!"

Rosaville and Edward had crept up to us, seeing the commotion. "Mom?" Rosaville whispered.

"Yeah?" I whirled around to look at them.

"When the wall collapsed the other day..."

I nodded for them to go on.

"It was because I was getting angry at Edward for annoying me." Edward protested, but I cut him off.

"Not because you two were wrestling and fell into the wall?"


The agent's voice sounded again. "See? They are powerful enough."

Kitsune twins were very powerful together. If a pair was powerful enough, their power combined can destroy TianShi, plus a bit more. Basic twins could send telepathic messages, and feel if one of them is dead or alive. Sometimes, if one twin's death hit one hard enough, the remaining twin would go insane or die too.

I opened my mouth to retort, preferably to call the agent an egghead (yes, after all this time, my maturity has not grown so much). The agent interrupted me by saying, 'Uh huh.'

I looked closer, and realized he was talking into his earpiece.

"Kojoro and Jacob Williams? Yes? Okay. Okay. Got it."

I lowered myself into a fighting stance, bracing myself. The agent frowned at me. "The Oni are invading again. I must go and help. You two need to help too."

I inhaled sharply. "They're invading again?"

He nodded.

I glanced at Jacob, and he nodded reassuringly.

"Go ahead. We'll come after you." I turned to Rosaville and Edward, and in my best 'mother voice', I told them, "Stay here and hide in the bushes. Do not go in the house. Do you understand? Good. Now, put a shield around you and don't move from your hiding place until we come back."

Rosaville and Edward nodded.

I grasped Jacob's hand in mine, and we both began to run.