It was like observing a star wink out. Or a pair of them, rather. She watched, a feeling of dread uncoiling from her stomach, reaching up to clasp her suddenly cold, cold heart.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, but it might as well have been a shout. He stopped, mid-plead, and just like that, the twinkles were gone. The once clear cobalt blue became stormy then, clouding over darkened skies. The earnest hope was drained from his face and he only nodded stiffly, before turning and leaving. Just like that. It was dark then, so dark and so cold.


The moon glowed softly, but it offered her no comfort this night. She sat on the roof of her house, staring dully at the once-bright moon, wondering how she got so lost. Fittingly, the sky was clear tonight, the moonbeam offering the only source of light. No stars were out tonight and she wondered if she would ever see them again.


If he was the stars then she would be the moon, he mused to himself. She was bright and radiant, to be sure, but with the soft glow of a subtle light; not like the harsh glare of sunshine, but a sweet glow that illuminated even the darkest night. He would be the twinkling stars dancing around her, helping her shine. But just like the moon, she was so far away and no matter how far he stretched, he just could never reach her. But even on days when her own light was clouded over, it was enough just to know that she was there. But now, now he didn't even know if he had that anymore. The only thing he knew was that she was far out of his reach and not even a rocket ship could bring her back.

Just a short little thing I wrote based off the self-proposed prompt "Stars". As always, feedback would be greatly appreciated; thanks for reading!