I blushed furiously, and tried to come up with an answer. Of course it was "yes", but I wanted to say something besides just flat out "yes." The worst time to be shy around Luke. I hurried for an answer.

"Well. I may have to check my calendar, but I'm pretty sure it's possible," I thought. No, no, no. That made me sound like I was busy all the time, I wasn't. Actually, I wasn't busy at all. Obviously, I didn't get many dates. Heck, I didn't have much for guys to look at anyway.

I nodded. "Yeah, I'd like to." I smiled. Luke nodded and grinned.

"Well, hey, I got get to first period, so see you after?" he said. I nodded.

He waved as he walked away and I threw my bag into my locker, grabbed my French book, and rushed downstairs. I slid into my seat just as the bell rang. I sighed. So close, so close.

I barely paid attention in class, I was thinking about Luke asking me out. Why had he? I was a no-life, best friends with my own dad. I was just Laine Catherine Pike, nobody extraordinaire.

Luke was the most popular student at school. He probably went to every party every weekend, stayed out until six in the morning. I sighed and undid my braid, letting my black hair fall down my back. I ran my fingers through it and slapped it up into a pony tail. Even then, it still was long. I sighed and just took it out. My teacher looked at me, annoyed obviously. I looked right back, my eyes unwavering. She had never liked me, even though I was an A+ student in this class.

I stared at the clock, urging the second hand to move faster. No matter how much I mentally yelled at it, the second hand seemed to be stuck. I groaned inwardly. Why couldn't this be over?

The very second the bell rang, I was out of my seat and halfway down the hall before any other classroom door had even opened. I was still freaking out about Luke, and decided to go to the library for my free period. I needed to read as many articles online about movie dates. I had to study up.

I opened the heavy oak door and logged onto the first computer I saw. I redid my hair again, and pulled up Google. I typed rapidly, my fingers purple-painted blurs on the keys.

"What to do on movie dates," I typed into the search bar. It came up with no results. Ugh. I sighed. I had to know what to do on a date, but I couldn't use Google for it. Whoever said, "You can Google anything and it has a result" was a dirty liar. I laid my head down on the keyboard and random letters typed. I looked at where the 'Enter' key was and put my head on it. Oh, go figure, aasdgddhbnbsaertgnhsfvbg had a result. I couldn't win for losing.

I closed out, signed off, and walked over to the fiction section. I selected a random book that had a pretty cover and sat down in the blue wingback chair the librarian had put in last year. It was old and worn out, to the point where you sank a foot and a half, but that's the reason I loved it.

I tried to read the rest of the period, but I was pretty much freaking out about the date. I was hoping I didn't end up being a complete failure, but with my track record, I knew what was going to happen. No way to avoid that I was a klutz, I could barely talk to people half the time. Should I continue?

Luke was going to think I was a freak and never want to see me again. I knew it. I stared at my palm where his number had been, but I knew I'd washed it off that morning. I wish I hadn't.

I thought for a second and pulled my phone from my pocket. The chair was in a secluded enough corner that I knew the librarian wouldn't see me texting. Now to hope Luke would text back.

Hey, it's Laine

I waited a second, my heart beating rapidly. My phone lit up, and Luke's name and number showed up on the screen. Oh, God.

Hi, Lainey. Texting in class, you rebel? LOL

No, I'm in the library.

Cool. I'm in English. Fitzpatrick. Ewwww. Should be called...Well, I won't say what it should be... XD

LOL. I've heard she's awful

She is. Good thing I'm in the back. XD

Want me to text you later? Or maybe talk to you during lunch?

Okay, so far so good, I thought. Luke was going with it, even cracking jokes. That was good, right? My phone lit up again.

No, it's fine. I like texting pretty girls like you

I blushed furiously. He thought I was pretty? Was I imagining stuff? This couldn't be happening.

O/ / /O

That was the best answer I could come up with, really? I slammed my head against the cover of the book, and regretted the text instantly. Or did I?

You're cute when you blush.

I blinked and reread that text.

Well, I guess I'll have to blush more, then, huh?

I guess. :)

The bell rang before I got a chance to answer. And maybe that was a good thing. I didn't want to seem stupider than I already did. Or, maybe Luke thought it was cute. I hoped it was the second option. I really hoped that was it.

I walked from the library, and straight upstairs. I barely had time to open my locker, let alone get to the first floor to my Home Ec. class. I rushed, knowing that I had this class with Luke. I couldn't wait.

I walked from the library, and straight upstairs. I barely had time to open my locker, let alone get to the first floor to my Home Ec. class. I rushed, knowing that I had this class with Luke. I couldn't wait.

I actually made it to class on time, with a little bit extra. Luke walked in after me, and judging by how he looked around the room, he was looking for me. I thought so, at least. He walked over to me and sat down. I smiled and blushed.

"Hey, Lainey," he said.


"You liked texting in the library?" he asked.

"Yeah, pretty much." I laughed.

"Well, like I said, I like texting pretty girls. Especially ones named Laine." Luke shot me a dazzling smile and I almost passed out.

Luke calling me pretty twice in one day? Wait, let me rephrase that. Any guy calling me pretty? Things were looking pretty good.

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